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Question Various questions about carbs, ketosis, transitioning from another diet etc

Hello! This is my first post in this forum

I started the celebrity slim diet three days ago and I have a bunch of products (shakes and soups) that I want to finish before I switch to Atkis 100% but I have a couple of questions in the meanwhile!

-How do I use the shakes and the atkins bars and cookies in phase 1 induction? are they meal substitutes? In CS we do one "real" meal (veggs and protein like in atkins) usually at lunch time but it can be dinner time too, then substitute two meals with products and do 2 - 3 snacks a day (which can be for example, an apple, 30 grams of cheese or one of their snack bars). Is it the same in atkins? I don't seem to find the info in the packaging!

-With CS I am eating an average of 1200 calories a day 80 grames of carbohidrates as measured by myfitnesspal (I know those are not net carbs). I am going to get into ketosis?? I read different opinions. In the CS official forums they say that as long as you stay under 100 total carbs a day you are into ketosis, but in atkins you need 20?? can someone shed some light on this please? You can get technical, I am a nurse, I will understand the geeky biological stuff

-When I change to 100% atkins, do I need to count calories or only net carbs? any recommended application for the phone or mac to count net carbs?

Thank you!!!

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All your questions and sample meal plans are on the free website. If you do the plan properly, you are only on 20 net carbs for the first 2 weeks and then you start adding carbs back until you reach the point where you no longer lose. You can do Atkins without using their products. Personally, I don't do bars except for an occasional snack. Atkins has bars for meal replacement, snacks and treats. I make my own protein shake every weekday morning. I do like the Atkins frozen meals. They are large and tasty. In addition to the original Atkins where you start with 20 net carbs, there is the 40 net carb plan you can choose. You won't lose as much weight at first, but there is room for more variety. Women are recommended to have 1500 - 1800 calories a day. If you have more questions, I'll try to answer them. If you go to the site, you can also sign up for the free starter kit.
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Very Informative post. Thanks for the upload much appreciated.
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Question atkins net carbs

I am on the first week of induction, day 6 I have noticed I have never met the 20 carbs I average 15 is this ok? How can it benefit or hurt me
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atkins, carbs, celebrity slim, ketosis

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