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I'll claim a spot for August. It seems to be a month that works for me - school gets back in swing and the free-form of summer is settling down, necessary though it may be.

8/1 - __214.2_____7_______Y______walk40____NSV - No kolaches
8/2 - ____________6_______Y_______________
8/3 - __211.2_____6_______Y______walk40____
8/4 - __211.2_____6_______Y_______________ Crown
8/5 - ____________6_______Y_______________ DD Surgery
8/6 - ____________7_______Y_______________ Austin chasing DGD
8/7 - __211.2_____7_______ Y_____walk15____ Weigh 6# more at WW; crown ache
8/8 - __212.0_____5_______Y_______________ Rough plan day
8/9 - __213.0_____4_______Y_______________ Wedding Shower / Chinese food!
8/10 - _213.6______6_______Y_______________ Down day, crown ache more!
8/11 - _214.6______4_______Y_______________
8/12 - _214.2______6_______Y_______________
8/13 - _214.0______7_______Y_______________
8/14 - _212.8______7_______Y_______________
8/15 - _213.4______7_______Y_______________
8/16 - ___________4_______Y____walk15_____ Camping
8/17 - ___________8_______Y____walk15_____ Camping
8/18 - _212.4______8______Y____walk 45_____ Journalling Food!
8/19 - _211.6______7______Y____walk 40_____ Journalling
8/20 - _212.6______7______Y____walk45______
8/21 - _211.6______3______Y_______________ Crown install - medicated
8/22 - _210.4______8______Y____walk25______
8/23 - _210.4______7______N________________ vegetarian
8/24 - _210.2______6______Y____walk45______ wine & tortillas
8/25 - _212.4______7______Y____walk45______
8/26 - _211.0______7______y________________ fancy lunch (creme brulee)
8/27 - _211.2______6______Y________________ mexican dinner
8/28 - _212.4______7______Y_____walk45_____ good WW weigh-in!
8/29 - _210.8______5______Y_____walk30_____ car shopping
8/30 - _210.8______5______Y________________
8/31 - _211.6______3______Y________________

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I will do this! Here's my little corner.

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Default Fessing up!

Hi ladies!

I am new to this, but accountability is where it's at so far as weight loss goes!

Yesterday, I went to the health center and weighed myself and found out that my scale at home is off by ten pounds in the wrong direction. Sigh...which means I weigh 205 not 195. It also means that I have about 80 pounds to lose...double sigh. It also means that I probably weighed about 220 when I started this diet, which is the most I have ever weighed in my life.

But, the upside is I already feel so much better. So after a brief emotional eating episode I pulled myself together and came here!

I lost weight through summer; summer with company constantly, vacations, outings, barbecues and all the lucious fruit one could want. So, YEAH for me!

My goal for this month is to get close to a ten pound weight loss by the time I return to work on September 2nd. I want my students to notice that I am losing weight! I am their health teacher, for Pete's sake! I want to be a better role model for them.

I also want to exercise 6 out of 7 days per week. My plan is 30 minutes of walking and 15 minutes of strengthening and stretching. I found out that there is a tiny gym in town that opened up recently and so I am mulling that over. They offer cardio, weight training and exercise machines. Does $45.00 a month seem like a lot for a membership?

How do you get your little weight loss scales to stick to the bottom of the page? They are really cool.

Well, I am off to eat fish tacos wrapped in lettuce leaves for breakfast!


Date/weight/exercise/water/following plan

August 1/204/3 mile walk in 35 minutes, 15 minutes weights and stretching/10 cups/I was fine until I tried to turn some Amish Friendship bread out of a pan and some stuck to the pan. I started to clean it up a little...I had to walk away! So...I probably ate one piece of that bread.

August 2/204/3 mile walk in 35 minutes/8 cups/following plan

August 3/204/does freezing peaches all day count?/8 cups/I got a notebook to use as a food diary...I am going to have to start counting carbs more closely.

August 4/203!/20 minutes walking, 25 minutes belly dance cardio, 10 minutes weights and abs/8 cups so far/Being more careful about counting carbs.

August 5/200...yeah! How did that happen from one day to the next?/60 minutes swimming gently/4 cups...oops!/I am slowly switching from Atkins to South Beach, so I had a few black beans in my stuffed peppers.

August 6/200 and holding/60 minutes of water aerobics/10 cups/I have got to remember to count those pistachio nuts!

August 7/200/no exercise today/8 cups/I made sweet and sour noodle soup and had about a cup of noodles, not a serious over-indulge, but I will need to make up for it.

August 8/20 minutes walking, 40 minutes swimming, 15 minutes weights and abs/10 cups/grilled chicken with black bean and corn salad for dinner. I will have to bypass the salad because of the high carb corn. Maybe I will mix it all up without the corn, save some for myself and mix in the corn...
August 9
August 10
August 11
August 12
August 13
August 14
August 15
August 16
August 17
August 18
August 19
August 20/199/30 minutes walking/8 cups/Got off plan on vacation...worked on pulling myself together...went to the store and stocked up on foods I should be eating!Onederland!! !
August 21/199/swimming, jet skiing and walking all day/I was so craving some potatoes that I allowed myself to have some, but was very careful for the rest of the day.
August 22/? did not weigh/25 minutes dance cardio/5 cups/I had fish and chips for lunch; that's what happens when you don't plan...
August 23/196/30 minutes walking/10 cups/I am trying more whole grain carbs; kamut is a really good hot cereal!
August 24/196/no exercise/8 cups water/today was not a good diet day. I made fresh salsa and over-consumed on the chips to go along with it!
August 25/196/ 30 minutes of walking, 20 minutes of strength and flexibility training/8 cups of water/ I pulled myself back together!
August 26/195/30 minutes walking, 15 minutes strength and flexibility training/8 cups/A good day...the fresh veggies in abundance at this time of year are great!

