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I know it has been a while since anyone posted in here but I thought I would throw my $.02 in. Jimmy John's unwiches are awesome. I got the Vito unwich today because I didn't have time to prepare my dinner for work... and it was only 350 calories. not too shabby!
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Olive Garden
Pasta e ravioli soup = 130 cal.
Salad with dressing , no cheese = 150 cal.

I like one salad and 2 bowls of soup. 410 cals.
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Originally Posted by wdot View Post
Hi Everyone,

Here's a tip...there's a new, free iPhone app called HealthyOut that helps you find local restaurant meals by calories or WeightWatchers points. I've been using it to quickly find restaurant meals nearby for lunch. Keeps variety in the diet and allows you to sort through nutrition information quickly.

Have any of you tried it? Curious to hear if people find it as useful as I do...
I tried this HealthyOut app yesterday and I am very impressed. Haven't used to actually go eat somewhere yet but I could see it being very handy. It is all chain restaurants and a lot of fast food which we could look up ourselves, but this is quicker.
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Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I didn't see it scrolling through...
Longhorn's 1/2 sandwich & salad lunch special of Chicken Fontina Sandwich & mixed garden salad is 590 cal. That sandwich is amazing!
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Jason's Deli is my go to for lunches when I need a meal out. The low calorie wraps are delicious and all under 400 calories! You can have them alone, or get the Manager's Special which is half of a wrap and a cup of soup. They also have a nice salad bar.
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My eating out treat is the sushi place nearby. We get the simple rolls - tuna, salmon, salmon-avacado - and they're about 200 calories each for 6 pieces. We usually get 4 rolls and it works out well. We're full by the time we leave, and the calorie count is around 400 for one person.

Great thread topic!
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Love this guys! This whole website is amazing. If I get to my goal weight of 160 my mom said she will buy me a MacBook Air. What great motivation!
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My favorite meal at Cracker Barrel -
Grilled Lemon Pepper Rainbow Trout ~ 200 cal
Green Beans ~ 60 cal
Cheese Grits ~150 cal Total: 410 ca
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I like going to the Golden Corral and pretending that I am a vegetarian.
I stay away from all meats and desserts and I load up my plate on non-fried vegetables and fresh fruit. They have a large assortment of vegetables which are tasty and filling.
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I like Chipotle salad bowl which includes lettuce, chicken, mild salsa and guacamole (380 calories).
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I haven't actually been to Panera but somewhere else on 3FC it was mentioned that they have a low cal menu, called Power Menu. For some reason they don't provide it unless you request it.
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I LOVE Chipotle and Subway
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Originally Posted by librarygirl111 View Post
Calorie Counters----I need your help!

I recently posted something about learning how to integrate eating with restaurants.

What are some good chain-dining options (with calories) for dieters?

Here's my suggestions:

PF Changs : 360 calories
Egg drop soup-cup (60 calories)
Steamed Buddha's Feast (110 calories)
Brown Steamed Rice (190 calories)

Island Shrimp and Rice - 370 calories
So tasty too! It's covered in a tasty sauce, and the rice even have pineapple in it---yummy!

Olive Garden: 600 cal
Breadstick (150 cal)
Minestrone Soup (100)
Garden fresh salad w/ dressing (350 cal)
Eating out is tough. Really most restaurants give portion sizes that would fill up a 450 pound man.

Going out for me means not eating all of it, maybe 1/3 of the portion, and I don't bring home a doggy bag either. You can also split entree's if someone is willing.

Of course don't order appetizer's or desert--that makes it all the worse.
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Wow, this thread really hits home! DH and I ride over the road, so we eat out a LOT. Here are some of my recent meals..

Burger King- 3 piece chicken tenders-360 calories, value size onion rings-180 calories. 10 calories for a ketchup packet and I had mustard with the chicken.

Panera- Pick two portions Strawberry Poppyseed salad w/chicken 170 calories, garden veg soup w/pesto 100 calories (don't eat the bread!!!)

Wal Mart is great, their deli area has lots of fresh options. My favorite is the southwest pasta salad that's prepackaged near the salads, don't add the dressing and its 375 calories. Also love the prepack veg and fruit!

Dennys- We go here a lot since tons of truck stops have a Dennys. I usually get the chicken avocado sandwich, no sour, no bun, 346 calories, and a side of steamed broccoli, 25 calories. I'll also get the Cali Jack turkey burger sometimes, without the bun its 390 calories.

Subway-Chopped turkey salad with tons of veggies 120 calories.

If you're in the mood for steak, which I usually am, get the 6 oz. Depending on how they cook it and which cut it can be between 250 and 600 calories, then you can choose your side from there. I usually get a plain baked potato, around 150 calories.
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I like this thread, subscribed.
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