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Default Books that help you lose

I know there is a book review page-but this is for the books that don't make that page or just something you read somewhere about weighloss you'd like to share. Maryea on GG got me into 2 great books I never heard of and I READ A LOT!! The one I want to mention myself is " 50 ways to soothe yourself without food by Susan Albers. I'm also working my way bit by bit through her Eating Mindfully. But for those not so Zen minded the 50 is chock full of so many ideas that I started a page on my 3FC blog " A crone's weightloss journey." among other books. Tell me what you are excited about now. Do you have a books page on your blog? I currently have 5 on my Nook ( 2more waiting in the wings) and 2 "hard" copy books I read and work on daily. How about you?
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I am currently reading 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle. It's not a diet, but more strategies to stay on a weight loss program (whichever one you choose). My downfall has always been sticking with it and not letting life's craziness get in the way. I identified with her first description, as always being someone who was always 'interested' in losing weight, but not really 'commited' to losing weight.
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Yes! m working on this book also Today is my 66 th day on it. I've taken the 100 day Challenge-In my case it's never going over 1,450 calories a day. It ends the day before my son's Bday. The book has been a big help- we dicuss it over on Golden Girls thread .
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Default Books that motivate and inform

I'm on a SLOW but steady journey to health by eating cleaner. The concept of "diet" has never worked for me and has always meant work and restrictive. So -- I started making healthier choices and it has become my lifestyle. I stalled for about 2yrs and leaving an 11month relationship - back on board and have lost 10lbs in about a month. Dr. Aziz - PERFECT 10 DIET. It reinforces healthy choices and makes it simple. Try it.
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Default Great Books!

I want to add two books that have helped me hugely.

The first is The Beck Diet Solution by Judith Beck. She's written many more since but this is the original (pink cover) one and I think it is excellent. Her father was a pioneer in cognitive therapy and that's what this book uses. It doesn't tell you WHAT to eat. It's not a diet plan. It's all about the mental aspects of losing weight and, to me, these are super important. The book is easy to read--it's broken up into various activities and is completely no-nonsense. Just an example of what I like--she talks about strengthening your "resistance muscles" instead of your "giving in muscles." In other words, if you can resist something once (that late night snack, for example), it's easier to resist it the next night and even easier on the third night. I have definitely found this to be true. Another idea of hers is to decide things in advance and make those decisions definitive ("no options, no choice"). Since you make these decisions (and can broaden them into rules) by and for yourself, they make sense and you don't have to "rebel" against them. Think this book can be bought cheaply used by now because she has written several others.

My other favorite book is "Mindful Eating" by Jan Chozen Bays. Many amazing insights from this book including learning to figure out what kind of hunger you have--eye, nose, mouth, cellular, stomach, or heart--only two of them (stomach and cellular) will be helped by eating. (The heart hunger--eating when you are angry, lonely, sad, tired) is an especial trap, I think.
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Not a diet book but it has helped me tremendously Shades of Hope by Tennie Mc Cartney (sp)
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I'm new here at 3fc and haven't gotten around to all the threads. I want to thank you for these hints on the books you mentioned.
I also hadn't heard of the Golden Girls thread. Since I'm 68 yrs old, I'm going to try to find it.
I wish you all much luck and I'll be downloading these books, piecemeal, to my kindle. Thanks again! ..... Carbie

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My all-time fave is by a different Beck - Martha Beck. She has written for Oprah's magazine. The title of the book is The Four-Day Win. It's more about the psychological aspects of dieting.

What I like about it is the feeling that Martha Beck "gets" us dieters and how we think - she doesn't just dictate some impossible-to-follow diet. She helps the dieter find what works for them, and how to end the internal war between the "I must be good and stick to this rigid diet" vs. "I don't care, I'm gonna eat what I want" . And all the ensuing confusion and despair that plenty of us are familiar with.

Also, there are a lot of LOL moments - you don't often get that with a diet book!
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Hi, I've just listened to and am purchasing "The Thin Commandments Diet". I can loss weight, but need to figure out how to keep it off.
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