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Default Help.

I just don't know what to do anymore. Nothing I am doing is effective. I have lost weight successfully before without any problems. I would diet and exercise and as expected the weight would come off. Recently (in January) I have decided to start the journey to lose about 30 pounds. The first 10 pounds came off as they always have, relatively easy with diet and exercise. After the first 10 pounds in the beginning of March, everything changed. Since then, I have lost MAYBE 5 pounds in two months. I have tried absolutely everything. Originally I started with weight watchers, when it stopped working I tried calorie counting. I have varied the amount of calories I was eating to so many different numbers - nothing works. I then purchased a fitbit, i follow the calorie allowance it gives, still nothing. I don't eat processed or frozen foods, I never go over my calories, I eat all fresh veggies and usually chicken or fish. I have a personal trainer and exercise five days a week. I drink water. I cut back on sodium, and still - NOTHING. It just will NOT come off. After purchasing my fitbit, there was a week where I had created a deficit of 10,000 calories for the week. That is almost 3 pounds. When I got on the scale? I a big fat 0 loss. It just doesn't make sense to me!!! People keep telling me about "Starvation mode" and maybe I need to eat more, but it just doesn't seem to matter how many calories I eat, I don't lose either way. If I eat more calories, I just gain. I am becoming so depressed and frustrated it takes everything in me to not just cry every time I step on the scale and see either no loss (again) or a gain. I had my thyroid tested out of desperation - nothing.

The worst part is, I have friends who are also trying to lose weight. They work half has hard as I do and lose twice as much weight. Then, they look at me like it's my fault. They constantly say things like "oh, well maybe you just need to work out more". You mean more than the 5 days I already work out? They look at me like I'm just eating cake under my blankets at night. I even got put on wellbutrin for depression which is supposed to help weight loss. I've been on that for about 2 months. Still nothing.

I don't know what else to do.

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From what you've said I cannot think of any reason you're not losing weight. I just wanted to respond to you with my sympathy and give you some hope that it will start coming off soon. I have recently started my journey and at the beginning I lost quickly which was great! But when I started to add exercise my weight loss almost ceased. Since I started working out a month ago I've only lost 2lbs.
It has been frustrating but I have been doing some research and I am not giving up that easily, and you shouldn't give up yet either!!!
This process is difficult in many ways, and difficult for every person for different reasons. I know its maddening to see your friends losing when they are not trying as hard but the only person you can compare yourself to is you. Do you do a variety of exercises and eat a variety of foods? Sometimes the body gets used to doing/eating the same things over and over. Keep going! keep trying! keep changing, it will happen for you sooner or later!! Hope I could help & have a good night

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Maybe you have some degree of insulin resistance? Perhaps going low carb for awhile might help. I don't know, I am just grasping for straws.
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