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I use to lurk and occasionally post but have been gone for awhile. This post is really interesting so I decided to jump back into the fun.

My ten things to do before I die:

1) Cruise to Alaska
2) Visit Hawaii
3) See my three boys happy and settled in their adult lives
4) Enter one of my quilts in a national show
5) Lose this weight to a point where my lab work is normal and I am off medication for my blood pressure
6) Move to the Oregon coast
7) Become financially stable enough to not "have" to work
8) Take my family to the area in eastern Canada where I vactioned as a kid and where my ancestors settled when immigrating from Scotland
9) Enjoy walking into any store I want and buy clothes off the rack
10 ) Run a marathon

That was harder to do than I thought but fun. It's a good thing to see those goals, dreams or what ever you want to call them in print.

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