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I am a POP-A-HOLIC! Recovering, I'd like to think. There was a time that I would drink 2-4 cans of pop a day, if not more. Then last year when I started this whole process the first time, I quit everything but zero cal red bulls. Last few months I have had more than a few bottles of pop and I think that it kicked my weight gain up a notch for sure. I have been and still drink a can of zero cal red bull everyday and I don't think it had much of an impact on my previous weight loss... at least I hope not!

I have always been really tempted into getting a soda stream, then you can just fizz up your water if you need the bubbles!
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I do drink diet soda and Crystal Light type drink mixes and grew up with it in the house. Most rgular soda tastes sickeningly sweet to me, and leaves a strange, sticky film in my mouth after drinking it.

I don't find regular soda thirst-quenching at all.

I have drastically cut back, mostly because I'm trying to retrain/curb my sweet tooth.
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I used to drink at least 2 cans of regular cola a day but cut it out, and I can't stand the taste of diet so I go without altogether! I had a sip last night at a party and the sweetness of it was just too much for me, and that's something I've never experienced before when I've gone cold turkey with it. Hopefully I've kicked the habit for good.
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I have a diet soda maybe twice a month. However I grow stevia and put it in my coffee daily and sometimes in ice tea.
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I used to drink diet soda ALL the time. But after doing some research on the chemicals they use to make it taste good, I haven't had one in a long while. I prefer the sparkling waters. Less chemicals, though some still put things in 'em I prefer not to be there.

I'd rather just have a regular soda every once in a while. They taste better. Haha.
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Originally Posted by scarletmeshell View Post
I have a diet soda maybe twice a month. However I grow stevia and put it in my coffee daily and sometimes in ice tea.
Wow, that's really interesting that you grow stevia! I heard it was natural but didn't really believe it. I'm not a gardener but I'm going to look into that!

Six months for me with no diet soda, I feel so good with that monkey off my back. But I was not normal with diet soda. If people can drink one a day or week, that's great. I just can't! I was having at least six cans a day.
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I drink diet soda everyday. I feel like it helps curb hunger and has no effect on weightloss. I have and do give up so much it's hard for me to give up that.
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I drink diet soda 1-2 times per week and I never noticed any negative side effects. I know it's no healthy, but it REALLY helps if you crave for something sweet!
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Red face

I sometimes drink my orange flavored soda for the caffine but I can only drink diet though, cuz I get seriously sick if I drink regular. I'm told I might be diabetic. But I'm not. Weird thing is, drinking diet soda makes me hungry!
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I love my Diet Coke. I've probably cut back over the last year to try to drink a little more water (not a water fan dang it ) but it's never really hurt my "dieting " efforts.
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Water and skim milk for me...only! When I am at a party drinking alcohol, it is skim milk and Kahlua...and that doesn't occur very often!
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I use to drink it, and did for many years, but for the past year now I only drink water and plain iced tea. Weight loss was easier once I gave it up, though that might be because I find tea really manages my appetite.
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It's neat reading this thread and seeing what people's responses are.
From my aspect I will drink diet once in a while. I honestly think regular and diet pop are both terrible for us, but that doesn't mean I won't drink it. I prefer regular, but don't like to make space for calories lol.
I do LOVE the carbonation feeling, so I actually enjoy seltzer water or club soda. So generally now, if I'm in the mood for some bubbly, I pick that up. (It's also a great mixer!!)
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I drink green tea either plain or with stevia, coffee with stevia, plain water or mineral water. Occasionally I'll have a glass of red wine and even less often I'll have a full sugared soda. I don't like the taste of diet soda. When I start getting a migraine at work, I'll sometimes grab a Coke. On flights, I'll sometimes have some ginger ale.
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I've found that anything with artificial sweeteners makes me crave sugary foods BIG time, so I gave it up. And high fructose corn syrup in regular sodas is even worse, so nahhh. Not for me. Great to see some folks can still enjoy it and do fine, though! This will be great news for my OH who does NOT want to give it up.
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