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Hi all,
Well today is the first day of the rest of my life, I made the decision today to take control, but I know I will need help with friends like you...I have a long journey ahead of me, but I have to do it... I could use some tips..
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Welcome and good luck.
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Hi Carol,

Welcome to our Board. I post on the Golden Girls thread. Please feel free to come join us in our weight-loss journey.

To read about who we are - check the Sticky note above titled "Introducing Us."

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Welcome Carol, I also post under the Golden Girls thread.....the whole age 50+ site has great support.

Hope to see you posting and we can get to know you.

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I was drawn to your post because of your name, "living in faith." Wow, do we ever need a "supreme power" to helf us :0)
I am also a newbie, more or less. I have been on WW for 16 weeks and have lost a crummy 10 pounds. I have a chronic pain problem (waking with headaches every morning) so I fluctuate with my commitment depending on my depression over pain. In a supreme irony, I think I may have discovered over the last few days that I am "allergic" to artificial sweeteners, like Splenda. I feel so defeated that I could not even announce that I had been in attendance at WW for 16 weeks. So, here I am, feeling like a newbie, feeling better physically so I should be motivated --- I also live by faith. I'm looking for a "buddy" - my husband is a retired Nurse Practitioner and we have a lot of "discussions" about WW - it's to the point that I don't want to talk to him about WW. Hope to hear from you soon. By the way, I'm on this page because I am 56 and have 56+/- to lose.
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Hi Carol,

Just wanted to say hi and congrats on making the decision to take control.
This is also my first day back, after 6 months of THINKING about starting my weight-loss journey. I know that with the support of others we can achieve our goals!

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I'm a newbee here too. I tried WW & started in Jan 07 and have struggled with counting the points. My doctor suggested SBD so that is what I'm trying now. Everyone keeps saying how hard it is to lose weight at 50. I have to for health reasons. This entire website is such an inspiration.


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Welcome Carol & welcome back to Bobbie & Bikerlady!

I also post on Golden Girls, you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer group of ladies. It's a busy board but every one of them are wonderful & supportive! You're making positive decisions, that's going to do positive things for you. Have a great day & we'd all love to hear from you again!

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Hey New Chicks!! Lots of wonderful support here. I also post on the GG thread...

Ok now Bobbie. Cher, I'm right there with you. Started SBD in April and have lost a lot. I was in a VERY TIGHT 16 and am now in a VERY LOOSE 12. (I refuse to go shopping till this heat goes away). OH, the temptations we face here in LA. PREJEAN'S is my absolute favorite restaurant ever ever ever. But after being on SBD for a while, it is so easy to go order some broiled shrimp, fish etc along with a salad while everyone else is chomping down on an eggplant priouge! Lessez le South Beach Rouler!
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I am a newbie too. Welcome.
I need support also. I always end up going over my points, but I am sick of being overweight and hoping this is the last time to change my eating habits and do this.
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I am a newbie an post under "oncethin" since I did lose 45 pounds with Jenny Craig about 10+ years ago. Now I'm 55 and looking for a good plan. I think the Golden Girls will be a good place to call "home" so I will check them out. Kind of lost all hope when I passed 200 pounds. I haven't weighed in months, but the last doctor's appointment I had weighed me in at 213 pounds. Got so depressed, I ate more. But I know how good I feel when I am thinner!
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Please come on over and join us in the Golden Girls. We are an active and VERY supportive group. Many of our members are losing weight slowly but surely.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome.....we're in this battle together. Glad to have you on the team...
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