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I'm worried about this, too! I have lost over three stone and no signs of loose skin so far. My tummy is fairly firm - my thighs and arms are ok. I have at least another 3 stone to lose. My question is, at what stage do you "know" whether you're going to get loose skin or not? When does it start going saggy for most people? I'm hoping the boobs don't go either - I don't have much in the first place, so I'd hate it if they went south.

I'm hoping my age, combined with my tight-skinned genetics will serve me well. Oh and body brushing, moisturizing, salt scrubs, MSM, weight training etc.
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Default hmmm...

I'm scared of the skin too. I've lost like 25 or 30 lbs so far and I'm thinking my arms are looking a bit....odd, maybe will have a lil trouble there. Maybe it's genetics and if so I can see that arm flab, turkey neck are the likely culprits in my family.

I've heard that losing slower gives the skin more time to adjust.... might work out that way... I have to say I hate my boobs already. I never liked em, but they're not quite as perky (My B's). They ain't much but I know I'll have less of them, I remember there were less years ago. I can see the stretch marks (boob ones) from my babies more now that I've lost some weight. It wasn't very noticeable before.

It's too bad fixing those things is considered "cosmetic", because if it were covered people might feel better about their weight loss than they might with the flab.... although I've heard of insurance covering it if it gets in the way or causes problems with movement.
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I've lost over 120 lbs and I was overweight for 8 years. I have a lot of loose skin on my tummy, arms, and inner thighs. I do a lot of cardio and I can see it helping in my tummy area, however, someone told me to give it a year to see if my body tightens up and responds to the new size. It SUCKS!
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I have loose skin. But now I don't feel like I could POP when tying my

Yesterday we were at the store and I saw a girl who has gained A LOT of weight in the last couple of years. I felt so sorry for her because her skin looked so tight that it seriously looked like she could explode. Oh I remember that terrible feeling. In my eyes tight-fat looks way worse that saggy- normal.
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Well, I'm lucky to be so young. Hopefully me being a minor (under 18) means my skin has a good amount of elasticity. I have stretch marks all over my stomach (from having a baby, no.. not intentionally, let's call it rape and save the rest of the story.....).. I hope I'm not left with a muffin top. I think if I drink enough water, it will help tremendously.

As far as saggy boobs go, I'm an A cup, so when I lose the massive amount of weight I'd like, I'll have no boobs to worry about, :P. Oh well.

Good luck to the rest of you!
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My boobs go South when I'm standing,
They go East and West while I sleep,
My stomach covers the whole globe,
And must be stuffed in my pants quite deep.

My neck has a turkey wattle,
My arms sport batwings so fine,
But I'm in a size 8 and don't give a fig
Cause what you see is all mine.
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I used to work for a health insurance company and they would actually pay for saggy skin removal after weight loss. The only downfall was that you have to have problems with rashes and sores. I don't know if surgery would be worth it but at least it's an option.
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Originally Posted by alyssarof2012 View Post

As far as saggy boobs go, I'm an A cup, so when I lose the massive amount of weight I'd like, I'll have no boobs to worry about, :P. Oh well.

Good luck to the rest of you!
Me too Mine are only just a B cup, so I think there will be nothing left of them once I lose another 50lb. I'm hoping them being little means they won't sag - but we shall see. They haven't changed in size after the first 50lb.

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When I lost 110 pounds a few years ago, I had lots of saggy skin. I was in my mid-thirties, so maybe the elasticity of youth was gone, but I lost the weight reasonably slowly with lots of exercise and there was a lot of loose skin anyway. Then I got pregnant and my body became even more of a wreck! I don't care, though -- I'd much rather have loose skin than skin filled out with fat, so I'm really looking forward to getting the weight off again.
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