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Default PCOS an intersex condition?

Okay so there's some debate about whether or not PCOS is an intersex condition. Most people say no but some intersex support groups say yes. I know for me if all of sudden due to my PCOS I was classified as intersex and being both biologically male and female, I would technically be a trans woman because that's how I identify and I wouldn't change my identity due to a medical classification. Yes I do have facial hair and I had really bad acne growing up but thankfully it's a blond to light red color and not very noticable and I don't have like a full beard or something just some strays. So I guess I'm on the more milder spectrum of PCOS because I don't have a lot of noticably masculine features like some "ciswomen" who have PCOS do. I also understand due to the basic symptom of PCOS transmen can also suffer but it's typically attributed to women. I'm posting this here in the Alternachicks group due to the LGBT support here. Do you think it would be a bad thing to start classifying PCOS as an intersex condition? What I mean by that is since 1 out 10 ciswomen are diagnosed with it, that would most likely start create a larger transgender community since being diagnosed as intersex wouldn't automatically change these women's identities. Would that be too much like giving "cookies" to cisgender women for joining a marginalized group (the transwomen) who have totally different experiences?
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As far as I understand it, being intersex and transgender are not the same thing. So you would not be a trans woman either way (provided you were assigned female at birth and identify as such). I have no opinion on the politics of the whole situation, and I don't have PCOS so can't identify with that. I just wanted to point out that the way I understand it, you would still be either cis or intersex, but not trans. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, though.
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