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I can do this
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Hi all,

Food this weekend? Not so good. Half my weekend was not to plan and the other half unplanned. I stayed in calorie range but I felt uncertain all weekend, not knowing what I was going to eat.

Exercise this weekend? None today or yesterday. I wasn't feeling well yesterday and finally this afternoon thought to check my blood sugar--low. I'll need to keep an eye on that--I've changed my eating habits a lot but my meds haven't been adjusted with it yet. I'll be back on track tomorrow walking at work.

Next weekend is our big baking weekend--I'm going to plan to have a treat each of those days--and hold myself to exactly what I plan for. If I really want more, I'll bag a snack-sized amount up for later in the week.

BillBE: Yay for the lunges and getting back to pre-broken leg levels. Your smugness over feeling too cool made me laugh. Your zipper saga some point, a new jacket? I love the reminder that thin people stay thin by being incredibly careful--it isn't luck, it isn't just how they operate--they work at it. It is not unfair.

Lexiss: Let us know how the BellyFatbook is. I do think food currently defrosting is a plan.

onebyone: Credit for decreasing your wobbles--it sounds like there were fewer Saturday than Friday, so that is progress!

gardenerjoy: Yay for planning! Weekend plans are still so hard for me. You really are getting flexible (literally)

maryann: I love Crystal Gayle! I remember her very first hits. Everyone working on a thesis wants to stop--but that doesn't mean it's a good idea or that you want to stop more than you want the degree, does it?

Nola145: Welcome. You may well find that the CBT techniques come easily to you since you've used the approach before--I know that has made a difference for me. Are you using an app or tool for calorie counting? Looking forward to hearing more from you!

BigchiefDavid: Back is back--and getting back on track is all that counts. One of the neat things is that the horse doesn't move when you fall off, making it easier to get back on.

IBelieveInMe2: Credit for having a better experience at the Italian restaurant--and for giving yourself credit for making progress!

nationalparker: How are your eyes? I hope they're feeling better and the ophthalmologist has good things to report on Tuesday.

Tazzy: I hope you're feeling better. Did your weight swing stay where it belonged when you tracked this weekend?

veganasaurusrex: Welcome back. How are you back to Beck goals going?

Best to all--I hope this is the start to a great week for everyone.
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Thumbs up Welcome Nola145


And on the occasion of your first post,
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Thumbs up Monday - Full Moon and Final Day of Italian Elections

Diet Coaches/Buddies Eating was good enough, CREDIT moi. Went to dinner with some new friends, walking in the light snow last evening, where the restaurant was so under crowded that we dawdled chatting for an hour - as if we were at home. It's not very aerobic walking on icy snow since going slow is the only sane approach, but it's good for all the small muscles since so much effort is spent assuring stability when climbing over mounds at intersections.

onebyone New snow is great when the sun is shinning. [I think it's real horse hair - never thought about how they got the horse to part with it.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) Congrats on growing flexibility.

Debbie (Lexxiss) Yep, an AlaskaKingSalmon steak sitting on the counter is a written plan - hieroglyphics, maybe, but clear.

maryann - Kudos for confronting the Sabotaging Thought, "I really don't want to do this anymore." It loses power when stared in the face.

BigchiefDavid Goodbye Mardi Gras. Welcome to the new personal trainer dog to lead you on walks.

Beth (bethFromDayton) It's a new week. Sometimes weekends are best when they're gone - sorta like visiting relatives, LOL.

IBelieveInMe2 Taking on that Italian Restaurant is worthy of Kudos. Now you've got me drooling for a Caprese salad - which I love when the tomatoes and basil come from our garden.

Nola145 Yay for arriving at the Beck Diet Solution with an appreciation of Cognitive Behavior Therapy already. That's a running start, for sure.

Kudos for promptly addressing day 6: Find a Diet Coach by arriving here. Yep, we'll all be glad to serve as your Diet Coach and ask that you perform that role for us. Neat that you've already got your diet plan working. Glad that you've joined us.

