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Okay, unlike you motivated chickies I started this week. Unfortunately my weight was up ANOTHER 3 pounds, and unfortunately i have been sick. (Achs and dizzy as opposed to throwing up.)

220 lbs

(HEY!! I lost and kept off 5 pounds last year!! Unfortunately i gained back the rest of it.....time to turn it around.)
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Wow Lunula... that is great. It took me four months to lose the first ten pounds. You are doing great!
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Girls, you are all doing so well!!

Den, good for you! Keeping 5 pounds off is a BIG deal! This is going to be your year... you're going to get below 200 and never see it again.
Eat sensibly while you're sick, hon. Chicken soup? heh heh. With vegetables.
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Managed to stay the same this week. Will take it off next. The weight too, LOL! Just kidding, don't want to scare anyone!
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Canadian, eh?
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Dentrassi & Virginia - you'll be losers next week.

Minus four pounds for me this week. Always lose a lot the first week after recommitting, but no complaints here.

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I am still 145, but have started to exercise again (treadmill & weight lifting) so am hoping to get off this plateau.

Congrats to all - keeping track is half the game! Seriously, I ALWAYS put on weight when I stop thinking and weighing myself and writing stuff down.


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137...stayed the same as last week. I'm telling myself it's because my fat is turning into muscle and muscle weights more than fat so you can't see the loss on the scales! LOL Sounds good doesn't it? LOL
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Hi, new to this post but I think I need someone to report to...er about my weight, that is. I went back to WW's this week after losing my FIL to cancer. (I'm a lifetime member) Bad 3 months... eating, sitting in hospitals, NO exercise and lost of stress. Now I need to have control again. So, I lost .8 pounds and boy was I disappointed! So, of course I ate a bit too much Friday night! So, I think you guys may help me "check in" with someone....
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Welcome wfh!

I used to go to WW too but I am following a different WOE now.
I think WW is a great program and I did have some success with it.

You're right about checking in with someone- I find it is definitely helping me.
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Hi wfh!
I'm sorry about your FIL. I went through the same thing a few years ago. It's VERY rough.
You'll get back on track!!
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