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Default Low Carb Alternatopics

I was wondering if there was any interest here in an Alternachick Low Carb thread?

Now I know there is already a Low Carb section here on 3FCs and that's a great place to hang out too and many here hang there

but just a thought about posts where we could talk low carb and throw in our fav know......... kids, house projects, tattoos, kinky sex, love, lust, life, poetry, books, music, travel, lesbianism, bisexuality, paganism, witchcraft, magic, piercings, girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, husbands, playpals, favorite alcohols, love potions and assorted tonics?

We are quite an eclectic group and it's great I think.

Anyway, low carb is still a bit of an underground movement but it's gaining momentum every day.

If not......peace and feel free to privately email me to discuss

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Is it Friday yet?
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I've been starting to eat *lower* carb so I'd be interested in getting more ideas from those like minded...

Let's face it, if I posted a question saying I was worried about eating right during Samhain on the "normal" low carb board, odds are I'd spend 2 pages explaining Samhain before I got an answer....

I'm interested in lowering the quantity and improving the quality of the carbs I eat in my diet. Not cutting anything out totally, but cutting back.

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Queen of China
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I find myself totally addicted! I wake up craving pancakes...I have thought about the low carb/no carb idea, and have seen it work, but the idea of no pasta, bread, or starches scares the be-jesus out of me. When I am in China, a land of very low carbs, I crave bread! I guess it is just withdrawls.
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if only she'd lose weight
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I agree about *lower* carb. However, I am Italian, I can't do it all the time.

When I eat @ fast food places, I get a grilled chicken or plain burger & only eat the top of the bun. I turn the sandwich upside down, remove the bottom bun & eat it that way. Sometimes I don't even eat the entire top bun. This is when I'm not being a w/the bacon cheeseburgers.

I'm allergic to potatoes & am also allergic to something that they're fried in anyway, so fries are never a problem. But the pasta & Italian bread! Look out!

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Barefootgrrl-I already post in the low carb area on the freestyle lowcarb thread. Do you want to start a low carb thread on the Alternachicks forum
or start an Alterna-lowcarber thread in the low-carb forum? Either way I would like to join you. I am trying to do the Somercizing program but with my own twist to it.

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Ummm, "I was wondering if there was any interest here in an Alternachick High Carb thread?"

COME ON!!! I want to eat carbs!!!
Seriously, I'd like to try to just eat the RIGHT carbs so that I can have a higher fibre diet.
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Mauvais -

I would look to your advice on this, since I am a relative newbie to posting in these forums. I guess whichever would receive the most traffic so that we could all take advantage of the collective vast wisdom to be found here

It really is a broad topic - lots of different plans, good carbs, not so good carbs, bad carbs, the glycemic index, what-do-you-do-when-you-crave-sugar, etc.?

Thanks for sharing my interest

Terri -

Ellis - you are a funny grrl
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Terri--I would be interested in talking with you and fellow aternative chicks on low carb eating/cooking. I am a carb addict, and I could not see myself cutting out carbs from my diet compleltely, as I love my bread, pasta and potatoes!

I'm with you Ellis! LOL
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Me too Me too!!! I could do an all carb diet probably. I will never cut out carbs. I just couldn't do it.
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Hey girls... just went to this weird thingy at the gym for weight loss. We got a copy of the Canada food guide.
Anyhow, let me tell you... hang on...

Okay.... grain products... you can have 5-12 servings per day. I would go for the low end.
Veg and fruit... 5-10 servings. I would go high on that one.
Milk products... 2-4. Go low.
Meat and Alternatives... 2-3 servings per day. Eat em all.

So that's my input. That's what I'm going to do. Because I paid 15 bucks for this dicky 8-week course, and I'm not going to waste my time going if I'm not going to lose weight.

Be free with your comments.

ps. I just came home and ate a bowl of Smartie ice cream. But it was a last ditch. I assure you.
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Losing Lbs/Finding Me
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Im with you Ellis
I pretty much follow the Canada's Food Guide too, with the exception of my Protein Drink in the morning. I rarely eat red meat(not as in rare meat), I hardly ever eat it. Not a lot of meat at all really. Chicken, fish, peanut butter, the occasional egg, so I supplement with 95% Protein from GNC, soya based.
But I think having a Low- carb thread is a great idea. I am sure we all can learn something.
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Do you think that restricting to 5 servings a day could be regarded as "low-carb"? I mean, right now I probably eat about 20 servings, so cutting back to 5 would definitely be "low" for me.
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a brave new me...
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Question Low Carb...

I'm definitely not convinced that low carb diets are healthy or natural... they just seem intuitively wrong to me. I completely believe that folks should cut out sugar and white flour and other processed carb junk... but I cannot buy into cutting out whole grains, potatos, carrots, and other vegetables and fruits. With my brand spankin' new PCOS diagnosis, I have read that it is very helpfuly to switch to a low carb diet. If anything, I will start eliminating and avoiding white flour products and sugar (which I already do anyway). It just seems that the only professionals promoting low carb diets are those trying to get you to buy their book/program. All of the doctors and nutritionists say that low carb/high fat/high protein diets are harmful to your health. Since eating animal products has been linked to heart disease and countless other illnesses, I just can't see myself wolfing down fatty meat in place of healthy carbs. And yes, I know people lose weight on these diets, but at what cost to their health?
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Thanks all for responding to my post!

It looks like we have lots of interest in discussing the ins and outs of this topic, so I'll start a brand new thread tomorrow to kick it off and we're off.

I've only been low carbing for a few months, so I'm not an expert - but I have found lots of resources and I am eager to share and discuss.

It is complex and controversial - but that's what makes it so conversation worthy.

If I have learned anything it is that one size does not fit all.

Looking forward to it - Terri
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the kid's counting on me!
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Yeah, I'm totally not into the extreme Atkins thing
yes people lose weight but everyone I know who lost on Atkins
gained it back and you can't stay on low-carb forever
but, I do find that starting my day with eggbeaters and cheese
or eggbeaters and red peppers or any kind of eggbeater omelette
is really helpful...I have no bread with it.
just the eggs and whatever I put in them to make them taste alittle a spinkle of cheese or a sliced red bell pepper or
a piece of veggie soy bacon....
and I use a non-stick pan with one of those no stick sprays...

then I'm not as hungry as when I eat a carb-y seems
to stay with me longer and I'm getting in some protein first thing in the for me.
Crappy carbs I try to avoid...
but, nutrient dense...high fiber carbs are my friends.
I love heavy grainy bread and brown rice and potatoes
and all of that good stuff and pasta too and I'm not
giving them up.
I really don't get into giving anything up completely though
I have really been eating a vegetarian diet...I eat eggs, fish,
and cheese, and milk products, but no meat or poultry right now.
I like the idea of moderation...
hence I'm losing weight very slowly and moderately
But as you all know I can chow donuts with the best of them
so...theory and reality are two different things
okay...time for ER
Love Soozie
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