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it's the getting up
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Default Which holiday is the toughest?

I was just wondering which holiday ya'll thought was or will be the most difficult to maintain through?

I think that Christmas will be pretty tough this year, just because my poor mom has no one other than my dad to cook for so she goes bonkers when my brother and I come home. Cookies, cinnamon rolls, fudge, lasagna, mashed potatoes you name it. The woman could work 12 hours and still come home and prepare a meal when we are home. This year though I think I'll try to take care of dinners at least, as for the rest of it I'm gonna have to get really tough.
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I'm with you, Jamie. Christmas is DEFINITELY the most difficult time for me. Lot's of little parties and family gatherings, etc. It's a killer.
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I'm going to be nondenominational here.


Between Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Christmas and New Year's, there isn't a day without a reason to eat.

I hate the Christmas season anyway (I have real problems with this obligation/guilt people feel associated with gift-giving and the BUYBUYBUY mentality). But I'm making a real effort not to be a grinch this year (I was REALLY bad last year). Since the Cute Boyfriend and I are both secular people, we don't celebrate a religious holiday. But he loves Christmas. So, I agreed to host the women's circle for Solstice and have made some compromises. It's just a difficult holiday.
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Oh good Lord, I'm still trying to get thru Halloween with all the candy. I hadn't even thought of Christmas yet
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All of them.

Somehow it always turns to food. When did whatever Holiday it is become another reason to eat to bloatedness?
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If I go out of town that makes for a difficult holiday, but if I am in town, I cook and everyone eats whatever I cook. So I think that this year thanksgiving is going to be hard. My birthday is the 25th, two days before thanksgiving, and the weekend before I am flying to atlanta for by bfriends 50th bday. Then I am out of town to Vegas for the holidays with a friends family.

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For dieting or for relatives and in-laws??

I have all the holiday meals at my house, so for me, it is the trauma (no exaggeration) of getting these shindigs together, as well as the food right in my face all the time.

I'd say though, that It is bad starting with Halloween, right through new Years. I have been trying to get other people to bring the 'bad' foods--sweets and fatty stuff--so that I don't have it right under my nose for days before/after the holiday. That helps.
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Originally posted by chervata
For dieting or for relatives and in-laws??
Good one, Cheryl.
Relatives... oh, lordy...
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Halloween is my favorite holiday EVER! and I was very good this year and did not eat any candy except for 1 pumpkin shaped Lindt chocolate and a roll of rockets

Thanksgiving is okay foodwise since I usually do the cooking -this year I baked a ham, made a WW version of scalloped potatoes and 2 veg dishes. My mum made trifle- delish but definetly not OP! Also thanksgiving is only 2 days max for us.

Christmas is the hardest because of the round of Christmas parties we end up going to and all the extra food around and the fact that the food frenzy starts around the 1st week in December and ends on New Years Day. What with people bringing candy, chocolates and baked goodies into the office and the spreads and booze at parties it makes it very difficult to stay OP.

I vow that it is going to be different this year! I am scaling dinner down to a manageable size, making OP foods for my Christmas party and to bring to other friends parties and am going to skip the goodies at work.

My friend brought in her leftover Halloween candy to the office today and I managed to ignore it completely!
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Christmas is usually the worst for me. Dinner at work, dinner at the bosses, dinner at my house, dinner with my family, finger food night, company party, food for gifts, 'Christmas treat day' at work, etc!

This year, though, Rob's sister and husband will be here from Holland for Christmas. She cannot eat sugar anymore (not sure why, the ailment didn't translate well) so I won't feel obligated to make them every yummy American dessert I've ever tried. Hopefully I'll have some good low glycemic recipes to make. It's a compulsion, if you come to my house I want to feed you. A lot.
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I think it's engrained in us. Like, most holidays from the very beginning were to celebrate the harvests and so there was a feast.
Not that that is ANY EXCUSE! BUT.,... if you need one... there you go!

For me the hardest will be Thanksgiving. We've had a rough last few months and so this will be the first family get together and we need it to be special. so of course we need to cook and eat like there's no tomorrow.

And besides... my mom makes the best gravy in all the world. mmmm... gravy...
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