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Slowly getting there
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I was really wanting to get my first tattoo when I reached my half way point, then add on to it when I reach goal. Unfortunetly money is too tight for me to do that right now.

So instead I've decided to focus on cheap rewards. I have tons of fabric, which means when I get down to close to my goal size I can make myself a bunch of new clothes. For example I have some really nice brocade fabic that I want to make a corset out of.
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Chaos in Action
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Originally Posted by Aiela View Post
Right now I'm focusing on small rewards - I'm putting together a charm bracelet with a charm for every five pounds lost, and each charm has something to do with when I lost it - I lost the first five pounds in February so I got a heart charm, etc. They're cheap silver-plated charms - the steel bracelet and first charm cost me less than $5 - but its something I see every time I reach for food, to remind me to make healthy choices.

Right now, if I lose that first 40 pounds, I will consider that reward enough.
Great minds think alike! When I first started seriously working out, I decided that I would get a charm bracelet and get new charms as I completed my goals. After much consideration, I ended up going with a bead bracelet (like a charm bracelet, but with silver beads instead of charms).

Also, when I reach my goal weight and maintain it for a bit to stabilize, I'm getting a big tattoo that will start on my stomach and wrap around to my lower back.
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when I reach 199: a new eyebrow peircing and some added to my wrist tattoo
170 3 new bellybutton rings
150 a cute bikini(after breast reduction)
115(my ultimate goal) a "tramp stamp" I hate that term for it but it is going to be a pink star with black outlining with wings and it is going to say love your life in purple or green

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neurotic not delusional
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I LOVE the charm bracelet idea, infact I love it so much that I bought a little bracelet & a couple of charms. The first charm is a small disc, I'll have my starting weight engraved on it & of course the last charm will be my goal weight (which I will put on the bracelet when I reach it).

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on the way to skinny
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So I've decided when I reach my goal weight and the rolls on my back are gone and I feel comfortable showing it off, I'm definitely gonna get a huge tattoo on my back. Probably either something with a big red and orange fiery phoenix, or something with flowers. I'd rather do the phoenix, but I doubt a tattoo artist could really actually do what I've imagined in my head, and I don't want to be disappointed, so I might choose something else. Whatever it is though, It'll be big and definitely be slightly sexy =D

Only downside is when my parents see it, they'll murder me...but I don't care. If I pay for it, and I'm responsible about it, they'll eventually accept it...and maybe, just MAYBE if I explain how much of a motivator it is for me in losing all this weight, they won't freak out as much. *crosses fingers*
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The idea about the charm bracelet is great! Id on't wear a lot of jewelry anymore, but it's a fantastic idea! I may have to reconsider now

I told myself I have 85 lbs to lose, and I broke it up into 6 stages. So I get a reward every 14 lbs, approximately.

14 lbs lost- The book "Punk Rock Dad". I love Pennywise, and I've been dying to read this book. Jim is suck a sweat guy.

28 lbs lost- I get to get my nose pierced.

42 lbs lost- I get the complete Pearl Jam box set that was released not too long ago. All time favourite band here.

56 lbs lost- I get a new pair of shoes from Hot Topic. There are some platform boots I'm just dying for, and have put off buying them for several years now.

70 lbs lost- I get to get a new skimpy outfit from Frederick's of Hollywood. I got my corset there, and I want more.

85 lbs lost- GOAL! The hubby said if I take off my weight and keep it off for a year, then he'll begin making arrangements for us to save and go to Europe, mainly the British Isles. I think in one of my past lives I lived there.
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I definetly agree with the tattoo idea, id like a filagree tattoo all up my side (like bam margera) or up my back, and a belly ring when i finally get a flat stomach. im looking forward to knee high boots, i have my eye on a pair of dr martens. I also want to throw a halloween party and actually be able to wear a sexy costume like a schoolgirl or something. new glasses, and my mother offered to buy me a whole new wardrobe when i reach my ultimate goal...can't wait for that!!
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I hadn't thought about a rewards system until I read this post. I remember my family making rewards for us when we were kids. Good attendance? Go out to dinner! Good report card? Candy! Make honor roll? Cupcakes!