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Sheri . . . the weight tickers are part of the signature area . . . you have to be a member for at least 20 days and have at least 20 posts before you can set up a signature . . . hang in here, Chickie and the time will pass quickly.
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Default Thanks Meowee

You are so supportive! I appreciate the time and effort you put in here. I will keep plugging away to that twenty days and beyond!

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Claiming my spot. July was a very tough month for me and I'm disappointed I didn't do well as with the dietary consult I really thought I would. Oh well, here I am to try again. I will never give up! I feel that just by trying I do better for my health than I would if I didn't try at all. Going by weekly weights I actually GAINED last month - 2 lbs! Going by daily...well, will see tomorrow...I'm trying to eat really well today.
8/1/0-8 eta: Oh, I see I was wrong above: going by weekly weights I gained 1.5 lbs, going by daily weights, I gained 1 lb. So still bad but not quite so bad. We have a lot going on this month again but I hope I can get my eating under control and get back to exercising more.

8/1/08 164 lbs. went to fair and didn't track calories, I tried, but I know I still ate way too much again! Only exercise was walking around at the fair.
8/2/08 166; WEEKLY WEIGH-IN didn't track..sure I went over. went to a big picnic, no exercise.
8/3/08 165.5, 1180 cals, no exercise other than walking around farmers market for about an hour.
8/4/08 164.5, 1304, 30 min stretch and breathe and 40 min cardio.
8/5/08 166 - have to confess I ate some salty snacks after I posted yesterday's calories!!, 1165, 30 min. yoga stretch, 40 min cardio.
8/6/08 165, 1499, 30 min stretch and breathe, 35 or 40 min cardio.
8/7/08 164.5, 1215, 45 min yoga stretch, 40 min cardio
8/8/08 164 (finally back down to where I was first of this month!), about 35 min. cardio (late for class). 2074!! After dinner I was still hungry and before I knew it I was making and eating Kirkland's (Costco) canned chicken mixed with mayo on
crackers! Until that, I had done great all day!! Oooooh I'm so mad at myself!!
And wouldn't you know it...tomorrow's my official weigh-in day!! I think I need to change the day or something! ;-)
8/9/08 165 WEEKLY WEIGH-IN down one pound but still not down where I was last month. 1331, no exercise other than light housework.
8/10/08 162.5, 1478, no exercise except 3 hrs of grocery shopping (3 stores)
8/11/08 163.5, 1403, 30 min stretch and breathe and 40 min cardio
8/12/08 163.5, 1396, only exercise was shopping.
8/13/08 164, 1791 (whoops!), 30 min stretch & breathe and 40 min cardio
8/14/08 162.5, will not be tracking calories today or exercising.
8/15/08 160.5, 1655, no exercise. Had company and ate too much! Why do I feel I have to eat more when other people are around. In fact I end up eating more than they do!
8/16/08 162 Weekly Weigh-In lost track but think I was high...maybe 2000!
8/17/08 164, 1362, no exercise.
8/18/08 162, 1350, 30 min stretch & breathe, 40 min cardio classes
8/19/08 162, 1313, 40 min yoga stretch, 40 min cardio.
8/20/08 162, 1373, did not get to gym as some familiy issues came up
8/21/08 161 YEA! A new low!! But will I be able to maintain it by Sat? Stay tuned..:-) I go to the doctor today for regular 3 mo check, I just hope he notices...he usually doesn't notice unless I'm down 10 lbs though. :-( ETA: Yea!! I had to point out my weightloss to my doctor but he was very proud of me when he saw I'm down 5 more lbs (from the last visit)! The nurse though noticed it right away (from the chart I mean). My A1c (diabetes tes) was 6.2 which is really good and is about .4 lower than last visit! Doc told me just keep doing what I'm doing. 11:25 pm went WAY over on calories today, stop counting! Guess I was celebrating my good doctor's visit?!! No exercise except a brief walk..maybe a block.
8/22/08 163, break from calorie counting, 40 min cardio. Changed my mind and counted calores after all, habit I guess. 1441
8/23/08 162.5 WEEKLY WEIGH-IN, 1657, no exercise.
8/24/08 163,
8/30/08 WEEKLY WEIGH-IN 165.5, Went to the coast for a few days with our gs and did some crabbing. Had fun but gained weight!! so I've actually GAINED 1.5 again this month after losing quite nicely for a little while there! Very disappointed in myself again!, 1202, no exercise other than shopping.
8/31/08 163.5, 2374 (YIKES!), no exercise.

Summary of month: Another month of not doing well. I just need to be more consistent. So going by weekly weights I GAINED 1 1/2 lbs...going by daily weights I lost 1/2 lb. I really hope I do better next month!

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I'm just starting so I need to find my way around. Accountability and moral support are what I'll need to get through this long road. Everyone is so helpful!

I claim this spot!
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Ah-ha ... the accountability thread! I haven't got nearly as much to report as others do, so I'll just start off by saying I walked to the local coffee shop yesterday (only for tea!), which was about 2,400 steps. I'm not sure what that amounts to in miles or kilometres ... probably about 10 to 15 minutes in each direction.

For the future, I want to try to get to the gym at least 3 days out of five.
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