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Thumbs down Popcorn, the truth

I'm so ticked off right now. I've been researching the whole popcorn thing and it turns out AMC is like one of the WORST providers of popcorn.

I am going to have to start popping my own... I hate to do that but theirs will kill you!

I.ATE.A.PIE.NET: Healthy 'Diet' Food Reviews

Nutrition Action Healthletter: The top pops

Here is a cut/paste from the above site, they've rated popcorns like you would a movie (I go to AMC):

Some theaters pop in partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is better for your heart, and a few use non-hydrogenated oil, which is best (though none are good for your waistline).

X AMC, Edwards, Hoyts, Regal, United Artists (coconut oil.)

R Carmike, CineMark, Cineplex Odeon, Loews, Multiplex, Muvico, Showcase (partially hydrogenated canola oil)

PG Century, GKC (non-hydrogenated canola or sunflower oil)

G Your Theater (assuming you can sneak some in) (air-popped)

I am so disgusted, just disgusted. I feel duped, lied to...

Even the worst microwave popcorn, that I would NEVER purchase is better for me than AMC Popcorn!

I wrote this Saturday ... but just got a chance to alert you now...
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Oh, honey, I could've told you that! Almost all theaters pop their popcorn in oil, and most add a bunch of salt to it while it's being popped, too. I worked in a movie theater for about 2 years, so I don't eat ANY popcorn anymore (you get a little sick of the stuff after about a week!), but I could tell you that the oils are bad. Anything "hydrogenated" contains trans fats, which is apparently the worst kind of fat there is when it comes to your health. Sometimes the theater workers will be kind enough to pop you some fresh popcorn with no salt added, but the oil is a necessary evil since it keeps the kernels from sticking/burning in the pans (plus it makes it that nice yellowish color). Oh, and don't even THINK about adding movie theater popcorn "butter" That "butter" is usually actually a "butter-flavored oil" that does not need to be refrigerated, and it can contain 14+ grams of fat and 130+ calories per tablespoon (and think of how much they put on there, how it leaks out the bottom of the bag...).
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Oh my gosh, yes, theater popcorn is the absolute WORST. Never never never eat that stuff. Not even without the added butter.
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Default I'm Bad

I know it's bad, but boy do I want some movie theatre popcorn right now!
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Yee Haw!
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My husband loves it but it makes him sick when he eats it. Especially the "Butter" on top.
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Yuck! Movie theater popcorn. Very rarely will I get a craving and I generally pass! It reminds me of one of the worst times in my life - 17, pregnant and my now-husband-then-boyfriend working overtime at the local theater just so we could make ends meet. ARGH!!!

The most digusting thing ever is seeing them make the popcorn. Most places keep the kettles WAY the heck back there so no one can see, because, generally, even the employees won't eat it after they've made it! Imagine one of the huge barrels of oil you can buy in bulk at Sam's Club or Cosco. That's dumped into a heating kettle at the top. The smell of it being burned on is still etched in my memory.

Say "no" to movie theater popcorn. Go for the pretzels. Your intestinal lining will thank you..
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I agree with what everyone else has said. I haven't had movie theater popcorn since they came out with that huge report several years ago. Well, maybe even before that because it was too salty.

I only have the microwave stuff that is 96% fat free. (Healthy Pop, Smart Pop, etc.) Although when my husband pops the jalapeno popcorn, I usually have a handful. Way too spicy hot for me.

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