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Day two of induction
Hello to everyone on the Atkins boards

I have a question that really concerns me about this diet (I'm sure you have all hear it before) anyway, Yesterday I ate all day long - Bacon, ham, chicken, cheese, eggs, and my veggies and water, so my question is: is there an upper calorie limit that I should be aware of? It only makes sense that if you over eat that there is going to be a point that you will overcome the weight loss, even in Ketosis.

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Since you just started Atkins Induction, my first question is, have you read Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution? Reading the book before attempting to begin the plan is truly essential. Most people, unfortunately, have the common misconception that on can simply eat as much as you want. This is not true. A basic rule of thumb on Atkins Induction is, 20 net carbs per day from only the foods on the acceptable foods list, 12-15 of those carbs should be coming from veggies & salad. You might want to have a look at the following links:
Hopefully those will be helpful to you. Most people don't count calories during Induction, usually only carbs, staying at 20 per day. Concentrate mainly on veggies & salad

All the best to you!!

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I have never limited calories. After the first week or two of induction your appetite will decrease. Some days I'm just not hungry, and whenever I am hungry I eat something on plan. I tracked everything on fitday for the first few months and found my calories fell between and 1600-2000 in the first two weeks and then went down to 1200-1600 after the cravings diminished and my appetite decreased naturally. You should eat till you are satisfied, but try not to over eat.
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I read the book a couple of years ago, and this time just skimmed thru the induction chapter. My carbs were on the acceptable list. The only thing that might be questionable was of course my coffee and I thought I would try working on that after the first 3 days were up. The thing is even if the scales showed a loss (water being dumped) it still doesn't make any sense that you can eat 3000 cal and loss weight. Today has been a little more under control, and I am counting on ketosis to curb some of the eating, along with a temp job that I am starting soon. Still, I would like to have an upper calorie intake to go by. It seems to me that I read somewhere at one time that 1750 cal on atkins was roughly equivelant to 1200 on other diets due to the ketosis.

Thank you for your response because I feel that is where I will finally fall into, calorie range that is. I am the type that likes to plan out a plan of action and unlimited eating worries me.

Thanks for the welcome

PS I'll have to get my ticker going so I can get up to speed with the group

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