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Default walking the treadmill vs. walking dvd's?

I have question for the ladies doing your walking dvd's.
Which would you say gives you the better workout? Makes you most tired for the same amount of time.

Eg. If you walk 30 min. at 2.5 miles per hr vs. the walk cd's. for 30 minutes?
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The Walking Away the Pounds tapes/DVD's - no question.

I can walk the treadmill for more than an hour - no problem. I can walk 6 miles outside. But, I have trouble finishing the 1 mile WATP DVD.

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I agree with Lynn....

The dvd's use more muscles in your body, it's not all just walking in place. You use your arms (a lot), do side steps, use the stomach muscles, etc. more of an overall workout.

We are doing a 10 min. mile now and somedays do the 2 mile, but can't do the 3 mile yet!!!! Working on it.

If you get one, ask the members which ones they started with....some are really fast.

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I agree with Lynn. I feel I get more of a workout when I do WATP than when I walk outside.
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Without a doubt, WATP! I've done both. I've even used the fat burning program on the treadmill. This program varies both the incline (0-4%) and the speed. It just doesn't compare to WATP. The only drawback is Leslie's constant talking----but I hear that you can adjust the CDs to remove the sound. (I just don't have that option 'cause I'm using DVDs)

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Just saw this post so I'm a little late in replying.

DEFINITELY the WATP videos. OMIGOSH! I just started this over the weekend and it totally winded me! Granted, I am in terrible shape but HAVE been doing the treadmill and I can't believe the difference in the workouts! I was worn out during the warm-ups! My 11 year old thin daughter thought it was HYSTERICAL watching me panting during the warm-ups! I about died when she said that we were going on for the real stuff! UGH - well, I'll get better daily, I'm sure!
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