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Default Stall!! (what do you guys do when you're BUSY?)

So I'm in a major stall right now! I haven't gained, but I'm losing less than a pound a week with no loss of inches, and it's all my own fault. A sip of whiskey here, a few almonds there, a low-carb wheat cracker there, and I know I'm entirely to blame for my halted progress.

I figured out the reasons I mini-cheated; being super busy almost 24/7 designing my first show means I didn't always have time to get a burger or hit the dining hall--rather, I starved all through the busy day and ate tiny amounts of other people's snack foods to survive. It's an unfortunate truth that Atkins food is not easy or quick to pack and last--especially not when my schedule looks like this: class 9-12, class 12-3, crew 3-10pm, homework 10-2am!

But my show is done, Spring Break has started today, and I can start over. My workload for the rest of the semester is (relatively) light, so I can start Induction, hit the gym every day, and get back into a proper swing of things. I definitely missed being able to go to the gym during my work crunch, and that probably played a part in my stall.

I've learned that I need to be more pro-active about packing lunch for the next day, even if I'm exhausted and it's 2, 3, 4 in the morning. I think that's the only way to survive a high-octane period of work with my diet intact.

I'm curious, though--how do you get through periods of insane work hours and constant busyness and maintain a diet, especially Atkins? I'm talking 16-hour days with not a lot of break time.
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Ugh! Sorry about the stall. that sucks!

My insane days are, I'm sure, not nearly as bad as yours, but I do have 'em (I have 5 kids under 8, I farm, and I'm self employed and work from home)!

I just try to be scrupulous about packing myself some food if I'm going to be out all day. I don't worry about how 'balanced' it is so much as whether or not it's part of my WOE (I'm Paleo).

So I pack boiled eggs, cooked bacon strips, raw veg, even pork rinds in extreme emergency. I pack stuff that i can eat with one hand while doing something else! Oh, and water! Loads of refillable things of water!

HTH and good luck! Summer will be here soon.
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boiled eggs, cooked bacon strips, raw veg, even pork rinds in extreme emergency. Oh, and water! Loads of refillable things of water!


Hi there first you are not in a stall.still losing . and the advice above is wonderful
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