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Originally Posted by bennaloe View Post
My newest is my avatar...I wonder if anyone will 'Get It'?
So full of win its not even funny

Mine is a owl on a branch. I plan on expanding that one to include my and my sisters kids as smaller owls in blue for the boys and pink for the girl.

I also have like 6 others planned, LOL
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Just Breathe
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I have quite a few tattoos. 2 sleeves, chest, 1 calve, both ankles, both feet, neck, shoulders, both hands, and right hip.

I wanted to show you my newest that I got tonight. I love it.

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will it ever stick??? lol
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My name obviously lol
Heart with wings is a symbol of love sets you free.
Delicato is delicate in italian - aka the one i regret
The two on my chest if you can see them are for friends who passed away
And the most recent are a singing sparrow for freedom and an anchor for faith and strength
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Let's see. I tried to resize them but I can't figure it out hah.
Newest one - just this week (I am going back on sunday to have some black added to the tail)

Earlier this year I finally got one to represent my kids. (One girl is the ladybug, the other the butterfly)

In December I did my wrists for my birthday(Obviously I use words to remind myself of things hah)

This one is more than 10 years old an on my upper shoulder.... I'm going to get it redone in dark blues/grays next.

The obligatory "I'M 18 I WANT A TATTOO"

I have one more, a dolphin on my lower back hip but I'm going to cover that up with a sprawling tree when I get to goal. I'm also planning a garter on my thigh about the same time.

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Less is more.
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This is my first tattoo. I've wanted it over over 10 years and I finally got it last year when I hit my first weight goal. I LOVE bats. I plan on getting MANY more bat tattoos.

I'm already working on a massive back tattoo that combines my love of the four elements with a goddess moon and star. it's my gift to myself when I finally get to onederland.

I've seen some amazing tatts in this thread so far. I wish I was able to catch the old one lol.
ETA: This tattoo is on my hip, right under where the jean pocket would be.
I used H2Ocean tattoo care system, which I highly recomend.
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Onederland - Gotcha
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Love all the tattoo pics, simply great work! I plan to get my Hathor tat with a little of this and that around my existing owl in flight tattoo on my left thigh...this will happen in about a month, in late October. A local artist, Mreeuh, will do this, a young Korean woman and I can't wait but I will
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Can't post pics yet but I have a line of Irish going between my shoulder blades that translates as 'A Country Without A Language Is A Country Without A Soul' (not many Irish-speakers left in Ireland!). The other is an almost dead tree with one leaf left one it on my foot - represents my recovery from depression. My next one will be paw prints from my 3 dogs on the base of my spine. Can't wait!
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Just another girl.
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This is mine:

And while I love the gothic feel to it, I really regret the cross. I got it when I was still a Christian, but I've been an atheist for years now.

I sometimes consider getting it covered up, but my husband reminds me that the tattoo transcends religion. It has that gothic feel I was looking for (and crosses often come across in that sort of feel, without being religious), and he designed the tattoo for me.

I do love my tattoo. I will just never get something so potentially-situational tattooed on my body again haha
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my only tattoo so far
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Not the best picture...this is my Cheshire Cat. He lives on my arm. I love him.
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AWWW! I can't wait to be able to share all of my tatts with you guys! I have 13 in all I love all but my "obligatory - I'm 18 & I need a tattoo" chinese symbol lol.
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When I first saw this thread I couldn't post pictures yet but now I can!

I got these when I was 19 and I still love them. They aren't the best and I want to get them touched up (Ink is funky in spots) but they are mine <3

There are two more tattoos I want at the moment. I have wanted a giant pair of wings on my back for my uncle since I was 16. And the last year or so I've decided I want my grandmother to write a little note to me and I want it on my forearm. She hates tattoos though so it's been a job trying to convince her. I'll get her one day though =)
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I'm new so can't post pictures yet but on my left shoulder I have a life-sized rufous hummingbird with a Himalayan blue poppy. The whole tat is about 3"x3". It's really very pretty.
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My newest in memory of a great lady who was my second mother!
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The cross I got back in January. Underneath is my favorite Bible verse
Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.
The butterfly is on my right thigh above my knee. It is in memory of my Grandmother who died when I was 12. She had a prosthetic leg and was going to get a purple butterfly on her new one. She had it all ordered and then she died of a heart attack. So I got it for her.
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