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Hey there, Samilynn! Hello, Jayell! (Nice to see you again, Jay!) I agree with Jayell -- check out some different plans, don't go with anything too crazy or limiting, and don't try to do something that's so hard to stick with that you'll fall off and give up. I would also recommend that you pick some means of losing it that you'll be able to stick with for years afterwards, otherwise you'll regain it. You don't want to work hard to lose it, and then find that you end up regaining it because you're back eating the same way that put it on in the first place! You know? Also, it's not just the plan for eats, but the plan for how you're going to move your butt.....and you need to keep on moving it for the rest of your life. So find something fun, and start slow -- you don't want to burn yourself out or get bored and then give up.

You need to know that you can DO THIS --- I swear!! I'm not the fastest loser here, nor am I the biggest loser here, but I've lost 52 pounds in 5 months, and I am totally not depriving myself or missing out on anything.

What do you like to do for physical activity? Start there, and make a commitment to do it 2-3 times per week more than you are right now....and then build on that. What foods do you have trouble stopping eating once you've started? Avoid those, and that'll be a good start. I would DEFINITELY recommend eating 5-6 small balanced, low fat, low cal meals per day, so you keep your energy level up and are never starving. When you're hungry you're not just physically weak, you're also vulnerable to graze with small meals every 4 hours or so. I totally believe that's key!! And last but not least, stay positive and don't worry about it if you mess up a little......just hop right back in the saddle and don't freak out. Take control of the new moment and move forward rather than dwelling on whatever you did wrong.

You can do it, Samilynn -- just make up your mind that if anyone else can do it, you can too!!! Best of luck to you!!
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