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S/C/G: 158/142/at or below 135 lbs.

Height: 5'5"


Welcome Mom and congrats on baby #3... how exciting!
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Rai, I'll let you know way in advance when I'm heading to Chicago to see my parents. I'd love to run a race with you... Lake Shore Drive would be nice, even if it isn't a race.

Lara, FitDay is garbage on activities. I don't record the living stuff, only my time running and weight lifting. I use a Polar F4 monitor that calculates calories and I enter that. If I burn 500 calories running, I enter the minutes in FitDay to get the total to read 500. As I said, it's totally whacked so I make it work for me.

The Trefoils cookies left the house by the time I woke up. There is an angel watching over me, but I must admit, I would have loved two of those little cookies with my coffee today.

I saw the race results posted on the Internet and I did NOT finish last. Someone else came in 22 minutes behind me. Never mind that he was 76 years old. And from Minneapolis (you always have yuckier results when you have to travel to the race). Next two races are April 22 (5.5 mile) and April 28 (5K). Building up to 25 miles of running per week, slowly but surely.

Took the day off from the gym (felt so good to be a lazy slob) but back at it tomorrow. Calories for the day were 1473 with 36% coming from fat.

Good night, ladies. Catch you tomorrow.
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Calories today: 819
Calories burnt: 425

a little low on calories but i wasn't hungry today! I also found out that my exercise tracker- body by glamour at is not going to work until april second! ugh! but thats ok, i write down my exercise in two other places so i'll live
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Enjoy that little one, they grow up to fast. I know you are loving it.
Girl or Boy?

Total: Monday
Cal: 1530
Fat: 24%
Carbs: 38%
Fiber: 50
Protein: 38%

Curves 30 min.
1 mile in 25 min.
1 mile in 20 min.

Got weighed today.
I guess I did loose 1 lb.
MY scales are going in the trash! made me look like I had gained about 3-4 pounds.!

I am going to keep pushing to get close to 1600 cal. came close today.

later. sleep well.

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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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Thanks for the welcome! I had my third baby boy.

Well, my first TOPS meeting was interesting. Its so cheap!!! And its just a support group. I still do my own thing as far as diet and exercise, but I get the accountability of weighing in weekly. So I think I will continue with it, and squeeze in between the grandmas. LOL

So far only 1400 cals today. I'm shooting for 1700. (nursing)
walked 1 slow mile.

I agree about the fitday activity section. I entered my walk and it says I burned 30 calories.
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Well, it took me two extra days to get some decent food back in the house, but I'm all stocked up now with fresh food. First day back to eating "real" food last night, and first day back to counting today.

Total for today: 1728 (the range I shoot for is 1600 to 1800)

It was hard to eat all that, since I mostly was in the mood for veggies and had gotten out of the habit of eating every 2 or 3 hours.

Also, I got a new (to me) bike today, which should help me with my goal of getting ready to do a 30 mile ride by the third week of June.

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Good morning ladies.

Diva, thank goodness for 76 year old men. Regardless, you have so darn much to be proud of. And somehow I just can't get an image of you being a lazy "slob". Uh-uh. No way.

Coolmom, congrats on your 3rd boy. I have the opposite. 3 girls.

Cheryl glad you got the house restocked.

Aphil, I agree with you on the dark chocolate, cool mint combo. Whoever came up with that one, well I'm not sure if I should thank them or spank them.

Bobbo, I hope everything went well yesterday. Been thinking of ya.

Hope the rest of the gang is all well and fine.

Monday's calories - about 1200.

Have a great and healthy and safe day everyone.
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Wow, everyone is doing so well. Congrats to all and keep up the good work.

Coolmom ~ Welcome to the group and congrats on your little bundle of joy. I always gained a lot when I was pregnat and relost. Sad thing is that was many years ago and here I am only 10 lbs less than when I had my oldest. Little bit irritating. I used to be long to TOPS and I even have a TOPS book still. I should review it. It is also a calorie counting program and that is one of the reasons I am back to calorie counting, I did really well with it.

Cheryl ~ Glad your back on track, I bet you feel fantastic today. I wish I would crave veggies. I don't mind them but never crave them.

Theresa ~ Wow, you were active yesterday. Makes me feel like a real slacker with only 30 minutes of walking. I know the feeling, I feel like I am doing everything right but going no where. I could kick it up a notch but I am just really tired right now and my back still hurts from all the painting. I just need to be patient but patients is not one of my strong points.

Mondays calories: 1377

Very bloated today. They had a sale on Louis Rich Marinated Turkey Tenderloins. I realized they were a little high in sodium but they must be higher than what I remember. OH MY GOSH. My fingures feel like water balloons and my rings are so tight I can't move some of them. I don't think I will be buying those anymore, sale or no sale.

Thanks for all the input on the FitDay exercise portion. I thought it was off, would be nice to live in that fantasy land but I thought I would ask.
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rocknrobin-"thank them or spank them"

Coolmom-welcome!!!!!!!!!!! I just had my third baby 7 months ago-he is soooo big! He just got his first tooth about a week and a half ago, and has started crawling the past 2 days. He is into EVERYTHING. He goes over to the dvd cabinet, and starts frantically getting them all out into a pile on the floor. I remove him, put them away, he cries. Repeat.

Hi everyone else!!!