Readers -
chapter 3
How Thin People Think

characteristic 7
You Focus on Issues of Unfairness

The Beck Diet Solution
So many of the dieters I've worked with were preoccupied with the unfairness of dieting that I decided to do an experiment, which turned out to be a lot of fun. I asked numerous people who don't struggle with dieting (they ranged from very thin to "normal" weight) if they would change their eating habits if all foods contained exactly the same number of calories and were equally nutritious. Many of them, especially men over age 40 and most women (of any age), told me that, yes, they would eat differently. Either they would eat certain foods more frequently or they would regularly eat larger quantities of food. In other words, they usually do restrict their eating.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 40.
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Quick check! Welcome to Nola 145!
Good weekend, quite OP, still a loto to work on, but credit for recognizing that! :-)
Credit to me for exercising last night, for going walking instead of eating today at lunch, and for this positive feeling today!
Credit for understanding that I still have to focus on one ability: leave something in the plate when I don't eat at home.
On saturday I'll have a good occasion to practice, since I'm going out with some friends of mine.
Have you all a very great week!
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Hi Coaches!

Welcome Nola145! I look forward to sharing your journey.

Off to work...weighed, had smoothie and have my Sumo packed. Food was good yesterday, especially the AlaskaKingSalmon which turned out perfect on the grill.'ve been missed!
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Thumbs up proof is in the pudding --but 50 proof? really?

Hello Coaches et al

OMG *credit for stepping on that scale this morning. It showed me a 254.4. This is the second lowest weight this month--the first was a 252 on the 7th. So 3 dancing carrots for me and for getting back on track.

-tracked yesterday and stayed on plan
-planned my meals
-eating veggies once more
-checking in
-writing & reaching out when it gets overwhelming & BEFORE I eat
-pursuing opportunites that emerged over the weekend instead of letting them slip by then feeling bad about that, which is a direct line to overeating over those feelings
-eating sitting down
-saying NO CHOICE when I catch myself starting to nibble at the stove
-asking DH to help me stay on track

Feeling pretty good needless to say. Now, I just would like to see the sun, but I can be happy I heard some birds this morning when I opened the small window to let Caesar take the air. That was a joy.

Today I am working in the ceramics studio. Planning to be there the whole day - or most of it anyway.

Lexxiss Have a good day at work. I hope you get some big tips today.

Bootedkitty I have a very tough time leaving something on my plate. I always want to put MORE on my plate so I never ever feel there was more than enough there to begin with. This exercise always shows me just how emotionally attached I am to food. *Bravo for trying and remembering to try!

BillBlueEyes It strikes me that your awareness about what your body does to allow you to walk (foot position, ankle strength, balance) is really sharp right now. Glad you are being careful, but not so much that you avoid activity altogether. *kudos*

BigChiefDavid Nice to see you back. It doesn't matter how often you go--the difference here is that you continue on. You haven't lost what you had/accomplished/set in motion before. You just took a detour and made a U-turn.

Nola145 Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Dear Coaches/Friends
I need to get caught up here. I tend to stay on track better when I post and read regularly. I just want to say Thanks again to all of you. You inspire me. It's so nice to have a place to be honest with people who share similar struggles.
I am staying pretty close to on track here. Close enough to keep on the downward trend anyway, however slowly. I am less than half a pound to reaching a total of 20 pounds lost since November and 15 since Jan. 12. That milestone represents a big one for me. With a history of dieting as long as mine, there are losses that seem legitimate and small ones that I discount.
Time to get ready for work. Have a good day everyone.
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Good morning! Welcome Nola145!! Looking forward to hearing what challenges you face and what tips you have

Kept myself on track on the weekend - alternately I find them easier to stay on track, or more difficult - at times I cannot decide which, it seems. But this one was okay, food and activity-wise. Next goal is within two pounds (only 5% of starting weight but at least a start) and would love to get there soon!

