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Originally Posted by sportmom View Post
John, are you by any chance the same John that was on one of the TBL finales? And you have a pic with Bob that I think chelle posted? And you were on ellen?
Not sure who this 'impostor' John is...maybe the one Erik talked about in the 3rd season finale, but nope...not me. Would be cool getting a picture taking with Bob though! Not sure about Ellen...might have to skip that
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OMG, I'm also so far behind here! I work on Mondays and Fridays away from home so those are going to be tough days for me to follow along.

Ok, just have to say I'm intrigued by your "plan", Jordan! I'd love to see more detail???

Regarding evening munching...had to LOL at eastcoastgirls suggesting about jumping into bed with someone fun!!! (Doesn't that make you even more hungry though?! It does me! ) Anyways, what I have to do for now is simply not have "munchy" trigger foods in the house. Dh isn't much of a snacker, so that helps and my little ones will eat whatever I give them and actually prefer healthy (apples, carrots, hummus, cereal) snacks. Although when a binge hits and I give in I can put away huge amounts of "healthy" food. But I know if there were cookies, chips, crusty bread and other triggers in the house I'd be tempted to binge much more often. I hope to one day be at peace with food and be able to co-exist with a bag of Doritos or a cookie jar of homemade cookies. I don't know though? Food has had such power over me for so many years that I'm not sure what a normal relationship with it is. Oh well, I know what I need to do today.

BWT - This is my 3rd serious attempt to lose weight. I lost 112 pounds 10 years ago, gained 91 pounds of it back after my 2nd child was born and had health problems for a few months. Then I lost 60 pounds 1.5 years ago. I had, as of 11.28.07 managed to put every single pound Iíve ever lost back on and I tipped the scale at 284 once again. Iím pretty disgusted that I let myself go like this, but there's only one thing to do and that's start over; do the right thing, do it right now and do it over and over again every day!

Well, off to bed.
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Hey all!! Sorry I havent been around much today. Seems I dont have enough time in the day for everything I need/want/have to do.

I ate better today YAY! I had been falling off the wagon a little. I drank more water today too and managed to do 25 minutes of the biggest loser low impact workout.
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No excuses this time!
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Hello everyone! Everyone has been so busy online today and I have 5 pages to read!

Practice living - Loved the comic strip! Just what I needed! How lucky to buy some new toys too - I desperately want new gym shoes!

Chelle - how exciting moving into your first home - I try to tell the younger people(I'm 32 LOL) at my work to get into a mortgage whilst they are young - its a sense of achievement paying off something that is yours - thats how I feel after I pay mine each fortnight

Nadalie - Your great at doing personals - I dont think I will be able to personally respond every night but I will try

Selina - You sound very motivated - I like the idea of your own personal challenge to not eat over your calorie plan! Something I might have to try!

Purplefirefly - I tend to get online late of a night to stop that - the other thing is to go to bed earlier so that you can get up and do an early morning workout LOL

Pam - thankyou for your sprinkling of willpower dust - I think that helped me get through the day!

Karen - how lucky to have some time off! Enjoy it!

What a good idea to post questions to answer about yourself Rhonda!

1. What do you prefer we call you?

Ness or Vanessa
2. What weightloss plan are you using?
none I havent found a plan that feels right - I am just watching what I eat at the moment
3. What is your favorite exercise?
aqua fitness - aqua deep, aquabox, swimming laps, ABsolute aqua!!!
4. What is one area that you struggle?
Late night snacking
5. What is one area of your weightloss journey that you excel at?
I dont think I excel at anything yet - let me have a significant loss first.
6. What is your short term goal?
I want to lose 10% - 27 pounds I dont know if I will do that in this challenge - I can only hope!
7. What will you reward yourself with when you reach that goal?
Time at the day spa- my ex gave me a voucher for Christmas so I will use that!
8. Best weight loss tip?
Exercise, Exercise Exercise!!!
9. Bob or Jillian?
I prefer Bob.
10. Tell us about yourself! I answered that in an earlier post on Page 2!

Well its great that we have a lot of first timers like me and experienced and committed BL participants for this challenge - even our first male - I think it will be great if we all meet our short term goals or even get down to that final goal weight!

