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S/C/G: 200/133.4/125

Height: 5'6


dorothyrobbins9 I'm adding people from this thread and would love more friends!
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S/C/G: 192/see ticker/130

Height: 5'5"


Edit - Found how to add friends. FYI for anyone else, click on Community > Find Members.

I am westernmisery on MFP, by the way

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Height: 5'7"


I'm SoulPhyre if you want to add me.
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learning maintenance
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I'm the same name as here. Been recording everything religiously from January til 3 weeks ago, but stopped when I went overseas for business and didn't have access. I'm still losing weight without it at mo, but will go back to it if I need a kick along any time as counting calories really works and it's the first time I've ever done it.
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learning maintenance
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S/C/G: 159/119/119

Height: 5' 3.5"


Sorry, re message above - no 'e' in my name on mfp
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Height: 5'9"


Just switched from ww to mfp. would love to have some friends over there! thisisart1

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You can add me, my name is the same there that it is on here, starryblue702! I've been faithfully logging everything every day since I've started counting calories! I input my exercice at the end of the day before bed, so that I don't eat any extra calories either lol! I allow myself 1500 calories per day, and treadmill about 400 calories away daily.
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I love mfp. You should be able to find me under tiggypengin. I'll have to check. Lol. Feel free to add me as I need all the help I can get some days and seeing other people be active is great motivation! Oops! Scratch that, it's spindells. I was going to use that on here and had email issues for some reason :/

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S/C/G: size 12/size 2-4/size 4

Height: 5'5


I am also on MFP... csefein is my screen name.. I am pretty good about logging everything. I don't eat back exercise cals but I do log them. I calorie cycle so I look at the overall week and keep my average at 1200. Some days I am low, some days I am high. Today was HIGH. But its the last day of my week, so I came up at 1200 average for the week. I do not weigh! I am only interested in clothing size. I went from 12, to 6. I am a comfy 6. I want to be a comfy 4!
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Originally Posted by edoetsch1 View Post
I am very active on MFP. please feel free to add me erindoetsch1979
I've added everyone on this thread with the exception of erin--yours didn't work for me!
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Height: 5'6


I am always on MFP and would love to have more friends to support!!!

My name on it is Traceconfusion

Feel free to add me everyone
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S/C/G: sw190/cw179.5/gw145

Height: 5'8"


I love mfp! Feel free to add me. Luckysb216 I'm very active on there. It's so nice have my food diary on my phone where I can conveniently log anytime.
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S/C/G: 250/250/140

Height: 5'4"


I have had the app a while but dont update often anymore. Needing some motivation, so I'm adding you all lol.
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S/C/G: 294/294/Goal190

Height: 5ft5


louise21mfp is my username. New here (well kind of, jpined years ago but forgot to keep it updated) so could use all the help I can get.

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Amazing Revelations
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Height: 5ft 7


My mfp name is misssmcc same as here I have added you all but if I missed anyone feel free to add me I use mfp every day and love having friends there to give support and encouragement.
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