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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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"Gene plays drums for Dethklok. He's very awesome. I went to see them 2 weeks ago, but they were so brutal they caught the club's sound board on fire. No, really. "

Eastbay, that is the most brutal thing I have ever heard.

And yes, I do remember Peter Steele's Playgirl photos!

I am off on holiday -back in 10 days! Hope you all have a good week!
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Restarting my journey :)
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I hope everyone is good! We finally have some decent sunshine in the south of the UK - it's about time!! I'm all on my lonesome in the house (the bf is with family for 3 wks) which normally makes me eat really well as I don't have to worry about making food for anyone but me... but not this time. I seem to be slipping off the wagon, so I firmly pulled my *** back on this morning!! I've got a ton of tidying/cleaning to do today and some lovely menstrual cramps too But I'm happy because it's only 4 weeks till I go on holiday! I'm glad your kitty came back Jandaman, I know how horrid that is, not to know where they are or if they are ok. I'm looking after a friends cat while she's away and I love it... I wish I could have my own

Have a good sunday chicas!!
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fat chick FKA Velveteen
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hi new chicks!

heavyandhomebound - don't putty kitty down, even if she's making you crazy. surely they can give a better solution than that????

eastbaykitten - LOVE your barcelona pics. Some look beautifully spooky!! I have a few like that from my last trip to barcelona as well. Oh and I tried to add you on myspace, but I'm not allowed without knowing your last name or email address

I'm struggling a bit with my current living situation (home on the weekends, amsterdam in the week) but hopefully I'll have a grip on it soon. I have gained about a pound and a half but I'm still in ONEderland so I figure it's not THAT bad, just don't want to go UP rather than DOWN. One more week of work and then the next challenge... vacation for 2 weeks and we are going away to Paris, to Legoland in Germany and to Wiesbaden - total of 10 days away from home...

I don't want to be stuck at 20lbs lost but at least I can focus enough not to GAIN weight during my holiday right?
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No weight gain, no loss on holiday is a goal in my book. I sent you an add request on spacer...

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Heya, Velveteen! Ooh - ooh -ooh! I wanna go to Legoland!!!

You'll do fine on your holiday. You might land up being so active that you drop a few pounds without really trying, especially since you have a theme park in the works. My family went to Disney World earlier this year. I was so paranoid about gaining too much that I really stuck to the "skinnier" items with a couple (okay, several) splurges thrown in. When all was said and done, I landed up dropping nearly 5 lbs.

BTW, it's good to see a familiar face again! Work got weird over the past few weeks. Sounds like the servers did here, too.
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Originally Posted by heavyandhomebound View Post
Hi All,
I figure this would be a great place to settle in at. Let me just.. snuggle in......there, ready.

I was woken up today, like most days, to my calico cat yowling.. for like 10 min. straight. She's been doing this for the past couple of years, and it is really driving us crazy!! She yowls inside, outside, before she ****s, after she eats, before she goes to sleep, in the middle of the night....and on and on.
So I have finally decided to drop her off at the SPCA. Being homebound, I have to wait till my hubby has the time to take us. It was supposed to happen yesterday, maybe today, tomorrow, next week?

Seems like you all like to travel. My DH and I went to Idaho recently to look for our last home to retire to. It was the first vacation we have taken in the past two years! My god, you should have seen these houses! We really want a home built in the 1900's. (Ever seen 1900's house on PBS?) I think my weight made the floorboards creek more than normal, I could have fallin through! Anyway, thought I would be cranky, but found that we actually got along swimmingly, the whole time!

One more thing to get off my rather large chest....I am never going to attempt to make chickpea burgers ever again! I tried again last night, with a different recipe, and they still tasted the same as the first time. My kitchen is a mess this morning, but being the cleaning goddess I am, it wont be around for long. Thinking of which, I need to do some dusting too, (need to burn off those calories!)

OOHhh, this mornings weight was 233.5!! WOOO HOOOO!
Have you considered taking her to the vet and having her kidneys tested? Sometimes cats yowl when their kidneys are going bad. Also, if she's not spayed, get that done, as not being fixed is a major source of yowling.

My cats are a pain in the ***, they tear up furniture, puke all over the floor, get into cabinets and tear into the bread...::sigh:: but I guess that's the responsibility we accept when we choose to have a pet. And I don't know about where you live, but if you feel you can no longer care for her, many cities have no-kill cat shelters and animal rescues (do a web search for your state or city). I volunteer at one in Atlanta, GA (, and the cats have a home for life there until they are adopted. Just make sure you check out the facility and make sure it's clean and the animals are well-cared for, they deserve a good shot just as much as any other living thing.

Anyway, good luck on your continued loss and your yowling cat.
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