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Default Stall! :(

Hey Everyone! I've been on Atkins since 1/4, and I've been doing pretty good with weight loss....until about a week ago.

I know I've read some on here that stalls happen, especially after the first 2 this true? How long do the stalls usually last? I lost 10.5 lbs during my first 2 weeks and now I'm just stuck. I'm trying not to let it get me down

I've done Atkins before several years ago and I don't remember this issue, so that's why I'm concerned.

Has anyone else had experience with this?

Thanks guys!
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Hi keciabear and welcome.

Are you still doing induction or have you added any foods? Some people choose to stay in induction phase the entire time and some do the rungs (OWL). I have stayed in induction the entire time with only the addition of nuts (mainly almonds).

If you have remained in induction since 1/4, can you post your daily menu for the past day or two? When it comes to trouble-shooting one's menu on Atkins, there are usually either things being included that are not allowed or even more likely, things being included that though they are allowed, are known to stall certain individuals.

I encountered the same thing and it turned out that artificial sweetener is now a problem for me and I had to scale it back drastically..

Things that can cause stalls for certain individuals are (but not limited to):

Artificial sweeteners, especially Equal, mushrooms, too much dairy, especially cream cheese, cheese, etc., over-use of the Atkins bars/shakes, etc., not enough fat in the diet, products with hidden sugars, too many calories, not enough calories and items one thought were allowed but are not.

It's also very important to know that it's an all-or-none diet. Just the addition of a tiny bit of sugar can blow the entire day. It's not like calorie-counting where one little piece of candy can be factored in. Being a metabolic diet, the items used count 100%.

Also, are you using the ketostix? Not everyone will turn the sticks color but if you are one who does, it's a good way to track if what you are eating is working for you or not. If you eat something with a hidden sugar, you can tell by the ketostix shortly after that (if you are one who spills ketones).

Another possibility here is that if I calculate, you've been on Atkins for 24 days now...a little over 3 weeks. You lost over 10 lbs. during the first two weeks, you said. Not losing any additional weight for about 11 days is not what one would call a major stall. The weight loss can slow down after the first few weeks, esp. if you're moving into the OWL phase.
Actually, it doesn't really slow down because if you track it later, you'll usually see the consistent loss....but it can go in spurts. You'll go days with nothing and suddenly drop 3 lbs.

Another possibility is that during your TOM, you can retain fluid but will drop it later. Speaking of that, a high salt/sodium intake can also make you retain fluid.
Are your clothes getting looser? With Atkins, your clothes are often a better indicator of loss than the scale is (losing inches). You are burning fat, therefore losing inches, even though sometimes the body can exhibit some compensatory fluid retention.

Finally, though....YOU are the one who will become intuitive regarding whether or not you feel like you're stalling. Even though not a great deal of time has passed without any loss on the scale, you will begin to intuit that something is wrong. If your gut feeling is that you are truly stalling, the best thing to do is to post your daily menu and allow us to trouble-shoot for you.

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I've been browsing the lowcarb friends board (another site) and have been reading the stories of those who have done Atkins long-term and experienced very significant weight loss. They describe stalls of three weeks, eight weeks, even one stall of eleven weeks. But they stuck to the diet and eventually their body lost weight in a series of wooshes. This is how the body loses weight. Please don't be discouraged so soon! Don't give up!
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its a great site huh lori? lots of encouragement there!
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