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Life is sometimes pretty funny.
I can totally understand your mild hatred of pastel pink GlitterQueenRayne! I don't like to wear it either, too bright for me. Or a ghastly bright YELLOW! Ew! nothing's worse than bright yellow clothes, thats just wrong.

Haha K-8EEE Thats how it goes sometimes! I loved the side commment (as I do inwardly) that was pretty funny!

KITTY!!! Sorry Sunrose I love that adorable picture of your cat! I have one now, she'e ancient! She should be 11 or 12 years old. I think this cat will live on forever! I don't mind her, shes cute and likes to roll around in any kind of clothes. It sucks because sometimes she becomes static cling and I get shocked next time I pet her.
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My friends think their princess-in-waiting daughter is a riot (she really is). She loves all things girly - ballet, fairies, princesses, pink, flowers, weddings... At first they really discouraged it, wanting their daughter to not be so limited by stereotypes, but then they realized that that was just as bad as their parents forbidding them their alternative choices. Their daughter will get to pick her own way in life, and if that's a pink frothy princess, well then, so be it . We just try really hard not to laugh!

Rainlady - when you go on about bright yellow, I have a very vivid mental picture of my mum in a bright yellow outfit. I thought it was one of the most awful things I had ever seen! I'm surprised I don't have PTSD from that outfit... I do like dark yellow, in moderation, but I'm with you on the bright stuff!

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Man, this is a great thread! I, too, am allergic to pink. I feel like I ended up pretty well-rounded overall, cause my parents didn't care enough to push any colors or styles on me - they were hippies in the 60s!! So I did the rebellious stuff - going goth in high school, then turning to wearing guys' pants, and now I just don't care. Tshirts and jeans. I kept trying to get a rise out of my parents, but my mom was like "Oh that's nice" Infuriating!!

In my opinion, being alternative comes down to just being... I don't worry about my "style" or the image I project, except for work (white collar, gotta look professional). I've been told I have a style, but I don't know what it is, unless jeans and a t-shirt is a style. I project my individuality in other ways besides my physical appearance. I don't submit to the pressure to *care* about style, much less *what* style... That's what alternative really is. (IMHO)

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RainLady: I call myself Agnostic because although I feel there may be some type of 'energy' at work in the universe (could be residue from my religious past), I neither embrace nor reject the idea of a 'greater power'. It's just one less thing to stress about.

I do embrace the idea that I need to get my keister into the gym and reject my life taking me hostage any longer. lol
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