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Default Meal prep

I'm a teacher and I've decided to drive Atkins diet. I weigh almost 300 pounds if not more. Does anyone have any suggestions on meal prep?
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For breakfast my best suggestion is to make ahead egg cups. There are tons of recipes out there, but it's pretty simple. Take a dozen eggs; scramble them, add bacon, cheese, vegetables in desired amounts. Put in 10 or 12 muffin cups bake until firm. They can be refrigerated/frozen until you need them. Just warm up in the microwave.

Do you plan on packing a lunch every day? I would keep it simple. Boil eggs, make tuna salad or keep lunch meat/cheese. So you can easily pack a salad or meat rolled up in romaine leaves. Dinner leftovers always make a good lunch. I don't prep anything for dinner. I need to cook a meal for my family when I get home from work. But I do try to keep it simple with a roasted or grilled meat, steamed vegetables and a package of something starchy for husband/kids.

I don't prep breakfast or lunch for me though. The only thing I eat all day is a cup of coffee with cream and splenda on my way to work. Then I have a snack when I get home and dinner later. That may not work for you as a teacher, I work in an office.
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If you are still looking for suggestions: I tend to make my work lunches for the week on Sunday. Example are salads (I like vegetables. I like salads.). Prep all the veggies and put them in separate tupperware/Pyrex. Each evening after work I toss what I want together. Diced chicken, bacon bits, green/red peppers, mushrooms, cucumber. Soups: I like homemade egg drop. Easy to make a big batch on Saturday or Sunday to have for the week. During the week as I make dinner I will make an extra portion or use leftovers to take to work the next day. Snacks: Use snack baggies or small containers and make enough for the entire week.

Sounds like a lot of time, but honestly it doesn't take that long and saves me a ton of time. I get up at 3:30 every morning and leave the house at 4 A.M. Not a time conducive to making food decisions. All this can easily be tailored to anyone's food preferences. It just takes a little commitment.

I prep:
Mid-morning snack
Driving home snack

Good luck to you.
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For meal prep, i use pinterest for inspiration to find some easy recipes. Then , on the weekend, i buy all the groceries and sundays are prep days. I write it all out on a excel spread sheet of what to eat, portion it out with scales and measuring cups and im good to go. I also plan out some healthy snacks to eat since I am known to get hungry.

breakfast is usually egg whites and spinach , or boiled eggs and bacon or tuna.

Lunch and dinner is a toss up between a protein (tuna, chicken, steak, beef) and 2-3 cups of veggies .

Good luck!!!
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