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Come on Spring!
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Default Happy Birthday, Ellis!

Being sick is a **** of a way to spend it so you need to save the celebrations for a while!

I'm glad you were born! Get better fast!

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Cute & Fluffy
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Happy Birthday Ellis!!!

And I hope you feel better soon.

Love ya,
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Happy Birthday Ellis!!!!
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Miss Chris
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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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a work in progress...
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Default Holy smokes! It's ellis's birthday?

Happy Birthday, Ellis!

Feel better soon, okay?
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you can call me flower
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Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Ellis,
Happy Birthday to you!
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Oh, you sneak, Ruthie! I was just reading your PM to me and thinking, "Hey, Ruth knows it's my birthday... why the **** isn't she wishing me a happy day?" Ya spilled it, baby.

Thank you Flower, Kat, Mauvais, Chris, MrsM, Squeakie and Ruthie. You sugar girls, you.

Spent the night sitting bolt upright in the living room again. I decided at 2:am that the first thing I would do on my birthday is go to the doctor's. So DH drove me over this morning and I got a prescription.
As for the rest of my day... just lying around in pain... sucking on lozenges, taking Advil Sinus and penicillin. Took two baths. You know... exciting things.

My sweet sister is coming over with low fat ice cream. I'm not going to let her in the house in case she catches this.

You know what I want when I'm sick? You know those smutty mazazines in the grocery store? The National Enquirer and that sort of thing. That's all I want. But I'm too embarrassed to buy them. Someone I don't even know might see me and think I'm an idiot.

Thanks again, darlings...
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Happy (belated) birthday Ellis!

Wish I could buy you ALL those papers and magazines...I love them too when I am feeling like hiding on the couch (or in it). Hope you feel better very soon - and enjoy that low fat ice cream! Love, Lidian
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Hot Stuff
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Go ahead and buy the damn things!! DH buys them to "use in teaching" so you could say you are doing "research" if you are worried about it!! Or make your DH get them because you are too sick!!!

(Get better soon sweetie!!)
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Thank you Lidian, Wildfire, and Den!!

I wish you could buy them for me; too, Lidian. Den and I have had this conversation before. I'm just not gutsy like she is.
(hmmm, do I want my DH to be seen buying them? Someone might see him! )

A little bit of Canadian trivia for you. The Canadian flag was "born" on February 15th, 1965. I can just see it years from now... "Grandma Ellis, you're as old as the FLAG!?!?!? Wow!! That's REALLY old!!"
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If someone is looking at me buying the Star I look at them and say, I use the pictures for collages. Which I do, but first I look at the latest pictures of what people are wearing and why Tom Cruise is obsessed with suing everyone who calls him gay! LOL!

Miss Chris
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Soon to be Sex Symbol!
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Happy Be-lated Birthday Ellis!!!
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Canadian, eh?
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Hope your birthday was wonderful, Ellis
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