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I don't exercize...just diet for now 2 7.14%
I exercize 1-2 times or more a week 3 10.71%
I exercize 3-5 times a week 12 42.86%
I exercize 5 times or more a week 11 39.29%
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Question Exercize now with so much to loose?/Poll

Hi, everyone. Maybe this has been talked about before but I'm wondering how everyone with 100 pounds or more deals with exercize. How often a week do you exercize...what do you do? How did you start? How did you work up to where you are? Thanks in advance for any and all comments.
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right now i'm getting back into exercise. i shoot for 3 minimum a week (5 max) right now. the cardio really helps me lose the weight, so i'm focusing on that for now. toning and weights -- i do that a little now, but i'll do it more as i get closer to goal.
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Gonna fly now!
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Howdy! I started out with some plain ol' walking. And then I try to increase the frequency and to exercise 20 minutes after eating to maximize the metobolism boost that comes from eating.

Three weeks ago I joined Curves so I could also tone up (NOT bulk up!) and to help kick my metabolism up by adding muscle mass. The key is to start where you are and gradually add more to push yourself.

I truly believe it is crucial in the weight loss process.

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You can do it!!!!
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Logically....I need to get my body moving....doing it...is another story. I have never really been real consistent with any fitness program that I have started. Big downfall.

But, I heard Oprah say once....."why do people say...I am gonna start to work out, once I lose weight" OMG...how true...that is me!!!!! My nutritionalist insists that....excercize is great for your self-esteem, self-confidence, and is a great stress reducer, give you more energy...and so good for you all around. Win win situation!!!!!!

Now, I should take her advice Good poll
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I definitely think that exercise makes all the difference!! At 330 pounds, I could only do 20 minutes at a time on the treadmill, and only at a speed of 1.5, but now I workout for 1-2 hours a day, 6 days a week and it really helps. I've also found that if I don't exercise for one reason or another, then I'm more likely to "cheat" when it comes to my food for the day. I feel like after working so hard during my workout, I definitely need to stay OP with my food. I have more energy, I sleep better, and I just feel better when I exercise.
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I can't lose weight without exercising. Or, if I do, it's slow and painful and I get very discouraged. I have PCOS, so my body is REALLY resistant to letting go of its fat. I need to get it working pretty much every day to keep my metabolism in a fat-burning mode.

That being said, I started with walking. I walk ten minutes from metro to my office building and back again in the evening, and try to take at least one break during the day to walk the halls of my building. I aim for 45 minutes just of walking.

Then, in the evening, I try to do a workout every day or so. If I get my 45 minutes of walking in, I don't feel bad if I don't get an additional workout in. But I still like to. I use video tapes for aerobics, yoga, and stretch. I also have free weights and a weight bench and try to do a lifting routine twice a week.

It's actually easier for me to get my exercise in during the week because of the way I'm structuring my schedule to walk at work. On the weekends I have to plan to get out of the house to walk or garden, or specifically rely on tapes for workouts.
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The surgeon gerneral suggests 1 hour/day for weight loss. I like to excercise and move so this is not my big barrier. But start slowly and build up and find something you LIKE to do, otherwise you never will stick with it. And remember you may like more than 1 thing, and do a different thing every day of the week. My favorites are Pilates, weightlifting, and a walking program.

Miss Chris
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I know how hard it is to get started. I started in January, at 256 lbs. The first thing I did was dust off my recumbent bike and ride it a bit a time. I started with five minutes, and worked my way up to twenty five minutes at a time. Then in March, I started with Leslie Sansone videos. I began with one mile ones, and can now do her three mile tapes. I've bought a huge variety of exercise tapes and DVD's off ebay by a variety of instructors (I get bored easily), and also strength train and am trying to start some yoga/stretching as well. So in eight months I've gone from total couch potato, to exercising six days a week. Believe me, I had never exercised regularly in my life, and if I can do it, you can too! I've also lost 46 lbs!

Best of luck, and ask any questions you want.

Take care,
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Hello i started in january at 340 lbs and i could hadley walk 1 lap at the mall that is 1/3 of a mile. I just kept doing one lap for a while and then when i was comfortable with that i upped it now i weigh about 250 and i walk about 2-3 miles and do some pilates and am starting with weights. Its all about finding something you enjoy and working at it. Good Luck!
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if only she'd lose weight
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Default Re: Exercize now with so much to loose?/Poll

How often a week do you exercize


what do you do?