I had a crap day today - put the laundry on - asked my son(3.75) to add his t-shirt in -went back 1 minute later felt the washing machine and it was hot - I tried to think back to what I had put on top of it - and realised he had turned all the knobs on front - the water dial was turned to HOT!!!! Then I was gathering cleaning stuff and put my second vacuum at the front door to take to my classroom so I can clean it - cleaners dont go back until next week and I am away then. And as I am in the study gathering up other supplies to take he gets some scissors and cuts the hose to the barrel!!! I am YELLING at this stage - What's our rule! Play with toys!!! We have 5 rules in our household - you will probably know them too at by the end of this challenge! He was extremely well behaved whilst I was at work - thought he had redeemed himself and as I came home to change into my swim gear to go to the gym he tried his "keys" in my front door lock - I was I thought I would have to call a locksmith - I rang my parents house just to keep me from losing it at him - they offered to take him for a bit but I already had him booked into the gym creche and I would have had to pay regardless- I drove to the gym crying at how sucky a mother I am and how I cant control my own son!!! Was wondering on the way and putting my stuff in the changeroom how am I going to pull my self together and stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks, and as I started working out,(I was doing aquabox) and punching and kicking the water I felt myself calm and ready to tackle anything! Exercise is my release - and I am sooooo grateful that I have identified this!

Anyway I am 4 pounds down from my starting weight and added miles to our challenge to the moon - I am feeling success as I go to bed tonight!

See you tomorrow!
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Evening Blue Team

Here is my intro
1. What do you prefer we call you? Michele

2. What weightloss plan are you using? Jillian's

3. What is your favorite exercise? Walking on the treadmill

4. What is one area that you struggle? Making myself exercise

5. What is one area of your weightloss journey that you excel at? Knowing everything that I've learned, it's just the doing

6. What is your short term goal? To lose 25 lbs in this TBL Challenge

7. What will you reward yourself with when you reach that goal? A new summer outfit

8. Best weight loss tip? Write everything down.

9. Bob or Jillian? Bob's great eyecandy, but I wold love to look like Jillian

10. Tell us about yourself! Let's see a little about me, I married to a wonderful man, Joe, and we celebrated our 10 yr anniversary this last June. We have 2 sons, Cody (17) & Steven (14). My hoobies are reading, playing on the computer and I'm just starting to get into scrapbooking. I'm looking forward to this challenge and all the support that we will be giving each other.
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This is the John everyone is asking about. His full name is John Baker.

You can find more about his story on myspace. Click Me!

Very inspirational stuff.
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Good morning, Blues! Hope you are having a great Tuesday. Everyone ready to watch BL tonight? Have you picked a favorite team? My team was the Brown team, but they're gone now. I haven't settled on a new favorite yet.

Originally Posted by ckatgo View Post
I never bought any of her books, I know you said you will be sore tomorrow, but otherwise how is the advice in it??
The Jillian Michael's book is pretty good. She has some interesting information about the different body types and what they should be eating to lose weight. There is not new information there for me, but I find her to be very encouraging. For me, the best part of the book is her workout.

Originally Posted by Purplefirefly View Post
Reading the questionaires I noticed a lot of us struggle with munching or binging at night. What do you guys do to try to change this?
Plan, plan, plan! I schedule an evening snack into my menu for the day. I usually have 1/2 cup of Eddy's Butter Pecan ice cream. Or, I may have 5 ounces of red wine. If I feel the need to "graze" after my scheduled treat, I go to bed early.

Originally Posted by AmberD View Post
Coming home from work to 6 pages of unread posts is INTIMIDATING. But it's worth it to at least skim them and post once a day. If you don't have time to do a personal to everyone, that's ok! Still check in and let us know how you're doing. I know from experience, participation goes along way!
Ditto! It is extremely time consuming to try to do personals to everyone everyday. And, we don't want anyone to feel like they can't or shouldn't post unless they can do them. And, we don't want anyone to feel slighted or not a part of our team if their posts are not responded to personally. Please be assured, I read each and every post and love to hear what is going on with everyone...and I'm sure I'm not the only one who does. And, if you don't have much to say, that's okay, too. Believe me, there are a ton of us that can "chat" enough for everyone! Please, at least let us know you're doing okay..even if its just one or two sentences each day..... and let us know if you need any support or encouragement.