So I will obviously need to rethink my reward program. I'm thinking getting my hair done, tattoo, piercing, and dvds I have been holding out on.

I just don't know if i should give myself small rewards at close intervals, or bigger rewards more spaced out. I don't know which would keep me more motivated.
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My rewards. Well, I like to make jewelry, earrings, and bracelets, and simple pendants, so beading supplies and findings are one reward. I may just have to make up a bracelet, with a different bead for each 5 pounds lost. Yeah, I like that. I love to read as well, so books always work as rewards.

But my goal to be under 300 pounds by Christmas will be rewarded by a new wii exercise "game".
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I just blogged about rewards yesterday! Mine are - eyebrow piercing & a Brazilian wax.

I do eventually want another tattoo, something Irish that I'd design however I haven't designed it yet so maybe I'll save that one for reaching my goal weight.
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I sort of already treat myself to a massage every month. It's just my self-care thing, like some people go to the salon or whatever... it is one thing I can look forward to every month, without fail, that will leave me feeling amazing for the next 24 hours. For weight loss, I have 100 lbs to go to my initial goal weight. I could really use some new shoes- I haven't bought any in almost a year- so, I've decided to get 1 new pair for every 10 lbs lost. I just got my first reward, a pair of black Mary Janes with heels. I can't really feel bad, because I really do need to replace a few things in my closet, and new shoes should still fit until I get a lot closer to reach my goal weight.
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Blasphemously Delicious
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Hmm, I haven't really thought of this, this is a great topic.

I'm sure one of the rewards would be some more tattoos, both of mine are over a decade old. I want a celtic armband and some Dia De Los Muertos figures. I'm not sure what I would like on my back but I do want my whole back done.

The main "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" goal will be to start travelling. As soon as I reach goal I want to go to Europe, the UK or Hawaii. I'm not sure the timing will be right with school so I would at least want to go to Hawaii. And learn how to surf, I really want to learn how to surf
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Don't give up.
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What an interesting thread! I hadn't really been thinking of rewards at all because I just feel like I'm climbing out of a debt on this weight-loss journey -- an attitude which is not at all constructive. You all have some wonderful ideas, as well, for rewards.

I do, however, have a small list of things I will hold off on until I've lost some real weight, which include short hair, hair dye, a tattoo, a day at a spa I've had my eye on for a while, and a wardrobe renovation.

I have to say that the bracelet idea is a very very good one! To have a positive visual demonstration of one's goals and progress in such a prominent way must be a great way to stay motivated. I don't know if any of you would be inclined, but it would be nice to see photos of your charm/bead/reminder bracelets....
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When I lost the first half of my pregnancy weight I rewarded myself with a Bob Dylan tattoo on my foot and when i reach my ultimate goal I'm getting a Whitman tattoo under my bellybutton (kinda a word nerd). Also I'm going to pose for suicide girls, wayyyyyy out of my comfort zone but that's the point for me.
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This is such an amazing discussion!

I have to chime in on the tattoo reward. I don't have any, yet, but, I'm dying to start getting them! This will probably be a major reward... Say, not until I hit 150 lbs.

I would also say piercings, but, I can't really get anymore, as I need to find a job. Even though there are some that I don't have that I really want! Actually, I'd love to get my belly button pierced. This would also be at a major milestone. Probably not until I'm in the 11X's. ( It's super far away, but, dammit, I can do it! )

I'm currently growing my natural hair color out, and I might get it cut/colored as a reward at some point, depending on how long it is when I feel that I might deserve it.

As some others said, it's not easy to plan many rewards at the moment, due to monetary issues. I also don't necessarily have any solid reward plans. As long as I'm doing good, I'll buy myself a little somethin'-somethin' when I see fit. Make-up, jewelry, a top, etc.
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