2 days I walk 2 miles. 3 days I go to the gym & do circuit training that the trainer has set up for me. But this is recent, before that...oh wait, that was your next question....

How did you start?

Walking, half an hour every other day, then every day, then 2 miles twice a week, then up to 4 times a week. Then I got bored & wanted to start lifting, so I bit the bullet & joined the gym.

How did you work up to where you are?

Slow & careful increases. He wanted me to do 3 circuits last week, but I did just one the first night, 2 the second, and then tonight I did 3.

Good luck!
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oh geez. everyone around here must be bored with this story by now, but i'll give you an abridged version. i started at 500 pounds bedridden and in the hospital. by the time i was discharged, i had lost about 60 pounds and could walk about 40 feet at a time, dragging an oxygen tank. while in the hospital, the respiratory therapist told me that my exercise would be taking 10 deep breaths a few times an hour.

so, after discharge, i walked up and down the driveway dragging the oxygen tank. 40 paces down. 40 paces back. at first, i could only do it once. and then i worked up to 3 times. and then started walking towards the neighbor's driveway. that was 100 paces. then to the corner [i stopped counting at that point!]. down the next block.

and this morning, i hiked for an hour and a half.

i do some form of cardio 6 days a week, and lift weights 3-4 days, depending on my schedule.

right now i'm hiking, and will do that as long as the weather holds. and then back to the gym for the pool, treadmill and stationary bike,

i had weight loss surgeryl i now weigh about 230. officially about 30 pounds left to go, and then 20-25 pounds of excess skin.
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I have over 100lb to lose and am very unfit!

I've got an exercise bike at home and am currently doing about 25 minutes on level 1. Even at this low level I can sweat for England!

I am going to go on the bike about 3 times a week and then gradually build up. I think at this weight any exercise at all is good, it's important for me not just to lose weight but to feel fitter.

I've got a years membership at a gym and want to start going regularly - I find exercise really boosts my mood. I've just got to get into a regular routine of going to the gym.

There is no doubt in my mind that exercise boosts your health physically and mentally and helps to tone you up as you lose weight, avoiding saggy skin!

Amanda xx
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I also started with plain old walking - I did it at night when it was cooler in the summer and during daylight in the winter when I was slogging through snow. I did it EVERY night for almost a year and my walks went from 10 minutes to about an hour every day. Then I started meeting a couple of friends on Saturday mornings and we hike for about 1-1/2 to 2 hrs. on very challenging trails with lots of hills and stairs. Sunday mornings I now play tennis for an hour with friends - none of us are very good but we sure move around a lot (especially running to other courts to retreive the ball). Now that I exercise more on the weekends I find I don't walk as much during the weekdays and my weight loss has slowed, so I think it's time to pick up the pace a bit, especially with the wonderful comfortable fall weather fast approaching. Oh yes, I got a couple of exercise videos last Christmas, but I found them boring after awhile. I'm thinking of joining a swimming club also as that seems to be a great "all around"exercise. At this point, after losing 100lbs., I have a lot of loose skin that I really, really hope can be tightened up. Any suggestions?
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Hi Jillegal,

Congratulations on losing 100lb - you are an inspiration to me! What diet did you follow and how long has it taken you?

My partner has lost alot of weight in the past and he says that the only way to tighten your skin is to do lots of controlled weight resistance exercises and situps.

It sounds like you are doing alot of aerobic exercise which is great for weight loss, but resistance and strength training will tone you up. I would have thought that swimming is a great overall toner, and then do weights or situps for specific problem areas.

Good luck

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Hi Amanda;

Thanks for the kind words. I joined Weight Watchers at the end of June, 2002 - so it's taken me 14 months to lose what I have so far. I had one of those terrible plateaus for almost 3 months that almost did me in, but I switched to low-carb for awhile and that nudged things along, but now I'm ready to go back to strict WW because I feel it's the plan I can do for life and not just until I reach goal.

Thanks also for the exercise tips. Sigh...situps, resistance and weight training doesn't sound as much fun as what I've been doing, but I'm so badly in need of toning so I'll guess I'll have to quit my whining and get to it!
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