I’m doing well today. Staying on-plan with food and I plan on getting on the treadmill for another 60 minutes of walking. I also plan on doing some upper body exercises/weights today. After my leg/butt exercise yesterday, I thought I’d be pretty sore today. No soreness yet. I’m sure it will hit me this evening or tomorrow morning. Since I began this latest weight loss journey last January, this is the first time I’ve incorporated any type of muscle building/toning workouts into exercise routine. I’m looking forward to seeing some big changes in my body shape within the next 12 weeks of this challenge. I’m just hoping that the weight losses still show up on the scales each week. I know that muscle building can sometimes temporarily stop the scales from moving.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day!

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Hey, Peach....I went to Minneapolis for training in December....brrrrrr! One of the days I was there, it snowed all day. I hadn't seen snow in over 15 years. It was beautiful! The Minnesotans thought I was nuts to be excited about snow. I moved to Georgia from Florida in June. I love it here! BTW, they are projecting snow tonight. If it does snow, I'm sure it won't be much and it will be gone by noon. Nothing like Minnesota.

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TBL Challenge Blue Team
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Originally Posted by Frozen Peach View Post
Kelly - I've heard of those weighted hula hoops - does it really give you a workout cardio wise?
Nadalie / Peach

They really do work. I used to be able to do over 30 minutes on one when I had lost a good deal of weight (I can't hula hoop when I am thick around the middle). Because it is weighted and ribbed (wavy on the inside) you have to slowly work up on the amount of time you do it otherwise it can beat the heck out of you around the middle until you get used to it. I got the bright idea to do it for 15 minutes the other day and couldn't do it for 2 days because I was sore.

I think it really helps me slim my middle section and I do work up a sweat trying to keep it up. Once you get really good at it you can try and hoop it on different areas too. I stick with around my waist, just try and keep it more on my hips/lower abs or up high on my upper abs too. They tell me though that you can do it on other parts of your body like arms and legs, but I will NEVER be that coordinated

If you have the space, though it is one of those exercises that is easy to do while watching TV.
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I heard this song this morning on the radio. Of course, I have heard it before, but it just hit home today. It has reminded me that I have been clean and sober for 16 months. It has been a long 16 months, but the best decision of my life. I am so blessed. Anyway, I wanted to share this song as it can apply to diet and fitness as well.

Carrie Underwood-Wasted

Standing at the back door
She tried to make it fast
One tear hit the hard wood
It fell like broken glass
She said sometimes love slips away
And you just can't get it back
Let's face it

For one split second
She almost turned around
But that would be like pouring rain drops
Back into a cloud
So she took another step and said
I see the way out and I'm gonna' take it

I don't wanna' spend my life jaded
Waiting to wake up one day and find
That I've let all these years go by

Another glass of whisky but it still don't kill the pain
So he stumbles to the sink and pours it down the drain
He says it's time to be a man and stop living for yesterday
Gotta face it.

Cause' I don't wanna' spend my life jaded
Waiting to wake up one day and find
That I've let all these years go by

Oh I don't wanna' keep on wishing, missing
The still of the morning, the color of the night
I ain't spending no more time

She kept drivin' along
Till the moon and the sun were floating side-by-side
He looked in the mirror and his eyes were clear
For the first time in a while

Hey, yeah,
Oh, I don't wanna' spend my life jaded
Waiting to wake up one day and find
That I've let all these years go by

Oh I don't wanna' keep on wishing, missing
The still of the morning, the color of the night
I ain't spending no more time

Oh, I don't wanna' spend my life jaded
Waiting to wake up one day and find
That I've let all these years go by

