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Smile New to 3FC and looking for motivators

Hi all! Just found you. What a great site. Betcha there are about a bazillion new members being 1st of the year and all I'm just getting started (for the umpteenth time) on a new diet & exercise program. I used to be 5'8" but I've got some shrinkage starting - hence the new fervor for exercise - I'm hoping to get the shrinkage happening in the width rather than the height. Of course the other part of the motivation was when my husband dragged out our wedding pictures and blurted out "what the **** happened!" (my wedding dress was a size 8) In his defense, he did try to smooth it over by saying he meant what happened to his hair (that is no more) but since my sz 16s are getting a tad snug...... A few months ago I did start putting in a mile a day on the treadmill at full incline but still just kept getting bigger so I got frustrated and quit. New plan is - I invested in another piece of equipment that came with a 30 minute exercise program on DVD. This program focuses on alternating strengthening moves with stretching moves and recommends you do it 2 or 3 times a week. You do actually get your heart rate up doing this (at least in my current lack of fitness I do) but I thought I would do this program every other day and either go back to the treadmill or jump rope on the alternate days just to keep the cardio as part of the regimen. The hardest part for me is going to be changing the eating habits - for (like ever) the longest time I have only eaten one meal a day. Even when I was that size 8 I only ate dinner. Any time I started adding lunch or breakfast I started adding pounds. Now everyone is saying I need to eat more to lose weight but I am really nervous about gaining even more. The other challenge is that Hubs is this cute little Italian guy who stays solid as a rock (even though he now qualifies for senior citizen discounts) just by going on the treadmill 4 or 5 times a week. He eats it all - cookies, ice cream, and his favorite dinners are diet no-nos like those tasty processed skillet dinners or, if I am trying to be healthy and broil something he wants those little frozen tater things (that shall remain nameless) to go with it. Which, of course, I use as an excuse to eat them too - he likes them, they are quick and easy after working all day, they are comparitively cheap, and I don't have the time or energy to make two separate dinners. I'm hoping you guys can help me stay focused on switching to healthier foods or maybe can point me to some recipes that are quick to make that I might convince hubs are just as good as those skillet thingies. Wow, I babbled on didn't I.
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We've all been there, started over a bizillion times. The problem is when you quit trying. So, that said, welcome. You didn't say how old you were. We have a group in the 50+, Golden Girls. Great, supportive group.

Seems like you've picked up some bad habits, like only eating once a day. That alone slows your metabolism down. But habits are hard to break, so do it slowely, and make plans!! Lots of plans!!! And talk to that Italian cutie of yours. I'll bet he will be supportive of your meal plans once he knows you are serious. You can still make the "tater" things once in awhile, and even eat a few. Nothing is off limits, really. You just have to watch portions.

What diet plan do you follow? Lots of good ones out there. WW is great. I just count calories and it works for me. Find something that works for you. Might take some trial and error, remember, it has to be something you can stick to for a long period of time.

Doesn't matter what exercise plan you chose, just stick with it. When the weather is nicer just a walk with hubby is fine. Plan more exercise into your day. Park in the back of the parking lot when you go shopping. Every step counts.

Good luck, Hope to see you posting
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Welcome again YoYo - Nice to see another tall woman in our group. I was 5'10 but have shrunk also to about 5'9". I have had success with WW and mostly the habit of writing down what I eat. I'm trying to start that again after a month break over the holidays. Your exercise plans sound right on. I never knew how important the weight training was - along with cardio - until I started doing it seriously last year. I've lost quite a few inches and have gotton many nice comments from people - even though the pounds lost is only about 12-15 so far. I would like to get to 185 by he end of this year. I had a high of about 220. Now hovering around 200 -205.

I have found posting here to be very motivating. Have made lots of new friends too. Welcome.


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