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Default Food Suggestions

Hi guys,

I welcome any advice from anyone who might have some suggestions. I started Atkins induction last week. I'm hoping to do an extended induction as I do not get bored with restricted foods. Last week I had a great loss of 7.2lbs. This was not water weight as I had been calorie counting three months prior to this and had lost my water weight months ago. Anyways, I would like to post the list of things I eat because while I am only two days into week two, my scale is showing a gain so far, and I'm not sure where it is coming from. My supplies for induction are limited due to where I live here in China. Below are foods that I've been eating on induction:

Eggs (fried, scrambled, boiled)
Cheese (Keeping to the 4oz per day but sometimes less if I feel constipated TMI)
Tuna fish
Chicken breasts
Beef - hamburger meat
Pork slices (Closest thing to Bacon here that doesn't have a weird taste)
Pork belly slices (I live in Chongqing)
Pepperoni (no sugar and nitrate free according to the label in Chinese)
**Note: My veggie intake is independent as I can't do salads here. The veggies are never consistently safe all at the same time to eat nor do they look something I want to bring home and eat. I do get my 12-15 carbs per day from the veggies.
Mayonaisse (No sugar in it)
Olive oil

Oh, and I'm only drinking water.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can change or add to help keep my losses moving? As you can see by my ticker I have a lot to lose, and I don't expect to lose every day. I don't even count my scale everyday. I just use it as a part of my morning routine to make sure I was on track the previous day. I don't let it affect my emotions or control over the lifestyle change. So what gives??
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I re-read my Atkins book and kicked the pepperoni to the curb.

With over 180 people reading my one has any suggestions??
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Enjoying the journey
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Hi Shan - My 2 year anniversary is in January ( 2nd time around with Atkins) and my only advice for you is to keep going - ignore the blips on the scale, take measurements and notice how your clothes fit. I try to stick to whole foods and lost my way a bit around November 1st. I over-ate, made bad choices and had to wait for a new blood pressure med. - that being said I gained....and reached 187... Today I am back down to 180 and feel confident about getting comfortably back into the 170s before heading back to the 160s where I would like to belong forever!! (I always struggle with portion control.)

Personally I don't think you have to throw pepperoni to the curb...if a lower carb choice helps keep you away from trigger foods that is still working in your favor!! It's a journey and not have to find a way to stick to this for life because it's not really about the loss as much as the my opinion....

Realistic loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week depending on age and amount to lose...

Best wishes for an on-plan day!!

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Originally Posted by shan84 View Post
With over 180 people reading my one has any suggestions??
If they're like me, they may have food suggestions, but when they read your post, they have no experience with food availability in China.

Your list looks good!
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