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Default Food that's just not worth it

I give up going to Starbucks or Panera Bread and ordering flavored latte's. I love the taste, but even with skim milk and no whipped cream, the syrups they put in them are SO supersaturated with sugar, it messes up my calories for the day in a way that I guess I can just live without.

Another food I'm giving up on for good are tortilla chips, yes, even and especially the blue ones. Too many calories and nothing to make me feel full - in fact, after I eat them, I feel like I just ate a donut or a candy bar.

One last one that comes to mind are Stouffer's french bread pizzas. I used to get those and eat two of them for a meal. Now one is all my calorie plan could possibly handle, and again, for the calories I get nothing but a carb low and hunger pains soon afterward.

I guess it's good I'm retraining myself to have negative associations with these foods!

How about you, anything you think you'll be happy to live without forevermore, because the food's just not worth the calories?
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Mac and cheese...way to many calories for a serving!
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I was an avid Starbuck's Mocha Frappucino drinker. Not the small size - the large ones in the convenience stores. Those @&*#^!! things are almost 400 calories!! I dropped them like a hot potato and never looked back.

I can also live without dessert. Basically, anything with white sugar. I just can't look at a piece of cake or pie or really any dessert the same way I did before. Now when I look at it, the overwhelming thought is "If I eat that, I will blow my entire day." And I think about all the good food I could have that would really fill me up for that amount of calories. Before, I would just think about how good it was going to taste.

I have also tossed white potatoes - not for any particular reason, although they tend to be high on the glycemic index. But I have found NEW foods that I really, really like - sweet potatoes & butternut squash. If my family wants mashed white potatoes or something, I just cook a sweet potato for myself. I find I prefer them over white now. Occasionally when we are out I will have a few french fries, but those days are very few and far between.

Chips are another thing down the drain. They just seem so empty to me - again, I think of all the good stuff I could be really filling up on instead of spending the calories on chips! Every now and then I do eat the Pringles Fat Free Light ones - I really like those and I believe it is only 60 cals per serving.

Also, white bread. I have just lost that lovin' feelin'. LOL .. surprising when I think back to how I used to eat. Now it's low calorie whole grain wheat bread for me.

This is a great idea for a thread - thanks for posting it!
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Originally Posted by mkyice View Post
Mac and cheese...way to many calories for a serving!
OHHHHH. I so second that one. Used to eat it all the time!!
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I don't do Little Debbies or any other packaged snack cake. Theyre so tiny and not even homemade with love. Not worth it at all
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Corporette diet
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Chips -- DEFINITELY not worth it. Ice cream -- makes me feel sick afterwards, and froyo tastes nearly as good! Oreos. Fruit juice (it's healthy, but I drink SO much of it and so quickly, it becomes unhealthy). Cheese-its (I can never put down the box).

And after tonight: I feel absolutely disgusting from eating half a burrito bowl from Chipotle's. I don't even want to know the calorie count -- I'm talking about heartburn, bloating, feeling like I'm stuffed up to my neck. Gross.

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Default Fettucine Alfredo

In a restaurant...just look up the calorie and fat counts in that dish! Oh my, never ordering that again!
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As for the Mac and Cheese....I found one by Velvetta. One serving made with 2% milk, 3 fat.....180 calories for the cup. Not too bad of a calorie count.
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I've basically given up "junk food" - chips, snack cakes, candy... I eat home-popper popcorn for a snack, and if I want a cake or a cookie, I have to talk hubs into making it from scratch. This is a basic rule for me, and I think it's sustainable well beyond the weight loss phase. I don't really miss the items I gave up!

I made mac-n-cheese last night; full-fat cheese (to use it up) but skimmed milk. Also - sausage. Mwahahaha! I ate a very carefully controlled serving, and had skipped the carbs portion of lunch to prepare. Also, sustainable in the long term. It's just funny to see it listed here, when it was such a battle last night to not just stand over the casserole dish and eat it off the serving spoon!

Oh, and fast food. Don't eat that either. And never drank soda or juice much - so that's gone too. Juice may come back on maintenance, with breakfast.

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Which round am I at now?
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Hmm.. Honestly, I'v given up most cheese, and pasta noodls. I just can't control myself. The less of both I at actually make me feel better.

I love alfredo and have adapted a recipe with romano and cottage cheese.

I work in a cafe like starbucks - all starbucks have sugar-free syrups now, probably vanilla AND hazelnut. With skim milk, VERY low cal!

You could bring your own mug, with a little dark chocolate or real maple syrup, if you want it to be a little flavoured - it will melt when they pour the espresso in, and you can measure the calorie content.
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I'm a second on the white bread! I used to avoid anything BUT white bread like the plague and could eat a whole freakin' loaf of wonder bread by myself...but now? I'm pleased that I actually prefer the taste of wheat and whole grain. Much more flavor.

I also gave up all my junk...sour gummi worms, york peppermint patties, cokes, chips, etc. And I actually don't really have a desire for any of that stuff doesn't appeal to me. It's nice that it's not a struggle anymore.
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white... bread, pasta, rice.

Mac and cheese for sure!

Salted nuts... I eat WAY too many of them.

Chips. Flavoured mini rice cakes. Flavoured taco chips.


caloric beverages...

I've given up a lot... but oh I've GAINED so much more
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I generally avoid starbucks. Unless it's a really really bad day, it's not worth the what $4 for a tall light java chip frap... Yes, it's 180 calories, but it's horrible for me! I used to be so addicted. This is exactly how I got heavy! Also, I used to order snacks with my beverages--I stopped doing that as well. I now realize that there are calories in the beverage...and you don't need the cake/donut on the side!

Also, try not to buy cake, poptarts, cookies, candy. My trick is not carrying cash (especially singles on me!) and not buying it at the supermarket. That way, if I want it, I have to make the special effort to get it and most of the time, I can't/won't get it if it's not within arm's reach!

I don't think that cutting out the foods you love is the way to lose weight, at least for me. I binged quite a bit in the past, so for me, I need to know that I buy have a small amount that will be satisfying and not have any more lying around! Now, I'm trying to master smaller portions of the foods I love. It's tough!
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Cookies. Although I can eat reasonable portions of most foods, a sensible serving of cookies just kicks off serious craving. I'm going to have to do some serious calorie budgetting when Girl Scouts start selling outside the grocery stores here in the Spring.
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Originally Posted by mkyice View Post
Mac and cheese...way to many calories for a serving!
A-MEN!! I live with someone and they are having that PLUS chicken wraps for a grand total of over 1000 calories just for dinner. So not worth it.
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