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Default 10 Things you would like to do in this lifetime

Okay so I pinched this thread idea from the 100lb club but it was such a good one. I was actually talking to someone at work about how when I was in high school I made a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 40.

Name 10 things you would like to do or accomplish in your lifetime

And I actually did some of them - got to get to work on those last few!

1) Visit London, England -done

2) Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras -done

3) Visit New York City-done

4) Learn to belly dance - started 3 years ago and still doing it!

6) Learn to play an instrument - bought a Tablah drum about a month ago and I am praticing along with cd's to get the rhythms down - I plan on taking a class in the fall

Things left to do:

Buy my house
Learn to drive
get a dog
visit Las Vegas and renew my wedding vows in a tacky ceremony!
visit Italy - not sure which part yet, maybe Tuscany.
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Hmmm, 10 things?

Visit Ireland.

Swim near a waterfall.

Have a house built from ground up.

Kiss Charles Barkley

Achieve my fitness goals

Get both of my children through the college of their choice. UTKnoxville, Stanford

Finish my degree

Teach school

Go on a cruise: bubbles:

Marry someone who is tall, nice, dark, nice, in good health, nice, has their own kids, nice, gainfully employed, nice and oh yeah, NICE.
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Cool thread, Mauvais!
I'll teach you to drive.

Okay... 10 things...

Completely clean out my arteries.

Lose 75 pounds.

Become solvent. Enough so that I can afford to hire someone to clean my house.

See the great wonders of the world. (well, the ones that I haven't already seen)

Finish writing my book.

Learn how to swim.

Live to see my children happy and secure and healthy.

I'll have to think on the rest...
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1.Somehow get my menopausal *** back in creative mode and finish the 3 quilts I have going right now, and do all the other ones that used to crowd my mind when I had one.

2. Organize my house.

3. Get yoga in EVERY day.

4. Switch to decaf.

5. Go back to college and become a teacher. And teach 1st grade.

6. Learn to play piano well.

7. Learn to speak French better. Then learn Spanish, then German.

8. Read and study just about every Complete Idiot's Guide Book out there. On every subject imaginable.

9. Learn calculus.

10. Find a way to get my In-Laws (all of them) to a Parallel Universe or something---as far away from me as possible. Or at least to find a way to not have them be a part of MY life, just my kids and hubby's.
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1: Have friends and family that love me unconditionally. (Done!)

2: Find love & marriage with a great man. (Done! I still want to have a REAL wedding though..)

3: Have a child. (Done!)

4: Weed out the dysfunctional/toxic people in my life. (Almost Done!)

5: Visit Crater Lake. (Done!)

6: Own a home. (Done!)

7: Go back to college/have a satisfying career.

8: Visit places I've always wanted to see..(Australia, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, NYC, Historical Places back east, a Cardinals home game at Busch Stadium, my adopted bro in NJ, etc..)

9: Swim with the Dolphins.

10: Be financially set for my family and I for the rest of our lives.
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you can call me flower
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Mauv-I have done 4 of the last things on your list.

Okay, mine are... air ballon ride
...visit Australia
...go to a nude beach
...have a daughter by the ocean
...have a sucessful crafts business
...??? be content in where I am in my life
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Originally Posted by flower
Mauv-I have done 4 of the last things on your list.

...go to a nude beach..
Hey me too!! I hate clothes... I'd be content on my own lil' piece of sand..soaking in the rays with a nice beverage in my hand and nothing else on but sunglasses and a hat.
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I can do this!
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Oh man, you know if you write them down, they become real, dontcha? Ellis, I can teach you how to swim.

1. Go to Europe, take a cruise, visit places that my ancestors are from: Russia, Poland, Iceland.

2. Lose this weight and keep it off for life.

3. Have healthy, happy children who are fit and skinny.

4. Live near family but in a place that makes us happy and financially sound.

5. Live near the ocean again.

6. Skinny dip again.

7. Knit something following a pattern.

8. Write a book.

9. Teach first grade or kindergarten in a great school with a supportive administration and kind parents who don't verbally beat me up!

10. Volunteer, teach, or somehow become involved in helping others become literate.

Great idea, Mauvais!
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Great thread, I need to see my goals in print. These are NOT in order.

1. See my son choose a lifetime partner and be emotionally secure and independent.

2. Get over my fear of flying and visit Europe again.

3. Pay off my house - ok, be totally debt free.

4. Visit Rob's family in Holland, see where he grew up.

5. Become self employed.

6. Overcome anxiety once and for all.

7. Reach my goal weight again, and keep it there this time!

8. Lengthen my life!

9. Become spiritually sound, find my religion again.

10. Be the best I can be to my family and friends.
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Like Jen said NOT IN ORDER!

1. Own a house
2. Spend a year of my life in service (and I don't mean my DH or my job! ) I am thinking the Peace Corp or something like that, I am sure a chemist/engineer person would be good for something
3. Write a book
4. Go to a yoga retreat
5. Become a sponsor (at least go through the 12 steps of recovery 1 time!)
6. Go back to Europe, and visit Japan
7. Do a motivational presentation
8. Live debt free (working on this one, harder than it sounds :P )
9. Live free of food/diet obsession (see #8 comment )
10. Accept my days as they come, one moment at a time

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In no particular order:

1. Travel to South Africa, New Zealand and Australia
2. Go to New York and Las Vegas
3. Finish my degree
4. Loose the weight and keep it off for the rest of my life
5. Go to Rome and Madrid
6. Become strong, fast and flexible
7. Work abroad
8. Have a month off somewhere warm and read the collected work of Jane Austen in a hammock
9. Find the love of my life
10. Do a triathlon

Hm. Travelling looks like a big issue. I have to start earning money again first though...
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