I think it's ironic that before my eye issues we had such gloomy days and now with the light-sensitive eye, we're on our fourth consecutive sunny day! I remember a few years ago we had close to 20 overcast days in a row and when we finally got the sun to shine, the weatherman said, "Don't be alarmed folks, that ball of fire in the sky is just the SUN!" My sister, who lives in Colorado Springs, lords it over me that she has the sun for 350 days a year, or some such nonsense ha ha.

OneByOne - GREAT job for getting back on track and a nice reward to see the number on the scale. Pat yourself on the back for taking the reins again.

BillBlueEyes - Sounds like a wonderful way to wrap up your weekend with a relaxing dinner out. Be careful (and it sounds as if you are) with the slick sidewalks - you're right on the muscle work to maintain steadiness with the slipperiness!

BigChiefDavid - Good to see you posting again - if none of us ever strayed, this website and forum would not exist! Enjoy your new pooch, sounds like he's found a good home.

BootedKitty - I enjoy reading your posts as you are always focusing on strengthening a Beck skill. Many credits to you!

BethFromDayton - Sounds like you did great with balancing the planned/unplanned. That is a good focus/ability. Is it long before your meds will be evaluated with your healthier lifestyle? When I see you're walking the building laps, the only building I know in Dayton is the Air Force Museum, where we spent two days on a rainy camping weekend a few years ago ... so I picture you walking and looking at all the planes and I'm sure I couldn't be farther from the actual scenario.

Lexxiss - Grilling sounds like a good idea - it's over freezing today... maybe DH will grill something for dinner. Will make me think spring is creeping closer.

IBelieveInMe - Sounds like you did phenomenol at the Italian restaurant, albondiga be danged (I THINK that's the Italian word for meatball - Booted kitty correct me!)

Maryann - Here's to a much calmer week for you... can you take time in the evenings to find one thing that will settle your mind/soothe you?

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Default Looking for a coach buddy!

Hi All
I have just started the becks diet book and have come to the diet Buddy section
I'd really appreciate a coach and would be more than happy to coach back.
I have 12lbs to loose for my wedding in August and really need some support!
I have chosen the dunken diet as my first choice .
Anyone out there to help?
Thanks in advance
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Green Tomatoes
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Afternoon snacks yesterday went badly due to changed plans. I don't always handle that situation well either logistically or emotionally. Oh well. Things go according to plan most of the time and it's more important that I handle "most of the time" well even if I mess up the odd exception to the rule.

Exercise: +40 1190/1300 minutes for February

maryann: "I don't want to do this anymore" sounds familiar to me. One thing that often helps is to let myself contemplate quitting for awhile. Write a pros and cons list or do some other decision-making exercise. Almost always, I will decided to proceed, after all, but I'll feel better for having allowed myself to make the choice. I feel more empowered and I usually have a more clear grasp on what is making it hard and how I can help myself a bit more.

Welcome, nola145!

Welcome, lexy! This thread is one big mutual coaching system. Jump right in!
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Hello coaches!

I'm not sure I'll ever get the hang of updating on weekends. At the very least I've been keeping up with my Beck steps, even though I haven't been posting.

I'm reading my ARC at least once a day, and I'm good at reading it three times a day at work, but the lack of structure on weekends is a struggle for me. When do you read your ARC when your days vary instead of sticking to a strict routine?

For Day 2, my first diet is going to be 1500 calories a day and if that's not structured enough then I'm going to join Weight Watchers.

For Day 3, I was mostly successful at eating sitting down over the weekend. Today I wrote "sit down!" on my hand as a reminder so hopefully if I see it traveling towards my mouth while I'm standing it'll jolt me into remembering. t seems like SUCH A SIMPLE THING. I think oddly enough sometimes I'm even obstinate with myself - I KNOW what I'm supposed to be doing but I'm still being myself. It's really frustrating. I understand the overeating or impulse eating more than I understand my unwillingness to do things like read my ARC or drink water. I guess it's all just naughty sabotaging thoughts.