I have been really ill the past two days. I taught class last night, and was pretty much worthless. My middle child, Raiden, brought home the elementary school plague about 2 weeks ago-and it turned into strep throat, a cold, and pneumonia. He passed it on to the baby and myself this week. Blech. Hopefully I will be on the mend over the next few days-as I have to go out of town this weekend to vend at a dance event. I am taking it easy this week-simply because I can't breathe. No cardio for me until I can, obviously.
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I walked yesterday real early, by the time I got back on the treadmill, the 10 clock news was on. Gave me something to look at.

I took the bigger better tv to the garage. my old one was hard to see across the garage. And I could barely hear it over my very old treadmill.
Now I can see and hear it. Hubby ran a splice from the back bedroom with satalite!! He is so behind what I am doing.

I think he secretly wanted me to do this
but he is a sweety, loves me as I am.

I am sending you some WILLPOWER! You can do it!


Hope you feel better soon! You take care of the little ones. hope someone helps take care of you too.

Lucky girl! wish I could do the bike. My knees have not let me for years. As kids we had to ride. lived 5 miles from town. Miss that it was fun.
30 mile ride, WOW!!
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Height: 5 2


Good Morning Everyone!
Thanks for all the well wishes on my test yesterday. It was good news, no polyps or growths. I have a little diverticlosis, Doc said that was common in my age group and to eat lots of high fiber foods and plenty of water. A bunch of us are starting a thread called ~Fiber Fanantics~ in the general section for supporting each other in upping and maintaining our fiber. Thank you Robin for the name, good choice.
I dropped 3.5 pounds from my 40+ hours without food but this morning I'd already put two back on. I'm sure I'll see the other 1.5 pounds back by tomorrow morning.

Grammy... I think it's fun too, what's really interesting to me is the nutrition section where you can see what vitamins/minerals you're lacking.
GrammyLI just went to FitDay and registered, its fun.
CoolMom... Yes, it's a long thread which is why we start a new one each month and the more, the merrier! I tried tops once but after weighting in everyone just sat around gossiping, the leader had no pep talks, encouraging words, no talk of dieting, etc. I hope you find a good group. I love how you describe yourself, a little mom fluff!
Wow, this is a long thread! I hope you all don't mind if I just jump in. I just had my third baby last week, and started my Fitday entries two days ago, as well as sloooooow walks around the block. And tonight I am headed to a TOPS meeting. I've never tried TOPS, so we'll see if its anything I'm interested in
Yesterday's calories were low because I didn't eat my first meal of the day until after 4:00p.m.

Calories... 563
Fiber... 12 grams (I stayed away from anything with high fiber for reasons you can guess at)
Mini Delights (bagged 90 calorie snack pack) I ate these and the bag they were packaged in as soon as I got home!
Orange Roughy
2 slice low cal toast
Fruited Jello

It's suppose to get in the 60's here today and I'm going to hang a load of clothes out even tho we have at least 4 feet of snow under my clothes line. Sleeping on fresh, crisp sheets is going to be awesome after the long, snowy winter.
Have a good food choice day everyone!
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Pending Email Confirmation
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Height: 5,4


Well yesterday was my first day back ended day with 1271 but was not able to find time for the eliptical. Today is a new day i should be able to get in at least 20 mins on it this evening. Have a good day everyone!
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Height: 5'1"


Bobbi ~ That is fantastic news, nothing out of the ordinary. Did the doctor suggest how much fiber he would like to see you have? I did my FitDay for today and my fiber is 41 g. I planned my meals out this morning. I like to do it in advance so I am less likely to slip.

Cheryl ~ Thank you for the willpower, I need it. This is just a confusing time for me on where to keep my calorie count. Almost all the different web pages I have gone to have told me for my age, height, weight and activity level (I always guess low even though I am active just to be safe) tell me to keep it between 1500 - 1800 and I will lose a lb a week. They don't suggest going lower because of risk of slowing my motabolism. Today I still below the 1500 so I may have an evening snack. I may fluctuate between 1300 - 1700. I really do believe in the calorie cycling to keep our body on its toes. HEHEHE! My DH is very supportive also but at the same time reluctant. I have always been heavy every since we met and he works out of town and worries a little. I keep telling him I don't want another man, he is trained. HEHEHE!
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Height: 5'5"


Bobbi - Glad you got a clean bill of health (except for the little bit of diverticulitis). I must say, I find it kinda hilarious that the doc told you to eat lots of fiber -- you are the woman who astounded me with your daily fiber ranging between 50-60 grams or MORE. Can you really eat any more than that?? Well, maybe if you go on an exclusively FIBER ONE diet. Like I've said before, I really need to get some stock in that company!

Anyway, glad to hear the news was good. Enjoy some food today!
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Lara--I completely understand; I can't run either. My knee caps move into strange places when I run, so the doctor told me "No running." Not that I'm complaining... I do admire people that are able to do it though.

Littlered--You were the one talking about your scale right? I had to get rid of our first (VERY expensive) digital scale because it had a will of it's own. It would fluctuate for a few minutes before it would settle on a number that looked even close. So, we went old school and bought a dial scale. I love it! It's reliable and I weight the same when I go to the doctor, so I'm pretty sure it's accurate.

Bobbi--Congratulations on everything going well with your tests!

CoolMom--Welcome and congrats on the new baby!

Calories for Monday: 1469

Exercise: None
I'm going to try to do my lunch hour walk today, but I'm still congested. I figured I'd try and if my lungs don't cooperate I'll turn around and try again later this week. I just realized that it's supposed to rain today... so maybe not. I hope the weather man is wrong today, I really need to get out and walk!

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday!

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