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Good morning, chickies

Happy April 1st.

Should we set some April goals? Mine are:
- to continue with the exercise at least 5x a week, and aim for 6x a week. . .
- to try to break this 190 marker (although I know that part of that is this medication I'm on - Saturday is my last day, thank goodness)
- recognize NON-SCALE progress (clothes fitting better, etc.)
- try to do something good for myself - like the pedicure!

Mandy, glad to have you join us, chickie! We've had some good success stories on this thread, and I (like Jen) want to know how you've kept going! It seems like there's a 30 pound slowdown - and once we can get past that, things will start to click again. I'm also interested that you've substitued other food for the lites - I'm also suffering from lite burnout. I didn't buy the suppliments, but did get the lites in bulk.

Keri - can't wait to hear about the goddess package.

Jen - we must have been separated at birth - I also have Fred Flinstone feet - (great analogy)- I blame it on the Russian Peasant blood. About the traveling - it's something that I wanted to do for a long time, and finally realized that if I didn't do it on my own, I'd be 70 and not gone anywhere. Your girls weekend sounds terrific! I love that kind of stuff.

Beverly - it is so much easier for men to lose weight than women. It is simply not fair. I think you should ask you husband to throw out his own leftovers. How much should one woman have to bear? BTW, are you doing any weight training? And do you rotate through your cardio tapes?

I'm betting that Star won't be on today since she's moving. . .

Hugs to all,

Birthday goal (181.2-165)

Long Term Goal!

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