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You know you are on a diet when eating a lean turkey burger patty and prunes is an okay dinner for you.

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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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Totally! While standing in line at the checkout I distract myself from the chocolate/candy displays by looking at other people's carts and imaging what their lifestyles are
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Urianna - the Unknown
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Default you know you're on a diet when.... are proud on those trips to the shop when your cart is full of healthy foods... and embarrassed when you are at the shop with your hubby and kids because the cart is full of 'junk' .... It's like .... 'yeah I am the one with a weight problem....but NONE of this food is mine ...'
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hannah - so true! I hide my DH's cookie purchase under the produce in the cart.
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I look at other people's carts too! Yesterday, I couldn't figure out how one woman was thin or healthy. Yuck!

Once in a while, I just use the handbasket now too. Produce aisle, meat aisle and dairy. DONE!
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You know you're on a diet when you boredom-eat your way through 3 apples!
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Cat food stops smelling awful and actually looks like it might be kinda tasty...
Yes. Its awful... But I thought it!
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You have company over and realize too late that you have nothing in the house that anyone not on a diet would want to eat...
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Originally Posted by kayleystar
when you find yourself attempting to come up with a new recipe for HOURS, because you need something NEW TO EAT
Buaha!! I totally do this all the time...I've spent hours tryin' to get creative with a can of friggin' tuna.

You know you're on a diet when even your dog doesn't want what your munching on....

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You know you're on a diet when you consider Crystal light to be dessert!
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when you crave a banana for dessert!
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When you get broccoli cravings
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