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Talking My first post

Hello Everyone!
I just found out about this site and have spent the better part of the evening reading messages. I think I fit best in this group so here is where I choose to introduce myself. Hope that is okay
Sorry this is so long...

My name is Jennifer/Jen. 29 YO. I live in SE PA with my husband (teacher) on a 50+ acre horse farm. We don't own the farm I just take care of the horses (15+ Thoroughbreds). I have been working around horses my whole life.
I am owned by 2 cats (MeeMee and Zoe, aka Zaazoo) and 2 horses (Mr. Bill and Duncan). The farm owner gave me Duncan for Christmas while he was still inside the mare. He was born on Easter this year, I was the one who pulled him out. Duncan is a celtic name meaning dark warrior and he is a gorgeous dark bay colt. Needless to say he's a dream come true.

I have a side business selling my horse art on ebay. I've been selling for a little over three years and I LOVE IT.

Hmmm, lets see now...
My husband and I are big movie fans. Lately I've seen 28 days Later (great!), Pirates (okay, bit too long), T3 (better than expected), Charlies Angels 2 (not as good as expected) and The Hulk (okay). Of course I am chomping at the bit to see Seabiscuit. I cry everytime the preview comes on.
Lately on video I've seen Laurel Canyon (very good), May (creepy/okay), Punch Drunk Love (excellent).

Wish I had time to read more Right now I'm reading The Secret Life of Bees. Just finished Exquisite Corpse (not for the faint of heart) and Lovely Bones.

Music tends to be 80's & alternative. But I do have a lot of classical and can listen to anything from zydeco to new age (no country please). We just picked up tickets to see REM/Pete Yorn,
Liz Phair and Radiohead. Love them all. Would like to see Bowie before I die.

Now to the dieting or as I like to call it, lifestyle makeover.
I just got under the 200 mark and weighed 197.5 this morning. Total loss this year is 25 lbs. Last year I lost 10 lbs. Its coming off slowly but surely. When I met my husband 8 years ago I was 140. I gained most of the weight in our first 3 years mostly from eating out and not exercising. Last year I got serious about taking it off until our Vegas vacation. This year I got serious again b/c of my 10 year HS reunion. Just last month my husband decided to get healthy so we have been only buying healthy food and walking for 1-2 hours everyday. I can't begin to tell you how much this has helped me. Finally no more Ben and Jerry's in the freezer!
The biggest motivator is that we just booked a trip to Jamaica for my 30th next March. This is a great tip for those who want to lose weight. Nothing motivates more than dreaming of yourself on the beach in a sexy swimsuit with a cocktail!

Well, I could write forever but I'll give it a rest for now. Got to go watch Sex and the City. Can't wait to read more about everyone in this group!
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Welcome Zazoo!
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Hey Jen! Welcome!
(you mean you'd like to see Bowie before HE dies! )
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Welcome to the nuthouse.

I am with you on the Bowie thing!!

And I am sorry, even while on a diet or anything else, there will always be room for Ben & Jerry's. One of my favorite quotes - "The only 2 men a woman needs in her life - Ben & Jerry".

Can you tell I am doing poorly on the whole weight loss thing?
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Hi Jen! Welcome!

I lived for horses for the first 25 years of my life, until it became apparent that I couldn't afford both a horse and raising a child (who coincidentally is a Jen too). So unfortunately my beautiful TB had to go to a new home. Sounds like you have a terrific life. Can't wait till next weekend till Seabiscuit comes out. Just got home from the racetrack with an extra $100 in my pocket.
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Hi Jen!

I'd like to go see Bowie too - I almost went in 1983, to a Bowie concert, but my parents said NO and dragged me off to a vacation cabin where I moped for 2 weeks and tried not to sneak any clove cigarettes. I was a very very overprotected (and chicken!) 20 almost 21 at the time!

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Miss Chris
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Welcome! I peak in now and then, but love new faces around here!
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Hi there! I'm also new to this site as well. Welcome!
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Hey Maharet! Welcome!!
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