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Gayle, congrats on the 2,000!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may get there someday, sooner or later!

Yes, yes, yes, Stewart and I are still together. I can't believe I've been so out of touch as far as he's concerned---WE'RE GETTING MARRIED THIS MONTH OR NEXT, depending on how our schedules go. We were planning on the week on Thanksgiving, but my boss wouldn't let me have it off (even after I told her my plans). I realized that he really does love me, he's not just with me because I'm convenient, and that makes me happy. Plus, I love him. I'm so ready to be Mrs. Jonathan Stewart Brooks I think that's how I'm gonna sign my checks and stuff (not the checks that we mail out at work--hand cramp!).

And, no, I didn't have fries--I had Pintos and Cheese from Taco Bell!! Yum! Showed, too--I had gained a pound this morning at weigh-in!
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