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Default Tyson ready grilled chicken breasts

Do any of you buy these? Theyre a little pricey but i thought about grabbing a bag strictly for taking to work for lunch, much more conveinent than cooking a tom of chicken at once or cooking some every night. They claim to be preservative free and the ingredients dont look too bad. Thoughts anyone?
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I haven't tried them, but I will. I count calories, but I bought some Weight Watchers chicken breast from Walmart. I thought they were pre-cooked, but I guess that's what I get for picking them up in a hurry. I haven't cooked any of them yet. They are 140 calories, 31 g protein, and 99% fat free. You bake them 30-35 min, cook them on the stove unbreaded, or grill them. I will post after I cook one.
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If you are talking about the ones in the refrigerated section then yes I do get those from time to time because for 3oz they range from about 100-130 cal (depending on the type) the only reason I don't get it more often is the sodium. Its about 500/600mg for every 3oz.
But I do use them at work to add to my salad or to just have with a side of fruit and veggies as a quick lunch.

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I always keep a bag of these in my freezer. I usually cook my own chicken but these are great for those lazy days after work when I just don't feel like doing all that and want something fast. I just used some last night to throw into some pasta and the other day on a salad. I think they're great. I usually find them cheapest at target for about $5.99 a bag. Last time I noticed Target also has their own brand of ready grilled chicken for a little cheaper too but I haven't tried them yet
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I refuse to eat any Tyson products after watching Food, Inc.

I just pick some organic chicken up and bake them in the oven for the whole week (6 chicken breasts). I know it is a bit more expensive, but I had the Tyson chicken strips once and they were so weird tasting (fatty) and I canīt stop thinking about the movie.
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I also think they have waaay too much sodium.
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IMO, you're paying a lot of money for convenience (and sodium). Buy a large package of organic/free range bone-in chicken breasts. Toss them in a roasting pan with some onion and garlic and sprinkle with some seasonings (thyme, tarragon, dill, rosemary, parsley, paprika). Bake for about 45 minutes at 325 degrees. Chill, remove meat from bone, put individual portions in a bag, and freeze. The whole process takes you about 15 minutes (not counting cooking time) and you've got several meals worth of chicken. (And bonus...you've got bones to use for broth.)
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I have bought them and they are convenient... This week I'm trying to use Bocca burgers instead.
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I have tried them but eventaully got sick of the taste for some reason. I tend to go overboard when i find things I like I will eat them pretty much everyday until I get tired of them. I say buy a bag if you like that grill taste but can't/don't want to fire up the grill.

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I just bake my own.....does not take too long in prep.....I can freeze after I cook.
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I got this
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It is cheaper to buy chicken in bulk than it is to buy a bag of pre-cooked chicken. I also feel like those have been injected with water/fillers, etc and sometimes I had a bag of fatty pre-cooked ones which were gross.

It is pretty easy just to bake a ton of chicken at once in a 9 by 13 or bigger roasting pan and you could season/marinate them any way you want.. 1/4 of them could be garlic, 1/4 lemon pepper, 1/4 salt/pepper and the other 1/4 spicy, or whatever you prefer. You can even freeze the cooked chicken (would recommend slicing/dicing then freeze with them all spread out on a cookie sheet first then put in bag/tupperware/etc because it takes longer to thaw if the chicken is whole as a breast or etc.) Just take it out an hour or two before you want it.
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The ones I have tried are the Tyson grilled chicken breast strips from Costco. They have little grill marks on them. I like them for convenience, but I find them way too salty. I have nothing against salt, I just happen to prefer my food less salty. When I use these, I get out my little scale and weigh out what I want. The Tyson product has to be way better for you than a lot of other stuff you could be eating. Everything is relative.

It really does take less time to cook a few chicken breasts than it does to tell about it. I got them on sale for $.99/lb the other day and baked a bunch of them. I cut them up in little cubes, froze on a tray, freezer baged them and I have convenient chicken with less salt.
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I LOVE them, I personally think their delicious and the convenience makes them even better. Plus 3oz for 100 calories and it isn't some teeny serving you get quite abit in those 3oz. You can microwave them but I prefer stove top. A little pam spray and they brown very nicely.

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