Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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I just read recently that stretch marks aren't actually from stretching, they're from damage done by inflammation (from various causes).

That bit of trivia isn't really helpful, but kind of interesting.

Most of my stretchmarks occurred during puberty and adolescence, and they've faded about as much as they're going to. I started looking at them differently though after a stand-up comedian compared his gf's stretch marks to tiger stripes, and how beautiful and sexy he found them.

Hey, I'm willing to run with that.
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mine have become less noticeable but you can still the the rigidness (i guess what you would call it) or un smoothness of the skin that was stretched.
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Lost 100lbs years ago and have 100 left to go...i have more streatch marks on my skin than not lol. they can not go away, they are damaged skin cells resulting mass axpanshion faster than cell prduction. We can make them appear less obvious by loosing weight to reduce the tention, rubbing vit E oil on them and I tan (lol not the recmended route but they are the same color as the rest of my skin now instead of pimk n purple) but they dont actualy bother me much in the grand sckeem of dropping 100lbs and id gladly accept more in exchange for dropping the remainder 100lbs )
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Originally Posted by Me1stAllways View Post
We can make them appear less obvious by... I tan (lol not the recmended route but they are the same color as the rest of my skin now instead of pimk n purple)
This is because the scars have faded, not because you're tanned.

I've never tanned topless, and the stretch marks on my breasts (from puberty as well as from later weight gain) are the same lack-of-color as the rest of my skin.
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I have some silver stretch marks on my stomach and breasts from pregnancy. They didn't go away, in fact, look a bit more noticeable as I lost weight/deflated.
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I just got 2 new stretch marks, one on each oblique (side abdominal muscles) DOH! Oh well. They can make friends with all the other ones.
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Nope! Nothing can get rid of them except surgery.
Creams do nothing to be honest. All you're doing is moisturising, which you should do anyway. The scars fade significantly over time.
You can disguise them with special body make-up, or even self-tanner. But what I will say is just dress appropriately. If you want to wear shorts, you can wear 3/4 tights underneath or patterned hosery, which means its still cool, but breaks up the skin ( and sucks it in ) so you can't see imperfections.

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Have anyone of you tried doing hula hoop? I did at least 15min a day with a 3lb ring. When I started I have a lot of stretch marks, however only 4 of them are clearly visible. And now, even though I've never used any oil on my belly the marks are almost disappear. Of course I have a long way to go, but as for now I'm quite satisfy with the result. Maybe it just me though but you should give it a try. As for the leg, I have no idea.
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I got tons of them from being pregnant. Then I got depressed and ate, then I got more stretch marks!! I have done a ton of research. Alma iTed laser (do a search) improves them up to 75%. ReCell, (being studied by the FDA but has been used in other countries for 4 years now) is what I am after. That is considered scarless healing. Do a search for ReCell, the pictures are amazing. It's being used on burn victims. Literally creates new skin as if there was never an injury. I did a search for Recell stretch marks and on the site it shows that it can be used on stretch marks. . ReCell uses the patient's own cells.

Anyway, I might have to get a tummy tuck, I DON'T want to, but I am hoping ReCell is approved in the US soon so I can get a surgeon to use this product so I don't get a hip to hip scar.

There is also something else (nothing to do with recell) that tightens skin after significant weight loss and / or pregnancy, I can look it up if anyone is interested.
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Losing the baby weight
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Back in 2010 when I lost weight, they started to go from purple to white. I used bio oil at the same time so I'm not sure if it was just the weight loss, the bio oil, or both.

My old ones have expanded into new ones during pregnancy, but the old ones have stayed white. The new ones are starting to fade with weight loss and bio oil again.
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Mine turn white when my weight is stable, and turn red when I lose or gain large amounts of weight. They were white after I had been consistently at 230 and then, after my 30lb gain, they have gone red again.

I believe once your weight stabilizes they start to become less red/purple and more white, but I could be wrong. That's just what happens to me.

The ones on my breasts are white, probably because that area of my body is the last to change during weight loss/gain.

Stretch marks are funny things, but I find I don't care what they do anymore. When I lose the weight they'll just be a reminder of the great thing I did, and if I want to wear shorts I'll work something out. I personally don't care for shorts anyways, so maybe I am biased, though I do have stretch marks on my arms that are white and they are fairly obvious in the sun, and I like to wear shorter sleeves. I'm more concerned about getting rid of the flabby fat the hangs out there though.

Stretch marks are like pimples to me. There's not much you can do about them except hope they become less visible with time. Maybe not the answer you wanted, but most women have stretch marks, especially on the stomach, and I think people should give them less attention.
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I'd say most women have them or will have them by the time they have kids. I know it isn't exactly how we'd like to be, but think about how many great things we have in life and how little a thing like stretch marks really matters. I know how you feel though, it is hard when there is so much pressure to look a certain way that obviously isn't natural. Stretch marks are natural & you are beautiful anyway.

I also liked the suggestion about getting creative with clothing if you feel too self conscious showing too much skin.
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I AM Currently 13. I have Stretch Marks. I weight about 170. I have lost 20 pounds. But i had my stretch marks before i lost any pounds!
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I always had them on my thighs and bum... They're white now (along with the rest of my skin that never sees the light of day, lol).

Once I went over 200lbs new, bright red ones showed up on the inside of my calves. I'm not happy about this at all, I thought I dodged that bullet! I just try to remember that barring any big illness happening *touch wood* this is the last big change I am putting my body through, losing 100lbs. So I guess all I can do is eat healthy as best I can, be happy, do exercise I love, live a good life and moisturise like a demon. I don't know if it really helps the stretch marks, but it's good for my skin anyway. Hopefully the new ones will fade with time and I can avoid getting too many more. Wish I had some advice, but I only have my perspective
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Default Coco butter!

Well I am 14 and when I was around 9 or 10 I had a growth spurt and my thighs got bigger and my breast did too. I have stretch marks on my thighs and breasts. I weigh 107 and I'm trying to lose some weight, so I can have a flat stomach. I use coco butter the one with a pregnant women on the front and its specifically for stretch marks. It smells really good too. Just with in a few days they were way lighter! And I hope with me losing weight they will get smaller too. I don't really know about what to do with my breasts though.
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