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Question new to calorie counting

Hi. I'm new to counting calories and have questions. I'm not new to this site tho. I was doing weight watchers for many months but stopped losing and just got frustrated after trying and trying. So I'm back and want to try counting cals. What amount is good to get steady weight loss?. I thought maybe 1400 but I'm not sure. I have 92 to lose.

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Hi and welcome. I'd say do your research. Find your BMR and TDEE #s. Also try my fitnesspal but be careful you may need to adjust it (it's starts most ppl at 1200) and remember everyone is different so you may need to play with your number to see what works best for you
main goal

I began my weight loss mission on 10/18/12. I started at 219 (222 at my biggest) and I'm working towards 155.
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Judging by your weight and height, I think you should propably eat around 2200kcal per day to maintain your weight if you don't exercise at all (but you can find an online calorie calculator to estimate it more accurately).

Anyway, if you want to lose a pound per week, you should eat 1700 per day (you have to reduce your intake for 500kcal) and if you want to lose two pounds per week, you should eat 1200 per day.

So I think that your plan to eat 1400kcal per day is great. Counting calories was the only thing that ever worked for m and I wish you good luck
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There is also an app called "Lose It" (also on line). If you put your information on there is will ask you how much you want to lose a week and will tell you how many calories you need to eat each day. You can also log your food in each day to keep track of how much your eating. I really like calorie counting. Technically you can eat what you want just as long as you count the calories and stay within your daily limit (although, it's always good to try to eat healthy). Good luck and stay close to the site. Lots of support here
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I would start around 1500 but that's just me. There's less room to add in junk and will make you choose healthier options. I am NO expert though. I have 1350 as my goal but 1200 is what I aim for most days.

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Do you know how much you're currently eating? I took a week baseline of what I generally ate each day, and it was 2400-3200 calories. It helped my realize why I was gaining weight. I started slowly and aimed for 1800 in a week, then 1600, and now I'm down to 1400 cals depending on if I exercise that day. Gradually lowering my calories helped me get used to eating less so that I didn't want to binge eat.

That's what worked for me. Good luck!
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1400 is terrible idea for you.

I started out weighing much less than you and am losing steadily at around 1600 now though I started a bit higher.

I think its better to start higher and lower it as you go along so that you don't have to battle hunger issues.

If you got stuck in WW you may well get stuck doing anything. you have to figure out why you get stuck. Its not the diet, its the way you are following it.

I don't eat sweets at all. And i don't do formal exercise. I try to avoid deluding myself about anything. I eat healthy no non-sense food. I don't eat much processed food. Even though a pesco-vego, i don't eat processed veggie foods either. I am flexible but not too much.

I keep a strict food diary.

Be aware that the greater the gap between maintenance calories and the calories you are eating daily, the harder it is to stick to your diet. Think about how you are going to tackle hunger and be prepared for it.

Choose to eat a diet that you think you can maintain for the rest of your life. Though you may want to start out a bit stricter with food choices than you end up. Adjust as you go but remember you can't stop once you reach your goal. for maintenance to work, you need to be just as rigorous at least until the good eating habits are so deep you don't' screw up.

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