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Default Drinking water

So I was wondering if anyone else has trouble getting their water in daily? Very often I will drink my coffee in the morning and then come about 8pm or so I will realize that I haven't had anything to drink. I know this can't be healthy, I just seriously have a hard time remembering to drink during the day.
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I find that if I have a bottle of water within reaching distance I will drink it without noticing, but if it isn't there I can go all day without drinking.

I have heard of other people that set an alarm on their phone to go off at certain times and when it goes off they drink a set amount (1 glass an hour, or a 16oz bottle every 2 etc)

good luck!
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How much water are we supposed to drink per day? I get about 40 fl oz's of lime-flavored water, plus two glasses of soda. It's important to have something you like and, for me, it helps if it's cold. I keep my glass right in front of me and take frequent sips.
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I just do my best to never go anywhere without ice water. If I always have it with me, I'm always drinking it. Then again, I tend to always be thirsty, so....
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It can be hard to remember to drink a lot, can't it? I've found it helpful to drink from water bottles throughout the day for a couple of reasons:

1. I get a more accurate measure of how much I'm drinking. I know if I drank 3 full bottles worth of water and the bottle holds 20 oz, then I know I drank at least 60 oz of water.

2. Carrying around a water bottle and keeping one front and center at my desk reminds me to sip continuously throughout the day. Sometimes at work when I'm doing something repetitive I'll even make a point to take a sip every time I accomplish a little something. Before I know it, the bottle is empty!

I can't post a link, but the Mayo Clinic website has a nice article called "Water: How Much Should You Drink Everyday?" that talks about how to determine your hydration needs, which foods can also make significant contributions to your fluid intake, etc. I started paying closer attention to my fluid intake a few years ago when I took a hot yoga class and was pretty much forced to drink a ton if I didn't want to pass out! Now it's become habit and harder to go all day forgetting to drink. Good luck, gracesmomma, you can do it!
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