Yeah, yeah
Oh I don't wanna' keep on wishing, missing
The still of the morning, the color of the night
I ain't spending no more time
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Morning everyone. My son woke up at 6 this morning which is so unlike him. And since I hadn't got to bed till almost midnight I wasn't too happy. But we just sat in the dark for a couple hours watching a movie. I was trying to nap and he was trying to get me to play with his cars. Guess who won? It wasn't me. Well I also just put together our new coffee table. I got it for a killer cleaerance price. Its nice and oval so that should help lessen injuries. Aiden kept trying to help me which as anyone who has a toddler knows is not always so helpful. And of course on the first step I didn't read all the directions and had a bunch of washers left over. Luckily I could take the screws out without undoing everything and put them in but I added an extra 10 minutes to the job. But hey I have the time. Now he is just very very interested in the table. Which is how it is with every new piece of furniture. I'm hoping after he finishes his breakfast I can get him to go to sleep. He gets cranky in the morning when he gets up so early. Talk to you later.
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vixjean--congrats on clean and sober, that is awesome! I love that song as well.

I don't have much more time to sit here, so going to leave personals for later. My plan for today: 1500 calories, cardio and strength training, 4-6 bottles water. I'm off right now to eat breakfast and get in a workout.

Have a very productive, on plan day everyone!
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Day 1 back on plan...
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WOW!!! Already so much to get caught up on Until I get to know you all better I better start with this
1. What do you prefer we call you? Lorra or Losing ..whatever is easier to remember while were getting to know each other.

2.What weightloss plan are you using? Weight watchers...I started 11/27/07 and lost 15 lbs for far ...YAY! Me

3. What is your favorite exercise?Playing with our new Wii. After playing it gets me moving enough to want to do even more exercise

4. What is one area that you struggle? My husbands eating habits. He wants to eat everything and I can no longer sit and do that with him. Hes back to traveling during his work week so it will be a little easier staying on track for a while

5. What is one area of your weightloss journey that you excel at? I don't know if this counts but I'll have to say my WW meetings. Knowing I have to go and weigh and explain myself to my meeting keeps me going. I only started 2 1/2 months ago and already have the meeting looking up to me. Knowing everyone is waiting to hear how I did keeps me honest

6. What is your short term goal? To reach 228 would be my next mini goal ..For this TBL I would like to lose 20 or more pounds putting me in the 2teens somewhere.

7. What will you reward yourself with when you reach that goal? I've made little rewards while hitting my small goals...Rewards like buying new clothes and getting my hair done. All that girly stuff

8.Best weight loss tip? Don't beat yourself up for what you've already done. You can't change it move forward and don't look back

9. Bob or Jillian? Both I guess...I think Bob puts more into the people he is training so if i was picking a trainer I think I would want him.

10.Tell us about yourself! I'm 29 (soon to be thirty in Aug). I have a 12 year old daughter and live in sunny florida...not so sunny now though it's way to COLD for me. I've decided this is my year to lose the weight I've been trying to lose for 10 years. While only losing a few pounds to gain it all back and then some. This is the last time I'm starting all over for the same goals...I'm touching those goals this year

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Kelly - I'm still not filled in as to what happened with the LAWL and Pure Weight Loss centers. Mind filling me in?

Theresa - I've always wondered what being married to a truck driver would be like. But I was never aware that they are out of town for almost a month or more before coming home. I would be extremely lonely and probably eat myself to death.

Dionne - I figured you had plausible reason! I don't think anyone got the impression you were popping pills for no good reason!

Ginger - Woo! 3 kids all the same age... I can't imagine how the terrible two's went down in your house! A steamy romance with exercise huh? The only steamy romance I have comes in book form and its rather entertaining when the hubby leaves me alone long enough to read them.

Nadalie - I originally wanted to become a graphic designer but when I met my husband and moved, the degree wasn't offered in this area. I've packed a lot of things, but as always there's more to pack than I'd like there to be.

Selina - Yes yes my dear I knew you were lurking because you hadn't posted in so long! I knew you had to come out of hiding sometime! on being almost to halfway in your personal challenge! We are the only team in the whole challenge with a guy! I was so excited when John posted his starting weight, but of course being a "chick" board I thought "Maybe its a woman?" But alas I was fooled!

John - Oh I can't count the ways I'm happy to have you on our team! I always secretly wondered whether there were more men that came to this forum than just Charles and a few others but I'm glad you are here and signed up for my challenge! I can't wait to see you meet your goal of 475 and beyond!