Thanks everyone for sharing your journeys!
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Hello Coaches!
Here I am on Day 7. Thanks to all who made me feel so welcome. I can tell I am going to be part of a great support system. Today I took a look at my kitchen and didn't find much I need to change. I live with five other adults (hubby, grown sons, and friends of sons - don't ask). None of us are into junk foods. Chips are kept behind cupboard doors. My downfall has always been bread. We keep it in an open basket on the counter. Now I have added my freshly-made OP flax bread, so I won't be tempted by the naughty flour stuff. At work, it's a little trickier. Although I am self- employed, we do keep a hospitality table for the customers who are waiting for service, including cookies. I am planning to move them so they are not visible as I sit at my desk. Also, I always have wrapped candies out. I'll make sure those move to another counter so they are not close to me. It is too easy to "forget".
Beth, you asked about an app. Nope, I still have a "dumb phone", though I am hoping to upgrade soon. I work with computers, so it is easy enough to go online to look stuff up. Do you have an app you like?
Julie, I am also in the Pacific NW. It's hailing outside as I am writing this. LOL.
Alex, Welcome! We're practically twins. What is the Dunken Diet?
I'll check in tomorrow, sooner if I need to. Have a great Beck Day, everyone.

- Nola
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Hi Everyone,

Back at work today and having major technical issues keeping emails and printers working so decided to take a moment to post. Also have my car in for service, the check engine light came on, and although it was probably related to a gas cap issue they found 4 other major things that needed to be done at 60,000 km so that's now a $700 bill when I pick it up. DH got a really nice bonus at work last week, guess where some of it is going.

Weight was good yesterday, back in the 160's! Guess the hint of it last week was enough to convince me it would happen. And my mantra of repeating stay on plan, stay on plan must be working too. Didn't get to the gym with being sick but got out with the dogs for a couple of long walks. Good all around for all of us. They have even been sleeping through the night on those days, an AHA moment for me right there!

Welcome to Nola 145 and Lexy. Welcome back to BigChiefDavid and others!

Will try and get back for more personals later!

Just realized when I updated my numbers that I've now lost 25 lbs. Time for another sunburst!

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I can do it!!!
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Smile Personals!

Nola145: Welcome to the group! CREDIT for your plan to restructure your work environment. I have a special needs daughter who is 13. She has Spina Bifida. I can so relate to being overweight since the birth of a special needs child. We had also lost one of our twin boys 3 years prior to her birth, so I about went off the deep end with her diagnosis! She does really well with AFO braces and a walker and is cognitively fine, but we have been through quite a lot with her health care. What is your son's special need, if you don't mind me asking? Only share what you want to. So happy you found us and posted! I wish you the best of success on your weight loss journey! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

BigchiefDavid: Glad to hear that you are getting back on track. CREDIT for posting again!

bethFromDayton: Please don't worry too much about your food and exercise not being so good this past weekend. You have done SO well overall, so don't let a little setback derail you! CREDIT for planning treats for your upcoming big baking weekend.

onebyone: I love your 3 dancing carrots for yourself!!! CREDIT for celebrating yourself and getting back on track and for all of your accomplishments/credits!

Julia150: CREDIT for your downward trend! I think that is GREAT that you are down almost 20 pounds since 11/15 and 15 pounds down since 1/12! That IS a huge milestone!!! I am tired of winter, too. I am just thankful for any sunny days we get here in Ohio, like today! I am sending you some sunshine to brighten your day! The sun makes everything feel better!

nationalparker: CREDIT for being almost to your goal of 5% of your starting weight! Don't underestimate the importance of each little milestone! Every baby step is significant and they all add up to success!!! CREDIT, too, for keeping yourself on track over the weekend!

