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Post New member looking for support

Hi everyone!
I just joined but I have not started a weight loss "program" yet. Am mulling around several, but HAVE to do something. Lost 50 pounds 10+ years ago, but gained it all (plus more!) back after moving to Florida. Very stressful and depressing. Lots of "issues" (ill husband, marriage problems, job dissatisfaction, depression, etc.) and lack of motivation. Things seem to be lightening up (life wise, not weight wise!) but still seeing a therapist. He is a big exercise nut and keeps pushing me into a gym. Tried that once, lost weight but now that I work full time, it just seems like too much for me. I am beat when I get home. I have treadmill (gathering dust) and a swimming pool. Just got a bike...also gathering dust. Anyone out there want to chat, share their wisdom, give me some's all appreciated and welcome!
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Welcome Oncethin!

So glad you joined 3FC's. I'm not a member of the 50+ group but still wanted to welcome you. Isn't it so tough the way pressures in life make it SO hard to lose weight! I've had an ill husband and dealt with stresses at work etc. and believe me that first comfort I looked at was food. Getting on an exercise program can be rough. Your therapist may have his/her own exercise program going on but I'd say pick what you're comfortable with. I used to beat myself up because I wasn't doing exercise videos or the gym and I finally figured it out that those things just weren't for me and started a very comfortable walking program on my own. Do what's right for you, that's the only way to stick to it.
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Hey oncethin,

You can be thin again! Why not get out the dusty exercise equipment and just try it for ten minutes while watching TV tonight?

You'll find lots of information and support on 3FC--from diet reviews to the forums.

Glad to see you!

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and to the Age 50+ Forum. You have definitely come to the right place for lots of support and friendship as you travel the long winding (sometimes bumpy) road to better health and fitness. So glad you found us and look forward to getting to know you better. . .
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