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Against all odds
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Talking Pin-up

Hello everyone!

I've decided I'm joining a Pinup Pageant in two weeks and I was just wondering if any of you ladies have competed, are into pinup, or had issues with them, etc.

I'm having a hard time picking out a name for myself, I'm stuck in between Brittany Buxom and Carolina Corvair so I'm just mosey-ing around online to see if I can also find clothes for me to compete in. There's a bathing suit portion and I'm the most worried about that :/

Does anyone have tips perhaps? I've never been in a pageant before so I'm thinking I should work my front butt off and wear Spanx under everything hahahaha.

anywho, hope to hear back from y'all soon! <3
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I'm always adored pin-up myself. Not the modern style pin-up but rather the post mod styles like the ones in the 40's, something about the legs.
As for the names? Brittany is marketable but, in my opinion, is bland. So, you gotta keep that in mind.

Being afraid of the bathing suits is what's going to kill you. Be confident, the trick about the 40's pin up is that they didn't show EVERYTHING.
Get a bathing suit that shows off your good parts yet hides the negatives. It's really just a matter of finding what is JUST right and then showing it off.
I'm sure you'll do great though, best of luck, dear. The whole pin up idea was a celebration of the female body and it's curves. So, you got to work it.

Oh, and try not to mix the styles. Do your research on which type of pin up you are trying to portray.
The more in dept you are with details the better your over all presentation will come off.
There is a large difference between the very small details that you would think would matter, but, in fact actually do. Google is our friend. ^_^

If you purchase full suits be sure each piece is actually from the same time as the others.
The makers of a lot of costumes aim for what looks good rather then accuracy and it can come off kind of funky at times. Particularly to those who actually know what they are looking at, and for.

And, if you are going to go for a corset, don't get a cloth one, they never EVER, look right. In pictures, maybe, but other then that not really.

Once I can post links I'll link you to a really good place to check out your styles.
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Against all odds
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Thanks alot for the help and well- wishes Zombie, I'm wracking my brain, Hopefully I'll get my act together this week. I think I'm going for a one- piece from Pinup girl clothing, but I might just make one. Spanx Will Be Used hahahaha
I think the hardest part is me breaking out of my shell because I'm used to being the Invisible shy fat girl in the corner and that's not exactly me anymore hahaha
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say what?
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How awesome! I love pin-up style. And I've anted a corset for ages now. But always waiting till the weight is gone so I can buy a really expensive soft leather one that I can keep the rest of my life. Hihi.

I agree with Zombie, it's all about showing off those beautiful womenly curves. Even the ones you might not be sure about yourself. Just ask any guy what they find attractive hihi. It's not always what we think.

What I saw on a bit bigger sized women that I loved is a corset that really pushes out and up the bust. Corsets are like miracle workers, they can give you a small waist out of nowhere. Hihi. Though breathing might be a bit harder from time to time.

Goodluck! I think it's great you are going out of your comfortzone and doing something to celebrate who you are. I should learn from that. Hihi.
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Which round am I at now?
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Remember to have fun! Indulge in outfits you love!
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Sounds like great fun. I've always been a fan of Irving Klaw and the work he did with Bettie Page.

Have you checked out Secrets in Lace online? Yummy stuff, perfect for retro pin-up.
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SE Asia, baby
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this is so cool! i hope you have a great time and that you rock the pageant! let us know how it goes!!!
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Just Call Me Lyric!
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LOVE pin up! Good luck and let us know how it goes!!!
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