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Hi, Leslie, and welcome! I have to agree with Julia, my longest sessions, when I was doing weights 2 times a week, were a max of 60 minutes each - 90 minutes would get boring! You might have an easier time getting in more shorter workouts rather than a couple long ones per week. I listen to music some of the time too, and that can really help on those days when you're feeling blah.

Do you track your workouts either in a notebook or on the computer? I carry index cards w/ my exercises with me, and note down all my weights and reps. It lets me see how I've increased my poundage and what areas I may need more work on. I know some folks put everything in the computer or keep a fitness journal so that they can look back and see how they've improved from the past and to see larger trends and ups and downs.

Also, you may be doing this already, but I'm sure there's some functional fitness stuff out there for tennis players. A trainer might be able to point you in the right direction, or there might be something online or a book. Getting better at what you love would be built-in motivation!
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