lexy: Welcome to the Beck book and the group!!! Best of luck to you on losing weight for your wedding in August! 12 pounds sounds very doable by then if you put your mind to it. One thing I would caution you to do, though, is to focus on making this a permanent lifestyle change rather than "just for an occassion" ~ or you risk gaining the weight back after the wedding. Is your diet the Dukan diet? If so, I tried that very briefly but found it to be too difficult to maintain. I didn't give it much of a fair try, though, I have to admit. Any diet can work for you if you stick to it! Exercise helps immensely, too! Do you have a plan for exercise?

gardenerjoy: A change of plans is a difficult situation for me, too, in many ways. CREDIT for recognizing that you are OP most of the time! That is what really matters!

veganasaurusrex: CREDIT for keeping up with your Beck steps. I think a lack of structure on weekends is a struggle for many of us. Good luck deciding whether or not to join WW. CREDIT for having a back-up plan! Sitting while eating IS so basic and sounds so easy, but IS difficult for me, too. You cracked me up about writing "sit down!" on your hand! I can also relate to being defiant and obstinate with yourself. It IS so frustrating! CREDIT for recognizing that these are sabotaging thoughts. Catching ourselves in the act is the first step to making a change!

Tazzy: Ouch on the unexpected car issues and expense! Being down 25 pounds ~ 5 s ~ and into the 160's is AWESOME!!! Much CREDIT to you for your hard work! I can't wait for those days!!! I like your "stay on plan" mantra. Thanks for sharing your "AHA moment" about the dogs sleeping through the night on your long walk days. More inspiration for me to get out and WALK with my pups!

BillBlueEyes: CREDIT for going to dinner with new friends and doing "good enough" with your food in that situation! I remember you saying that meeting new people is difficult for you, so many KUDOS to you for being willing to let new people in a little closer!

to Lexxiss and Bootedkitty and everyone else!!!

I have had a migraine headache all day long and the only thing that seems to help ~ temporarily ~ is eating. CREDIT to myself for not overeating under these circumstances!
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I can do this
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Hi all,

Food would have been OP today--except Kroger was out of our Monday night rotisserie chicken. I made a healthy adjustment at the grocery store (what better place to do that?) and we did fine this evening. I pulled some frozen cooked chicken from the freezer for tomorrow's planned lunch of salad with chicken (that's where a serving of the leftover rotisserie chicken was supposed to go!) Credit for figuring out an appropriate substitution.

Grocery store did have Sumo oranges. I'd never heard of them before Lexxiss mentioned them. I looked at the them, and thought "what are those strange looking fruits?" and then saw the sign. They were $1 each, so I bought 3 since they came so highly recommended. One is planned for lunch for tomorrow.

Walked 3 times at work today. Credit to me. Tomorrow's meals are planned and entered into MFP. I love how that works as 'writing it down' for me! I have to add in an extra workout somewhere tomorrow or I'll be over calorie-wise, but I can do that--it's all planned for!

Still reading my ARC every morning when I put on my rings, but not reading my other cards enough. I need to work on updating those so that I'm reading what I need most--not eating while baking, planning ahead for busy days, planning and controlling my eating at parties, planning and following a plan on weekends.

I understand the defiant and obstinate path....for me, it was the planning that I rebelled against doing even while accepting it was a good idea. I am now a total convert. My days are so much easier when I enter everything the night before. I have no questions about breakfast in the morning, so I'm not making food decisions while tired and rushed to go to work. I have lunch planned and packed the night before--again, no questions or difficulties when rushed. Snack comes along with me--I know what I'm going to eat at 3:15 or so when I need it. Dinner is planned out so when I get home I just have to zombie-robot-like make it--no decisions. (Deciding is harder than cooking).

As a bonus, planning and preparing is saving us money since I'm not eating out for lunch anymore and we're going out to dinner less frequently. My grocery shopping is more "directed"--I buy what we need rather than some random "I think we'll use this" quantity of stuff, again saving money. Second bonus: DH is eating better and has lost 10 lbs.

Hope everyone's week is starting out well.

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