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Default Weight Loss Lessons

The message below was posted by a friend on another website. I thought it was worth re-posting here.

A Few Weight-Loss Lessons
Losing weight isn't as simple as a mathematical equation.
Sure you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight,
but even when you do everything right, sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.
Is it frustrating? You bet! But when it happens, all you can do is accept it and continue on.
Trust that your efforts will show eventually.
Remember, that even when the scale doesn't budge, your efforts are making a difference.

Believe in yourself!
When you're out of shape and overweight, it's easy to beat yourself up and lose confidence.
With every small step you take towards your goals, your confidence will build.
With every goal you achieve, your self-esteem with sky-rocket.
The key is to just start.
It's always better to try—even if you mess up along the way — than to never try at all.

You have to change your lifestyle.
This is a complete lifestyle overhaul— a total transformation for life,
not a diet for a little while.
No matter how hard you work or how much weight you lose,
it will come back if you revert back to your old habits.

There are no quick fixes.
Getting healthy and managing your weight it is not a temporary thing.
It's a series of day-to-day, meal-by-meal choices that you have to stick with for the long haul.

It won't always be easy.
Lots of people want to lose weight, but most aren't willing to pay the price or make sacrifices to get there.
You will not be successful with a half-hearted effort or by looking for shortcuts or the easy way out.

Consistency is key. No matter how close (or far) you are from your goal — or even if you're there already —
- the habits you learn along the way have to continue if you're to be successful in the long term.
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. . . absolutely right on target, LYNN . . .
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Thanks so much for posting this great info. I completely agree with it and it's good to read something like this to keep me going!
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I read that slowly three times. It was just what I needed.
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very true
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Thank You!
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