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Default How much fat?

How much fat would you say you consume daily? I know you all do low carb but I think the only way I can do low carb (thinking of starting after valentine's day) is if I can have a lot of fat.....cheese, butter, ranch dressing, etc. I've been taught that fat is bad and I know this is not what Dr Atkins and most of the low carb community believe but how much is too much?

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My advice to you if you're considering doing Atkins, would be to read Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution and to re-read it if necessary. There are many misconceptions of the Atkins way of eating...such as that its unhealthy...that we Atkins followers eat lbs. of bacon, butter & cheese everyday...etc., etc., etc.

In a nutshell, since you are dramatically lowering your carbs, your body will burn the fat you are eating for fuel. However, this does not give you a license to gorge yourself on any of the "allowed" foods. Butter, cheese, ranch dressing, as well as meat, bacon etc. are permitted foods on Atkins...but...they are not unlimited. This is why I can't stress the importance of reading the book enough.

Doing Atkins correctly is very important as Dr. Atkins states again & again in the book. Phase 1 (Induction) is 20 carbs per day...12-15 of that should be coming from the acceptable veggies & salad. The next 2 phases of the plan add additional veggies, nuts, other varieties of cheese's and eventually starchy veggies, legumes, and grains.

Atkins works & is a healthy way of eating when its done correctly

All the best to you!!

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Jersey, I just love you! You are a fountain of Atkins info! Thanks for keeping us straight!

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I don't limit fat, I do limit cheeses. I think that after the first week or two your appetite will decrease and so will your fat consumption. for me atkins works as a natural appetite supressant. If you do the plan for two weeks and find you are not losing you could try decreasing the fat if you think it is too high. The only fats I don't eat are man made trans fats.

And listen to JG. she is the pro.

Living the low carb life by Johny Bowden is also a great book to read.
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I agree with Puncezilla! Atkins is a natural appetite suppresant for me as well. I think at first I gorged a little on the fats/creams, etc., but after the first week, I was reminding myself to eat...and now (4 wks later), I really don't have much of an appetite...but I try not to forget or get sooo busy that I don't eat, cuz that would be bad and could hamper my weight loss.

I think your going to love Atkins! There's so much variety in it. When you start, check out this site "Linda's Low Carb Recipes". There are many many truly delishous low-carb recipes there (including deserts) that are really easy to make (makes me feel like a chef). They are recipes that anyone can enjoy (including non-low carbers). Joyce
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Yes, I have to agree that it acts as an appetite suppresant for me too. It's remarkable - my body has literally never reacted this way before. When I was a kid, I NEVER left food on my plate, but now I find that I'll quite often end up feeling sated before I've actually finished everything. I had no idea, before I cut back on my carbs, how much of my relationship with foods was a direct result of the chemical reactions going on in my body - that it wasn't a matter of being greedy, or of being a gourmet, or whatever - that it was LITERALLY a matter of being hooked on carbs. And that eating the carbs, rather than satisfying my hunger, actually made me more hungry.

It's mind-boggling.

Presently I do a lot of stir-frying in olive oil or sesame oil, and I don't freak out about said oil. And I'm quite prepared to add butter to things, if I feel inclined, because I've read Gary Taubes' book Good Calories, Bad Calories and Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution, and I understand that the dietary fat isn't what makes me fat. (I understand how and why this works because of Taubes' exhaustive research and his clear and lucid explanations of the Low Fat and Low Carb approaches.)

Like the others, I did buy cream and cheese and stuff in Week One, and ate it because I could. But actually I've naturally segued into cutting back on the cheese and cream. It's there if I need it or want it, and I don't feel guilty about it.
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I EMPHATICALLY agree with what everyone has said! I have gone from constant cravings to none at all. I feel so much more in control over what goes into my mouth and often I have to force myself to eat. Especially lately as I have been skipping a lot of meals because I just haven't been paying attention and as good as that may seem for weight loss, it's actually been a hindrance.

Best Atkins wishes to all

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Hmm, I have to wonder if I'm doing something wrong. I haven't lost my appetite for cheese and cream at all. And I seldom forget to eat, but I have lost that starving to death feeling that came along with Weight Watchers, thank goodness. And the carvings are almost gone.
I eat cheese for snacks and although I probably eat too much, it is a lot more satisfying then the junky stuff I used to eat.
Faye, is the Taubes book hard to read? Sounds like info I need, but I usually waste my reading time on fiction and fun stuff.
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