Heather - Do those Irish twin come with Irish tempers?

Amber - I had no idea you lived in Virginia! I think there's a lot of girls this challenge that live in VA. I know Kimberly does and I live in the Hampton Roads area. Just a hop skip and a 2 hour drive away from each other. Anyone up for lunch?

Pam - I think all the women in this thread love scrapbooking! I still need to get my pages done from the wedding! And that was in August 07.... on staying on plan!

Rhonda - Go you for exercising! You want to come push me along to start my exercising? Is the work that you do all data entry for files and stuff? My friend's mom does that on the side sometimes and she works from home too.

Kat - I love chai tea with soy milk.... tastes like a gingerbread cookie without the cookie!

Jordan - I think I'm on Michelle Plan 1,598,843,273,... I think sometimes that's what helps me give really good advice to other team members is because I've tried so much. Problem is I can never take my own advice!

Fran - I don't know, you've been with me since I started running the challenge so I'm thinking its the fourth one. I got the goal of 10% from Weight Watchers.... that was before I quit. Told you I was on plan 1,598,843,273,...!!!

Shannon - I really your avatar picture cause its funny and sexy like the ones I take for my myspace page. We have a lot of the same "sitting" interests as I'm crafty when I feel motivated.

Shay - Yea I don't think I could handle Jillian either.... now Bob... thats a different story!

Anna - Jigsaw Puzzles My apartment is covered in head to toe with them! I tend to get wrapped up in them very quickly when I start one, then I sit it aside for months before I get back to it. (Like the silver screen legends one I'm attempting to finish now. )

Zinkie - You playing around on eBay girl?!

Maggie - Yes.... maintenance will be a b*+<4 for me too Would you like to make me a doggie sweater sometime? My puppy still freezes when she has to go potty!

Rosalie - I'm hoping all the moving and whatnot helps me lose SOMETHING this week. We are moving from a 3rd floor apartment to a one story single family detached home. So lots of packing, painting huffing and puffing in the next week. PS: If I lived in NYC I'd be bar hopping too!

Karen - Tell the baby

Bev -

Nori - Would you be offended if I told you that your name makes me crave sushi? Hope not!

Alana - on eatting better AND working out! Looks like you are on your way!

Vanessa - Moving is not as exciting as getting to redo the things I want done in my home. I already have ten million things I want to change and I haven't even spent the night there yet. on your 4 lbs lost!

Michele - You're missing an L

Jean - on being sober! I feel the same way about quitting smoking about 5 years ago.

Lorra -

Time to talk about me!

Well we did the final walk through yesterday, I should say Daniel did, and everything checked out ok. We ended up going to the house last night to start preparation for painting today and tomorrow. So I spent the majority of my night climbing a step ladder and washing 8 foot high walls with spic n span and hot water. Needless to say I'm in desperate need of some lotion this morning. I got done about 11 pm, but couldn't go to sleep right away so I showered and watched Dance War and the second night of Terminator since I had DVR'd it. I think I got to sleep at like 2 am and woke up at like 5:30 cause the puppy had to potty.

The one thing that we did find at the house was in some stuff of the seller's in the attic. He had left a box of old love letters from a girl named Andrea... omg it was too funny trying to wash the walls and have Daniel and his friends read these letters out loud. Needless to say our seller was a player!

I was a bad girl and had McD's this morning. but it hit my stomach hard so I won't be making that mistake again. I'll consider my trip to the little girl's room my slap on the wrist.

I go to the closing lawyer's office in about an hour and fifteen minutes so we can sign the contract and the house becomes ours. Finally I can start tearing the place apart!

Other than that really it's just moving and painting the next few days. I know I lead such an exciting life at the moment! I'm going to head off of here to read the second half of my romance novel before I have to leave.
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Originally Posted by chellez View Post
Is the work that you do all data entry for files and stuff?
I'm a quality analyst. My job is do dig deep into things and look for trends and reasons for process errors. Sounds pretty interesting, huh? NOT! The job is challenging and makes me use my brain, but I have don't have a lot of human interaction.

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