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Default Max Morelli

I came across an article online that includes an interview with Max, Mike's younger brother. He mentioned that Jillian and Bob talked with him throughout the show and that they gave him their cell numbers. It was nice to hear them go beyond the show to a contestant's family member. The article mentioned that Max has gone below 400 pounds, that Mike works out with him and Mike is looking forward to summer so he and Max can work out longer since school will be out.

I know people are pushing for TBL to cast Max when he's old enough but since he won't be 18 for another year, I'm hoping he's well on his way down long before that. I'm sure people watching the finale will want an update about Max, too.

BTW, May 5 is Mike's 19th birthday.
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I'm sure they will update us about Max at the finale. I honestly hope he doesn't get to go on the show.. we all know that the slower you lose the weight the more likely you are to keep it off. I feel so badly for Max. I want him to be able to lose the weight and keep it off, so he can have a normal life like his brother. I hope that Mike will be able to keep the weight off as well, since it seems that something has clicked w/in that young man, even more so than the other contestants I think.. I don't see Mike ballooning up to where he was when the show began.

I wouldn't be upset if Max DID make the show next season. I'd watch and would definitely want him make it far in the competition...
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Good for him! I hope he does decide to get serious about weight loss. (I think with his Dad and brother right there, will help him a lot. And if he does decide to go on the show, great! Even if he loses 50 or even 100 lbs. by then he'll still need to lose a lot of weight....although I don't know how fair that would be to other contestants with him having a big head start with Bob and/or Jillian! A lot of losing weight is in your head and he'll have a big start of getting in the right mind set already.
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I follow max on facebook. He's at a weight loss camp/ranch in Utah this summer. He posts his progress sometimes.
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Yes, I'm a fan of his page as well. I think he's lost about 65 pounds so far? You see the difference in his progress pictures.

It is kind of ironic that, the whole time they were on TBL, Mike and Ron kept saying they had to go back and help Max, and he ends up going away to get help. I think he needed/wanted his own Biggest Loser experience. I also think his family meant well but realized they were not equipped well enough to help Max in the best possible way. Mike kept saying as much the last couple of shows.
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