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It is 100% MY fault. My immediate family is all petite, even the males. I'm the only obese fat one in the family.
I know that stuffing my face wasn't the best thing to do, and that's how I turned into a fat girl.
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I take full responsibility of being obese.

Do I stuff my face because I stress? Yes, and it's usually issues in relationships that's the cause. Nothing else.

That's why my divorce sent me into an eating frenzy. Feeling rejected and unloved can do some effed up things to your head.

BUT....I also had a husband who told me that men don't like fat women, that he was turned off by fat women. The crap he filled my head with was just awful.

I've put all of his garbage behind me. I know I will succeed again. No more distractions from a guy. EVER again.

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I'd say that depends.

For me, personally I gained all of my weight in my childhood, and I've spent all my adult years trying to take it off. It was just very easy to eat junk in my household, to start I ate about as much as my other siblings, but was always bigger. Throw in a hormonal imbalance, and things just escalated. But, I do take some responsibility for my past weight.
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I was obese as a child so my obesity was not my fault but once I became old enough to be responsible for my own health all the time that I was not addressing the problem means that my current obesity is my fault.

My responsibility, my choice, my fault.
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I take a lot of medication. I was always really, really skinny, and then I started 3 medications in 2005, and I gained like 50 pounds. Every time I start a new medication I gain weight. I also have PCOS. So some of it is not my fault. Some of it is my fault too.
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I believe that in a lot of cases, obesity is a response to an emotional need. Most of my friends who did the surgical operation did not solve their emotional issue and weight is back on. But the operation may be a boost and is a necessary process for some.
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Originally Posted by dietcherrycoke View Post
It is 100% MY fault. My immediate family is all petite, even the males. I'm the only obese reduce weight fat one in the family.
I know that stuffing my face wasn't the best thing to do, and that's how I turned into a fat girl.
I also feel the same about myself. I am 100% responsible for my obesity. It has just been 1 year since I started working, before that I will not say I was obese, I will say I was healthy like I weighed 150 lbs but within an year I gained 40 lbs. I reached 190 lbs all because I have a desk-job and all the time I am sitting and attending people. Also, the office pantry is just near my desk so I keep on eating all the unhealthy snacks but honestly, I am done with it now. I have decided that I will try (at least try) to get back in shape.

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It is not my fault. I don't believe I eat any differently than most people. The way my body processes food puts the weight on. I almost always stop at a particular weight automatically showing that it isn't a matter of what I put in my mouth... but rather a matter that the calories in... calories out... formula doesn't work correctly for me.
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I'm 100% responsible for my obesity! I've never been overweight/obese in my life. I've always been extremely extremely active. Of course over the years, I gained a few pounds here and there but nothing more that 8 pounds total in a year. The year 2017 came and things got out of control with me eating. It's like the lazy bug hit me out of the blue! I started overeating really bad and had became extremely inactive. Before I knew it, I blew up to 235 pounds (heaviest weight) within 2 to 3 months! I'm only 5'3! Along with that, came breathing issues, sleep apnea and the diagnosis of Type 2 in Jan of 2018. Over the course of year 2018, I dropped down to 225.6 from attempting to eat smaller portions. I was still inactive and lazy! Started 2019 at 225.6 and was stuck there and still inactive and lazy up until 8 1/2 weeks ago, when I decided to take back my life! I've been on my personal fitness journey for almost 9 weeks now. I'm down from 225.6 to 209.8. (15.8lbs down). I refuse to ever let myself go like this again! Never!
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Well, I take some medications, so...
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