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Good morning, everyone.
Sorry I've been slow about posting. Just a lot going on. Seems the days are passing so fast, & not enough time to get everything done.

My test results showed what I feared. Cervical Radiculopathy. They wanted to refer me to the surgeon that performed my Laminectomy. I requested they refer me to my Neurologist, instead. I'd rather he run more tests, & tell me how serious it is. He won't have me go through more surgery, unless it's absolutely necessary. Also, I'd have to go to Birmingham, which is a approximately 2 hr drive. That's very inconvenient for us. There are surgeons around here....but, the best are in Birmingham. I wasn't told if I had different problems from before, or if the previous Laminectomy had caused it. I have a 2-4 inch plate in my neck, so I wonder. My appointment is February 15th. Seems like a long time, but he is such a good specialist, he stays booked up. He is a very good friend of ours, also. thumb is better. At least the steroids helped my thumb, although I'm fat again, now. My hand goes numb a lot, though, especially during the night. Enough about me.

Cassie! Glad you joined us. I sure hope you haven't been waiting until you turned 50 to join us. Everyone is welcome here. I'm 55.

Hi Sheila....I'm so sorry about your half-sister's husband. She will be in my prayers. It does make me want to hug my DH. My DH had an unusual experience that has me very concerned. He had a sharp pain on the right, top side of his head. He said it, then, felt like fluid was going down his face & behind his eye. He said it bothered his eye when that happened. The more he held his head down...the more painful it was. He got relief when he held it up. When it finally stopped, he tasted blood! He has felt ok, since. We have no insurance on him at all right now. Money is real tight....(although I'd get a loan, if he'd go to the Dr.) But, he doesn't like, or trust Drs. So I doubt if he'd go, anyway. I wish he had the option, though. I'm am very worried. I told DS about it, so he can keep an eye on him, for me. It was almost a day after it happened before he told me! I've searched the web, but, can't find what it might be. Anyone have any idea?

SunnyD...Your pics are beautiful! You're so talented in so many ways! I love that gingerbread house. One thing for sure, if it's edible, I'm sure it's gone by now.
Thanks for asking about the albums for the kids. They absolutely loved them! When everyone was opening presents...(so much noise & carrying on. ) they were really involved with the kids & helping them. But, when they received their albums...they stopped & got off into separate corners to go through them! I told them to go back to the kids, & they could look at them later. They said they couldn't stop! I watched them laugh at some pics, & cry over some pics. A lot they haven't even seen. It makes me happy to see my family happy. was so good to hear from you. Glad your nephew is doing as well as he is. I'm still praying for him. get some rest, my friend. I'm sorry you're so stressed, right now. I'll have a special prayer for you.

Everyone have a great Friday!

T.G.I.F. (Thank God It's Friday! & Thank God I'm Forgiven! )

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